Yorkie Questions! Please answer if you can answer!?


So I am made a plan on how to get my very first Yorkie. I have a lot a research on having a Yorkie & about them. And happy to say Yorkies are the perfect breed for me. But I still have some questions.
P.S It will be probably be a year or longer before I am able to buy my yorkie.

1. What are the main products to buy before bringing the puppy home?
2. How to identify a good breeder? Before & After visiting the breeder.
3. Which is better to enclose the puppy in one room or to buy a Exercise Pen?
4. How much did you pay for your Yorkie?
5. How much would you consider over priced?
6. Any tips for bringing a new puppy home?
7. Pee pad or backyard?
8. Good names for a female Yorkie…Something girly & short
9. Best kind of dog food for a Yorkie?
10. Any Tips When owning a Yorkie?

You don’t have to answer all of the question just remember to number them please.

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6 Responses to “Yorkie Questions! Please answer if you can answer!?”

  1. Bell says:

    Don’t worry about answers like Pamela’s answer.
    These are the same kind of people who criticizes when somebody adopts a pet without been prepared. Ask all the questions you want and change your mind as many times as well. We make mistakes when we are NOT prepared, but far less when we ARE prepared.
    Here is some answers for you…

    #1 – Whatever you buy, don’t forget the toys. They love to play.
    #7 – Definitely backyard.
    #10 – When you are mature and responsible enough to take care of your puppy. They require a lot of dedication, some work and a lot of time when they’re young but sure is fun too.
    Good luck!

  2. Amanda Liew says:

    I agree with Pamela, she’s right, you might change your mind. But still, I’ll help you a little.

    Here is the information you can learn about Yorkie Health : http://www.myyorkiesecrets.com/yorkie-health-info/

    Here is the site that might help you in choosing some cute names for a Yorkie : http://www.myyorkiesecrets.com/yorkie-names/

    Here is the site that might help you about the Yorkie Food information and stuff : http://www.myyorkiesecrets.com/yorkie-puppy-food/

    Hope I help 😉

  3. Cookie says:

    How to identify a good breeder;
    An exercise pen is too big and will allow your puppy to potty on one side and sleep in the other
    Buy a crate instead……I suggest a soft crate not wire
    What you pay is variable from breeder to breeder depending upon the breeders expertise and reputation.
    Pee pads are not a good idea, as many dogs, especially the little ones don’t seem able to disassociate the pad from the carpet.
    You will know the name when you know the puppy………puppies invariably name themselves
    Any food that does not contain corn, wheat, soy, or by-products is just fine. Considering how small a yorkies tummy is, compressed nutrients are necessary for total health, in other words, no table food. You need all the nutrients in kibble and there aren’t enough in the amount a little tummy can hold from human food.
    My puppies always spend the first week or two sleeping in their crates next to my bed so I will wake up to take them out in the middle of the night.
    Here are a few internet sites that can help you;

  4. Jayse Ö Think before you breed says:

    Source a reputable breeder from the main Yorkshire Terrier Club’s own website/contacts and follow the advice that an responsible breeder will give you along with a puppy pack.

    A breed club member who health screens their dogs for all possible genetic defects will give a lifetime committment to any dog they breed and always be there for any help or advice for as long as yoou have the dog.


    former breeder of show Yorkies.

  5. Pamela says:

    If you are not getting the dog for more then a year, why worry about all of this now. You will change your mind 10 dozen times before you get a dog.

  6. DEBunker says:

    You’ve obviously done ZERO research!
    Stick to teddy bears,kid.

    Foul-mouthed illiterate stalker-brat lying trolls get reported.

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