**Yorkie Lovers** I need advice on house training!! ?


My little Yorkshire Terrier is about 3 months old~ I’m trying to house train her. She stays in her crate most of the time, or in her exercise pen & I take her out regularly to "do her business". But she keeps peeing and pooping all over the house when I’m not looking!! She also bites the crap out of us because she’s teething! Not in an aggressive way, but it’s still a bad habit for her to learn. Any advice would be helpful. I’ve tried rewards for good behavior…but maybe I’m not being consistant enough. Thanks!

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2 Responses to “**Yorkie Lovers** I need advice on house training!! ?”

  1. Semmie says:

    I’m not too sure about the house training but I take my pup out to the toilet as soon as I wake and she stays out till about half an hour after she has eaten. I also take her outregularlyly about every hour. If she bites yelp like another dog or growl like an adult dog. If she bites the bottom of your pants, your ankles or anything that moves, stand still for a few seconds and then grab the closest toy and have a game of tug with her.

    Hope this helps!!

  2. Kirsten R says:

    If she’s in her crate or pen most of the time then she’s not getting the instruction she needs about where is, and is not, an appropriate place to relieve herself.

    When she is out of her crate, which should be most of the time when you are home and awake, you should be keeping a good watch on her. Puppies take hard work and lots of attention, just like human babies.

    As with human babies, use baby gates to keep her coraled in the same room with you. Remember that at three months she is just beginning to gain bladder control. That means she needs to go out often (at least every three hours).

    If you put her on a strict schedule of when she eats, sleeps, plays and potties, you can train her body to need to go at certain times of the day.

    Here’s a page that lists off some articles on toilet training and dealing with biting puppies. The site is actually about service dogs, but the training principles for these two issues is the same whether the pup is a service dog candidate or pet.

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