Wishing to have a dog. Any suggestions on breed?


I have a large enough area of land, though not fenced in. And though I am a girl, a fluffly little poopy yapping dog is not my type. I real dog, one which will have courage and life and intelligence.
I would never pay money for any animal. I will go to the local pound or animal adoption for certain!
Also, no children to think about here, just myself. So a family doggy is not an issue.
nintendofreak: she is great! thanks for sharing your photo.
Mary: Yes, thank you. I am aware of the costs involved in taking in any pet. I only stated I would prefer to open my home to a dog in need. Every dog, cat and snake I have had were all in need of a home and much love. Sadly, the only dog I brought home from the pound died two weeks later.

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34 Responses to “Wishing to have a dog. Any suggestions on breed?”

  1. lizzie 21 says:

    SCHNAUZER hardly anyone has heard of this breed but its a realy loving, affectionate, smart, obedient dog, there are 3 different sizes: giant, standard, and the mini. i have 2 minis myself and thier realy great.

    i also like yorkies, but there not the best idea if u want a big dog

  2. Joker says:

    Don’t get a YipYip dog, you’ll annoy the p*ss out of your neighbors. My neighborhood has like five of the little mongrels, they bark at all hours of the day and night. I keep reminding myself that it’s the owners’ fault usually for leaving them chained outside.

    Lots of people like the look of Dalmatians and Whippets but they’re high maintenance.

    I’d say go with a golden retriever. They’re very cute as puppies and if you put the time into training them properly, they won’t be a neighborhood annoyance and you’ll get a lot of enjoyment out of them. These dogs especially love humans.

  3. lady_bug_425 says:

    I have a mix between a black lab and a golden retriever. He is very well behaved and friendly. So, a black lab or a golden retriever would be a good choice. Not only is my dog good but I have heard that both of these breeds make great dogs!!!

  4. mary says:

    You do realize that even if you go to a shelter, you’re still going to have to pay around $100 at least for a dog…probably more…reason being you’re getting a dog that is up to date on all vaccines, which would probably cost well over $100 if you were to bring the dog to a vet yourself.
    Don’t forget that dogs are expensive to own if you are going to care for them responsibly! A quality dog food is going to cost $1/lb of food if not more, add that to basic necessities like a brush, bed, crate/seatbelt for travelling, treats, not to mention veterinary care…most good dog owners spend close to $1000 annually on their dogs.
    If you go to your local shelter and tell them what you are looking for in a dog, as well as how much free time you have, how big your property is, etc, then they should be able to tell you which dogs they have that will be the best match for you!

  5. b2b_int_comm says:


  6. chillepill06 says:

    Yorkshire terrier

  7. sassyone says:

    the best dog I’ve ever owned was part doberman part german shepard…her name was Molly…she was VERY loyal, especailly after I had my first son…she used to sleep under his crib and lay under his swing, and if anyone but me walked up to the baby she’d jump up and wait and see if I said it was ok. She was the best dog…she lived to be 14 years old.

  8. csk_farm says:

    If you want a Really smart dog get a Catahoula Leopard Dog, there are many in Rescue right now. Goto http://www.catahoularescue.com/ or http://members5.boardhost.com/catahoularescue/ these are two great places to find Catahoulas that need to be rescued.
    Catahoula Leopard Dogs are nice high energy dogs, they are very loyal and can be great compaions and guard dogs. Catahoulas are known as the most versatile dogs in the United States. Tommy Lee Jones owns two of them.

  9. azngodbeliever says:

    scottish terrier, labrador, golden retriever, chow chow

  10. Koapaka says:

    Courage, life and intelligence is a part of all dogs characteristics.
    What you need to ask yourself is, "What is your purpose for wanting a dog?" Watch dog? Companion? Etc.
    As you seem to have an aversion to small, yappy breeds, then why not try a Labrador Retriever? There are a few types to choose from too. I would recommend getting your yard fenced in though as dogs like to roam. The bigger the area the harder to find them when they stray or investigate the area. Check out your local Humane Society or dog shelter’s in your area.
    Be very careful of attack breeds like a Rotweiller, German Shepards, Pit Bulls, etc. If they get loose and attack someone, you will be found liable and will have to pay for damages. Plus you will have to have the dog put down (euthanized). Check your local laws concerning these factors.
    One last thing. Consider your climate extremes also. You don’t want a Norweigian Elkhound, Huskies, Sammoid’s, etc. if you live in a place that is hot and humid. Also, consider whether you want a house dog or a yard dog when making your decision.

  11. help me says:


    I have a two year old Beagle and she is the coolest. She’s always doing funny things, and pulling faces at you. Just don’t teach it about bellyrubs, they can never get enough!!!

    But you might have to do something about the lack of fencing though, cause they just love to explore.

  12. chaosjones7 says:

    I like Chesapeake bay retrievers my self they are extremely loyal and protective of their owner’s and good dogs.

  13. chetco says:

    I used to live on a small farm and needed a dog for stock protection, and loyalty. I didn’t have good fencing where the dog would be, so the one that was recommended to me was a Great Pyrenees, as they don’t leave their teritorry. My G.P. couldn’t have been better for this situation. All you have to do to keep them home is walk the boundries with them a few times, and it belongs to them forever. And, no coyotes or other dogs or predators can come on the property. However, he was great with our many cats and the other dogs.

    I just checked out http://search.petfinder.com/search/search.cgi?tmpl=1&breed=Great+Pyrenees&animal=Dog&size=XL&preview=1
    And they have 600 Great Pyrenees and GP mixes. Great looking dogs! Just enter your zip and I’ll bet there is one in your area. Click on the picture and it will go to more pics and contact info. Best of luck to you!

  14. pinkpanther-l@sbcglobal.net says:

    Big: Golden or Lab
    Med: Cocker or Beagle
    Small: Jack Russel
    send me pics

  15. njyecats says:

    I had a cocker spaniel growing up. She was the best dog!

    If you’re looking for a specific breed, there are specific breed rescues in areas. I live in AZ and I know there’s at least a golden rescue, greyhound rescue, cocker rescue, beagle rescue… just to name a few

  16. englishboxers says:

    boxers are cool, but go to the AKC.com and read up on the breed description before you set out to the pound, you want to make an informed choice, look up about the breeds that interest you, fit the dog into your life style, ie do you job? hunt? sit home and watch TV, there are dogs to suit your situation and i would look at that first. so you like a clean house, ie long hair may not be fitting.. etc.. jus tread and dont make a choice without being informed. 🙂
    I have puppies due soon and dont let anyone buy without looking and going home to think and research the breed along with the information i give them, so dont rush it:)

  17. ................................ says:

    Rough Collie! Woot Woot!

  18. Keyof-C says:

    Breed does not matter personality does. yours first then the dogs. So choose one that has your temperment. good luck!

  19. honeykitten says:

    Hey, I highly recommend a great pyrenes if you are looking for a large dog.. but i would always go to a shelter and get a mix breed. they love you for rescuing them and they have fewer health problems than purebred dogs.

  20. The Professional says:

    If you want a dog that is big, strong and courageous (fights off wolves – serious!!), check out the Tibetan Mastiff:

    …A loyal companion and natural guardian. Highly intelligent, strong-willed, independent, aloof and protective when necessary. Patient and tolerant, may be wary of strangers….

  21. jhz63 says:

    Try a Pit Bull or a German Shepard. They are intelligent, loyal, loving animals and easy to train.

  22. amoroushotmama says:

    I am a big fan of http://www.petfinder.org this is a site dedicated to animals in need of rescue, whether from a shelter or specific breed rescue organization. I adopted my cockapoo from there 3 years ago and he is wonderful! I would take the time to talk to a vet or a vet technician and let them know what type of lifestyle and home you have. They could help you by telling you some characteristics of different breeds and some of the health hazzards also. IE: pugs have a lot of respiratory problems, shar-pei have skin conditions etc. These health concerns cannot only be costly for you in vet bills, but constant commercial breeding of these animals is cruel and strictly for profit. Good luck and I hope you find a wonderful doggy like I have!

  23. snidy says:

    Great danes are awesome

  24. piggrumpy@verizon.net says:

    Rottweiler, Or a Boxer

  25. sassiest_princess says:

    Great Dane, or German Sheperd, or Labrador Retriever…they’re loyal and friendly dogs

  26. lashako76@yahoo.com says:

    i had doberman and it`s great breed.so,my advise is doberman,and also Labrador or cocker-spaniel are good breeds.

  27. xxcayytaxx says:

    a doodle.
    golden retriever/ poodle mix
    -dont shed
    -very loving
    -good guard dogs
    -consistantly happy
    -oh so cute
    -medium size

  28. burn20out says:

    The best thing you can do is save a dogs life at the pound. You’ll love him more than any other dog you could get, and best of all you’ll know that you truly saved his life. That is more important than breed.

  29. nintendofreak2006 says:

    You should get a german shepherd/doberman mix. Mine is only 21" inches tall. She’s a midgit! I got a picture of her right here:


    She’s the one on the right. Believe it or not, that’s her full size. She’s loyal (GSD) and dobermans are known to die FOR their owners in a fight against a bad person.

  30. johnsoap2002 says:

    If you want one that isn’t too yappy and is intelligent, you should consider a labrador or german sheppard. Since you seen to have plenty of room for one to roam, size shouldn’t be an issue. Of course, pugs are great too! I have one!

  31. trick9us says:

    Please. Go to your local dog pound and adopt a dog. You can look around and the people are very helpful.

  32. rayna says:

    I like pugs. They make great pets and real good with kids and families.

  33. yellow14228 says:


  34. paul67337 says:

    A Labrador retriever or a German shephard would be good choices.

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