wireless or underground dog fence?


I have an 18 pound pug and im looking for a dog fence. But i don’t know the difference in underground and wireless. Anybody have any suggestions?

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  1. Myra says:

    What is the dif. in the cost of the wireless vs. a small fenced area? My yard is completely fenced in for my GSD. A wireless would not stop mine it probably would a smaller dog, but what is to stop another dog from coming in and getting to yours, nothing. I know they sell these large fenced enclosures at our local Farm and Fleet you could look into them. Good luck.

  2. MoParStar says:

    They are the same. Useless at keeping things out of your yard. Prone to failures that you can not see. GREAT at keeping your dog from returning to the yard if they are chased out by another creature or rush through at something. Your dog is small enough that I would also worry about people STEALING it from the yard. JMHO, get a real fence.

  3. Steve E says:

    I believe the underground and wireless are the same thing. Basically it shocks the dog if the dog gets to close to the location of the wire. Some dogs can run through the shock and are then able to roam freely and get into trouble, they are also then trapped on the outside. So dogs get shocked and associate the shock with whatever is closest like maybe a ladder or a small child. So now you have a pug that can be shy of ladders or even aggressive toward small children. It takes a pro to help train your dog about a week but to be honest I believe a dog run or a fence is way better for your dog.

  4. Tea says:

    Wireless fences usually have a control center in your home and your pet wears a collar that will emit a beep or slight shock if your pet strays too far away from the zone you set. An underground fence works on the same principle but wires are buried underground and if your pet wanders too close or crosses a wire, he/she will receive a slight shock. I personally have experience with underground fences and unfortunately have found them ineffective. You may have better luck. (I used the PetSafe brand)

  5. UHave2BeKiddingMe-HAPPY NEWYEAR says:

    My suggestion is either a brick and mortar fence, a wooden fence or a chain link fence.

  6. Natalie says:

    I would suggest getting a real fence if you can. A wireless or underground fence requires a lot of training and still doesn’t stop the dog from running off if he really wants to. We had one for a while and after about a year we gave up and got a real fence. Also, I have been attacked by a few dogs in this neighborhood who had wireless/underground fences.

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