Will 100 volts of electricity kill a dog?


Im putting up an electric fence for goats and its a little over 100 volts. The dog is about the size of a pekinese or pomeranian. will it hurt him?

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14 Responses to “Will 100 volts of electricity kill a dog?”

  1. Joe says:

    The thing here to take into consideration is the type of current. I know this post is way past the original date but some things need to be cleared up. It will not kill the dog because it is a DC charge. If it kills the dog it would kill the goats. An animal and humans body and brain is run by and Alternating current sent out from the brain. This is why AC is dangerous to humans and touching outlets can be fatal, as the alternating current can disrupt the normal pattern of the heart and other systems based on the same type of current normally flowing through the nervous system. Volts is the potential of movement through the human body. Car batteries do not shock us normally because they provide 12v direct current. 12v is not enough to push the current far through, or even into our bodies. Amperage measures the amount of energy is being transmitted. The higher this is, the higher the potential for damage to a person or animal. A high amperage AC output, such as the fuse or circuit breaker boxes for a house, has the potential to hurt and kill you. An animal fence does not. It is likely mid to low amperage combined with the fact that it will be a direct current, causing discomfort and pain but not damage. To give you an idea the 10th level of more abusive dog training collars is about 7500 volts direct current (DC), a horse fence will normally start at around 2000 volts DC and continue to rise if the horse continues contact. My friend and I when we were 12 used to challenge each other to touch this fence and it would hurt your hand and make it tingle along with make your knees weak for a second. The 100 volts will not kill the pomeranian but merely teach him not to touch the fence. Tasers open to the public are usually around 120,000 to 200,000 volts DC.

  2. Steven says:

    It’s *not* the volts but the amps that have the effect. What is the fence rated? Best and most definitive answer will be from the company that supplies you with the circuit for the fence. This isn’t a do it yourself project where you’ve plugged it into a 110 volt AC outlet, I hope.
    I’m guessing your dog will be ok and stay away from it after his first contact.

    Fence tips below:

  3. Scott M says:

    the voltage has nothing to do with it, it’s the amperage that’s the killer.

    If it’s operating at anything above .25 amps, it can be dangerous.

  4. DP says:

    You should ask someone who knows about this.. What do the instructions say? It’s not VOLTS that kill, it’s the Amps that kill.. What’s the amps??
    You need a fence that is made for animals, something that sends out intermittent signals.. This way if the animal gets shocked, he has a chance to get away from the fence by the time the next shock moves around. If it’s the kind of fence that is constant electricity you don’t have a chance to move away from the fence, then it will kill what touches the fence..

    You should contact someone who knows about electric fences.. This has to be done right or someone gets hurt.. What if a kid grabs the fence?? Make sure it’s right!

  5. BPSKI says:

    It all depends how many amps is added to that 100 volts that you have to find out. If the device is made for that purpose that contains low amperage the dog will just get a poke as a warning.

  6. Silla says:

    Oh, i don’t know…. YES! of coarse it will hurt him! Keep him away from there!

  7. ~*~ReDnEcK*BaBe~*~ says:

    Well , if the shock alone don’t kill him by touching it … Deffanatly do NOT let the dog urinate on the fence … That right there may kill him … !!!

  8. Kelly B says:

    yeah that is alot of power

  9. pa625 says:

    i’m sorry but i would not want to find out. put the collar on yourself and walk through it thats the best way!

  10. CAROLINE M says:

    yes you FOOOOLLLL

  11. fireman sam says:

    there is only one way to find out…!

  12. Sui, Steve Irwin's dog says:

    it probably will that is pretty strong for a small dog

  13. shaydux says:

    It might. If he’s a puppy then most likely, but adults: it might just severly injure them…I hope you aren’t going to zap your dog!

  14. lovestigger00 says:

    yes because 100 volts can kill a human

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