Why does my dog run around the pool fence barking whenever anyone is in the pool?


I’m not sure if it is excitement(and or agression?), because if he is inside the pool fence and the person who is splashing is near the edge he will try to nip them (especially if they are male) and he is not an agressive dog by nature. I have had to put him inside for both his and our sake.

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13 Responses to “Why does my dog run around the pool fence barking whenever anyone is in the pool?”

  1. Jared A says:

    hahah my dog gomer likes to run around the pool and circle the perimeter…well when someone swims under the water to the other side he is waiting their for them. and if you are splashing or splash at him he will start howling. anyway dogs just like to follow the person around cause they are board and they want to make sure the person isnt drowning

  2. Bunny says:

    Good dog.. I would not yell at your dog for barking, or anything like that… be glad he lets you know someones is in the pool.. it might come in handy one day!

  3. nandicebear says:

    I agree with the person who said it may get him excited, the only other thing I could say is she/he may want to take a swim, or just get closer to check things out and make sure everything is allright.

  4. mammafish says:

    because he wants to swim 🙂 my dog swims with us she also has a slip n slide she loves to run down. you’d be surprised by some of the things dogs like.

  5. chekkas321 says:

    My dog use to do this, I think if they have a fear of the water and they see that you are in the pool they start to fear for you and get stressed about it. I use to go up and pat her to let her know everything was okay, but she would still bark at me when I started to swim again. Probably put them inside if they are annoying you or your neighbours.

  6. Dog Trainer says:

    Because his pack is on the other side of the fence and he can’t get to them! A dog is a pack animal and is happiest being with his pack.

  7. Lizzie says:

    He/she wants to play or swim too

  8. Andi says:

    its a weird trait your dog has, ull have to look at him to tell exactly why. He could either be excited because people are in the pool, or scared about not being able to reach the people in the pool

  9. beagle_owner says:

    Instinct on thinking someone is in trouble.

  10. huntybup says:

    it gets them excited and its an akward thing for most dogs that have never been in the pool themselves, sometimes they are trying to protect the people swimming

  11. a_denikey says:

    depending on the breed he is he might want to get in and swim or he might not feel secure enough to deal with the pool. He may see it as a potential threat

  12. answerman says:

    You dog may think the person is drowning.

  13. Winnie the Corgi © says:

    Maybe he wants to join in.

    My dog barks and runs around whenever the water hose is on. She goes crazy if she’s not able to join in the fun!

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