Why are most dog owners disrespectful and inconsiderate by letting their dogs bark at all hours of the night?


Everywhere ive lived , disrespectful dog owners let their dogs stay outside in the middle of the night and bark a storm, wake up neighbors and when you tell the owners about the dog barking , well they dont do anything about it.

Dog owners feel they have the right to allow their dogs to Bark anytime even though it might wake up people that work hard everyday that need their rest.

People shouldnt have to feel like they live in a zoo or next to a kennel.

So why dont dog owners show a little consideration and keep their dogs inside , not running around barking in a fenced yard at all hours of the day and night.

I hope they make it a law that you cant keep a dog out at night due to barking disturbances, plus dogs are dangerous and frequently attack people unprovoked. Have you seen teh news lately?

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14 Responses to “Why are most dog owners disrespectful and inconsiderate by letting their dogs bark at all hours of the night?”

  1. rock says:

    code enforcement told me to shoot the dog next door to me. i commend you, future vigilante!

  2. dogperson says:

    Yes, irresponsible dog owners are a royal pain. And, if you own dogs yourself, you need to be careful about complaining. You don’t want an irrate neighbor throwing poison meat in your yard. I don’t know the solution. More laws? Heck, we have tons of laws now, but they are not enforced. Dogs should never be outside after dark. But, many people have dogs that are outside 24/7. I don’t believe that should be allowed unless you live way out in the country and your dogs are guarding the flocks or something. But, even if there was a law, how would a city ever have the funds to enforce it?
    The same irresponsible people who allow their dogs to bark all night are the same ones that allow their dogs to run loose and attack people.
    Dogs will attack if they think the area they are running loose on belongs to them. They don’t need to be mistreated or taught to attack. Most dogs will protect what they think belongs to them and if allowed to run loose, that’s the whole neighborhood.
    It became such a problem in Texas they just passed a state law that will send the owner of a dog who attacks and either seriously injures or kills someone to prison for up to 20 yrs. Maybe more states need to pass the same law.

  3. OntarioGreys says:

    THat is because alot of people consider their dogs as possessions not pets or family members, I have 4 dogs that live with me, even during the daytime I am supervising them when outside to ensure they are not a nuisance, nor are they a danger to anyone. And don’t get to bent out of shape with the news dogs attacks actually are rare just the media loves to play it up, attacks on peoples by people are a 100,000 times more likely to occur because it us so common it’s no longer newsworthy, unless it results in the death of an innocent child or mother, if a druggie or street person is killed it might only warrant the space of the classified ad for the write up somewhere buried in the middle of the paper, whereas a dog attack is half front page news especially if it involves a pitbull or mix of

    But if you’d like I’ll trade your neighbours you can have my new neighbour and I will take the ZOO –its probably a whole safer, and quieter, and you instead can enjoy the hundreds of drunken drugged up teens and young adults swarming the place partying, running up and down the street screaming , setting off firecrackers/fireworks, and have them banging on your door looking for the party at all hours, I know I would feel safer instead dealing with dogs contained in a fenced yard than a bunch of drunk/drug crazed youth swarming around

  4. itskatyo says:

    As everyone else said, call the cops. It’s a noise disturbance after 10pm.

    Dogs are not dangerous without being tought to be that way.
    Don’t go spreading around that every dog is vicious and will attack you unprovoked, it’s definatly not true. If it were, no one would have dogs anymore.
    It’s all in how you train the dog as to weather or not it’s mean to other humans.

  5. kristinathomas3 says:

    Contact animal control or the police. I (a respectful dog owner) have a toy breed dog, and supervise him at all times. A pit bull would run around our yard and could basically swallow my dog. I called 911 and said that there was a dangerous dog in my neighborhood who runs freely (most cities have dog laws about keeping your dog chained) and it was never a problem again.
    If you don’t do something about it, nothing will be done.
    Also, talk to the owners who’s dog barks. See what happens.
    Just so you know, Not all dog owners are the same. Don’t lump the good ones in with the bad ones. And not all dogs are dangerous. Some are… I’ve met some. But I’d like to see my dog try to hurt someone.. he’ll just fall asleep doing it.

  6. pitbullmommie122106 says:

    I agree 100% about the whole barking thing! That drives me nuts! I also agree that alot of dog owners need to be more responsible and respectful! My husband and I have two American Pit Bull Terriers and they are inside dogs. Our dogs are NEVER outside without a leash on! We take them for a few walks a day and we always try to walk them durring the day when most people are at work and kids are in school. We always put them in their crates before we answer the door (so that they dont accidentally get out) and when we have guests over, unless our guests dont mind them being out. We do all of this, not because our dogs are mean but, to be respectful of the people around us and our dogs! Our dogs are sooo sweet, they love everyone and they are very obedient but, some people dont like our dogs (Untill they get to know them.. lol.. anyone who gets to know our dogs falls in love with them! They are like big teddy bears! lol) because of their breed and some people just dont like dogs period so, we have to be responsible owners and respect the way the people that are around our dogs feel! In my opinion if all dog owners would be responsible and respectful, if they didnt let their dogs run the streets and if they properly trained and socalized their dogs there wouldnt be nearly as many attacks!

    I have to say that I disagree with the last 2 things you said though. Dogs dont just attack for no reason. Dog aggression is nearly always preceded by some kind of warning, and there is always a reason behind the attack. However, many inexperienced owners do not recognize the dogs behavior as aggression, or refuse to acknowledge it as a warning sign. The only exception I can think of is Springer Rage, a rare and controversial neurological condition that manifests itself as a spontaneous attack, followed by confusion, and then a return to normal behavior. There are individual dogs of any breed that may be more aggressive to others…. As for you asking if people have seen the news lately.. Well, you really shouldnt believe everything you hear on the news. The news reports the stories that people want to hear so that they get ratings, even if they have to twist the story around a little bit! There are a few things that contribute to the negative stories on the news. As often the case, negative stories always seem to get National coverage,where the positive stories only make the local news. The Media is not always very responsible with their stories! I have seen news reports of a dog attack by another breed and, yet the media had a picture of a pit bull on the TV while reporting this story. Ive read many stories where the reporter obviously hadnt done any research, when asked about their statistics they choose not to reply.

  7. believer says:

    Sometimes the dog owners just don’t hear it. Like kids for example – ever been over to a friends house and her kids are running around screaming and saying mom mom mom mom they just learn to tune it out. You may be more sensitive to it because you don’t have dogs.

    I have 3 dogs and honestly, it does take a few minutes for me to realize, hey the dogs are barking. But I go outside and make them stop.

    Your town/city probably does have a noise ordinance. Usually before 7 am and after 10-11 pm loud noises that persist for some time are not allowed. You probably won’t get very far if you complain during the day.

    Why: certain towns are now realizing that noise ordinances are subjective – and the law can’t be subjective. what I mean by that is something that irks you may not bother me at all, which means I wouldn’t call the police, and you might. Subjective. Many towns are now realizing that they need to go to decibal levels. Any noise that exceeds a certain decibal level would therefore be deemed a nuisance (no matter what is making the noise).

    I would be mortified if my neighbor came to me about my barking dogs.

    Here are some things to think about:

    1.) are they just leaving the dogs outside, or are they home and the dogs are outside playing/roughousing
    2.) what time is it? If it is 12 noon, good luck, just like screaming playing kids, you are going to have to most likely deal with it (my neighbors had a pool that 12 kids used allllllllll summer long – talk about annoying!!)
    3.) are they leaving the dogs out when they go to work/out for the evening?
    4.) how much are they really barking – and what are they barking at? Are other dogs barking in the neighborhood and that sets them off? Are loud cars driving by and that sets them off? Or are they whining/barking because they want to be let in and they have been left alone?
    5.) Have you tried to go outside and "shsss" the dogs? Sometimes they are just riled up and a quick shsss will calm them down (I do that with my neighbor’s dog as well as other dogs while I am on a walk)
    6.) Do you make noise also, such that the dog owners are ticked at you (e.g. playing music, mowing your lawn at the crack of butt). Perhaps there is a "war" going on and the neighbors feel that you are disrespectful (noisewise) to them so why should they care?

    I would approach them again – NICELY!! Tell them that you know that dogs need outside time. tell them that you understand that there are times (e.g. nice weather) that they may want to leave their dogs outside for extended periods of time. But explain to them that after a few hours, the dogs are going crazy and barking. Count the number of times that the dog(s) bark in one hour. If it is a large number – tell them!

    One thing you can do is invite them over – when their dogs are in the backyard, and have them listen to their own dogs barking. One is usually quite surprised when you step out of your little world exactly how loud they are being!

    If the owners are still not receptive to your pleas, finish the conversation with "well I am sorry to hear that you seem to have no respect for my feelings. I have tried to explain this to you nicely, I have been willing to work out something, I understand that your dogs need to be outside sometimes, and I am willing to tolerate noise- any noise between 9 am and 10 pm (for example) but given your inability or desire to work with me, the next time your dog barks incessently, I will be calling the police. Perhaps after a noise citation, you will be more amenable to being courteous to your neighbors"

    ps. not all dog owners are like that. I would be amenable if you knocked on my door, and our new neighbors were nice about it when their dog was barking and whining like crazy. The owners would leave it outside when they went to work and the poor thing barked/whined for hours. When my neighbor let them know, they stopped leaving their dog out in the back while they were gone for extended periods of time. But I find a quick shsss has worked too!

  8. facobasten1984 says:

    1) they dont een care abt the dog. the dog bark becoz they arent with the owner. if theowner care abt their dog they will make the dog feel loved and cared so it wont bark

    2) the same reason like why parents let babies cry at night and when neighbour come and knock the door, they will say " thts a baby, duh."

    i dont like my dog barks too , i often wake up at 3 when my dogs starts to growl one to another and i have to keep em quiet coz i cant sleep myself.

  9. LALA says:

    unfortunately people are so selfish these days – they think that only they matter and don’t consider their neighbours.

    call the police – again and again and again until they get so sick of you that they have to act.

    Not fair on the poor dogs either.

  10. troxie79 says:

    There is a law where i live, you have to be quit after 10 and so do dogs. I think people let them bark because they don’t know haw to make them stop. I also think that anyone that owns a dog it should be manitory for then to go to a class to teach them to teach there dog. If that was a law it would be a better place for everybody.

  11. Sarah says:

    Hallelujah Everywhere ive lived same problem why dont they just respect people!

  12. Teddy. says:

    some owners doesnt care( SIMPLE AS THAT)

  13. rreddr1 says:

    There are all ready laws
    Contact your local police

  14. woohoo...... says:

    when dogs bark they dont just wake up the neighbors they also wake up the owners……..i dont know why people let there dogs bark at night……. just talk to them say, "if you dont do something about your dog barking at night then i will have to call animal controle". …….. maybe there barking for a reason…. like something in your back yard…… there just watching out for you and others……and dogs only attack others because they get owners like you that dont care and dont understand…… and i dont know what news your watching because i havent heard anything…. and i dont know where you live but dogs dont bark at night around here……. so maybe you should move……

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