Which Underground Dog Fencing Manufacturer is the Best?

When it comes to selecting underground dog fencing for your yard you may be a bit overwhelmed by all of the brands.  With all of the different choices available online and at your local home improvement, hardware, and pet stores, it’s hard to know which one to pick.

Luckily, purchasing hidden dog fencing isn’t that complicated once you know what to look for.  Instead of focusing only on price, focus on what features best meet the needs of you and your dog.

The difference between “good, better, and best” in underground dog fences can be seen in the following areas:

  • size of the area the system can support
  • collar size, weight, & durability
  • correction strength
  • technology used by the collar to address the size, weight, and stubbornness of the dog

Adjustable Signal Field

The signal field is what controls the distance from the boundary wire where the electric dog collar gives a warning beep or corrective shock.  The signal works by transmitting outwards 360 degrees from the wire.  Think of it like a big half cylinder sitting on top of the ground over the buried wire.  The dog training collar picks up this signal and alerts the dog when he gets too close to the underground fence wiring.  Many of the sad stories you hear about dogs running away are from people who have the signal field set too low, for example, at only 3 feet from the wire. That setting only makes the signal field 6 feet long and 3 feet high. Many dogs can easily jump that.

It is recommended that you set the signal as far back from the wire as your property allows, minimally set the signal back 6-8 feet from the wire. If you set the signal field at 8 feet then the correction zone is 8 feet high and 16 feet wide. Most dogs cannot jump that high or far, and will not test that kind of correction.

Dog Training Collar with Multiple Correction Levels

An invisible pet fence system is made up of two parts, the boundary wire that runs around the perimeter of your yard, and the electric training collar worn by your pet.  The training collar has a receiver attached to it that picks up the radio frequency from the underground boundary wire.  When your dog begins to get too close to it a warning beep goes off.  If he continues on, he will receive a mild corrective shock, much like a static electricity shock.

Some brands of invisible fence collars are adjustable in their correction levels while other are not.  Look for an adjustable dog shock collar as not all dogs are alike.  Some will need a minimal jolt to do the trick, while others will need full blast to get the point.  A one-size-fits-all is not a good option.

Dog Size

Dog collars come in a variety of sizes for different kinds of dogs.  Make sure the system you get has a variety of electric fence dog collar sizes available to fit your particular dog or cat.

Dog Temperament

When it comes to personalities, dog’s have different ones just like people.  Some dogs are timid and shy, while other are bold and aggressive.  Different temperaments require different strengths of electronic dog collar receivers.  Make sure to choose a dog fence brand that provides an electric dog fence training collar with adjustable correction levels.

Rechargeable Batteries

Invisible fence collars run on batteries.  Most manufacturers suggest replacing them every three to six months.  This can become quite expensive over time.  Look for dog collar batteries with a long life.

Pet Fence Systems for Multiple Pets

Some brands of underground pet fencing come with a variety of sizes of collars.  This is a great feature if you have different sizes of dogs, or even a cat, as they can wear their own collar style while still all using the same underground dog fence system.

Anti-Linger Feature

This attribute works well for intelligent dogs that have discovered that if they stand in the warning zone long enough, they can wear out the invisible fence collar battery.  After the battery is dead, your dog is free to leave the backyard without fear of getting zapped.

Waterproof Invisible Fence Transmitter Box

All underground pet fences come with a transmitter box.  The box needs to be attached your home.  Normally it’s located in a garage or basement, but some models come with a waterproof transmitter box that can be installed outside.

Underground Dog Fence Warranty

Look for a underground pet containment system with at least a one year warranty with full hardware replacement.

These features will vary by brand and by model. Often, electronic dog fence systems come in kits with everything you need including flags and enough underground fence wire for around a quarter of an acre.  If you need more than you can purchase extra boundary wire and marker flags as well as additional electric training collars if you have multiple pets.

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