Which is better for my dog Electric fence or electric remote dog collar????


I have a Jack russell terrier and every time he gets loose he runs away . Is it better to get a electric fence to teach him to stay in the yard or is better to get a electric remote collar to teach him to stay with me and not to run away ??

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18 Responses to “Which is better for my dog Electric fence or electric remote dog collar????”

  1. Nakia W says:

    I like the look of a russell terrier. They are so cute.

  2. Lynn C says:

    We use a collar. We set it just high enough to be unpleasant, and it has worked like a charm. It also can be used for other training.

    We have 5 acres and walk the pup around the perimeter just about daily. She knows where the boundary is, and rarely crosses it. When she does, we just give her a little zap. She jumps back and goes about her business on our side of the line. We’ve also used it so she won’t chase birds (she chased one right out into the road before we got the collar) and cars.

    If you do get a collar, I would recommend using it sparingly and at the lowest setting that is effective. Make sure you zap right at the moment he is doing what you want stopped. So if you want him to stay in the yard, walk him around the yard regularly. Maybe try to get him to "mark" his territory. Then after you’ve done that for awhile, zap the minute his foot goes over the line. Not before or after – he has to associate the action with the negative consequence.

    Good luck!

  3. Sam W says:


    An electric "fence" is actually a wire buried in the ground and a transmitter attached to your dog’s collar. When your dog moves too close to the buried fence, he gets zapped. It’s meant to feel similar to the kind of shock you get with static electricity. Some brands use a warning tone instead of a shock.

    here’s more info:

    Collars and harnesses are made of the same materials and serve the same purpose–attaching your dog to a leash. But they work in different ways and some dogs will do better with one versus the other.

    here’s more info:

    hope this helps.

  4. mytzlplyk2000 says:

    Electric fences are great. They keep your dog safe and ,having been "zapped" many times, I can testify that they are perfectly humane. On the other hand….. In my opinion, remote training collars are only for extreme circumstances and should never replace good ol’ hands on training sessions. I’m talking about the kind that you push a button to correct your dog. The "invisible fence" kind are a different deal. A dog at a full run can pass the "zap line" before it has the chance to stop at it. Then it’s too late. I’d go with the elec. fence but any time you are talking about electrocuting your dog you should see how it feels yourself first and remember that the dog will get it on it’s nose or neck

  5. Alohcin says:

    neither. Both are very cruel. If he runs away again, when he comes bak punish him. that is how you train any animal reward and punishment. But if i had to choose i would choose electric fence.

  6. Frenchie654 says:

    I think that both r cruel to your dog!! because if u get a fence its going hurt him every time he gets out! how would u feel if everytime u went out of your house you got electrocuted! and an electric remote collar is also bad for your dog! because every time he/she goes to far it gets electrocuted! so dont do it!!!!

  7. Nancy M says:

    Neither — these are totally useless when used by people who don’t know what they are doing and usually useless with high drive dogs like terriers. Fence your yard with a REAL fence that will contain the dog and form a good enough bond / relationship with your dog that it wants to stay with you and maybe actually train it?

  8. raregoldtx66 says:

    electric fence might keep your dog in . But other dogs can come into your yard and harm your dog . your dog should never be left unattended out side any way ! Even inside a fence

  9. kthunterchik says:

    The collar would be best, so he will know that you are in control, and then if you want him to go outside the yard, you won’t have to mess with the collar. Jut don’t have it on high settings.

  10. >.< :D says:

    defiantly electric fence! with the electric fence kit it will show you how to train your dog using flags and once your dog understands the boundaries you can remove move the flags which will only be about a week or two, and the kits comes with the flags, When using a electric remote you automatically loose all trust with your dog and the remotes your dog wont understand and it can cause traumatic affects later on in its life were as the fence your dog knows what they did

  11. Bo says:

    Get the electric fence, that way he’ll know his boundaries. Besides, those electric collars are torture. I don’t even know how they sale those things.

  12. stevin says:

    probly the fence because there are ways around the collar.

    like if the dog runs fast enough, there is no effect.

    i would say the fence is the better bet.

  13. Jski10 says:

    electric fence. it will teach the dog to stay in his boundaries. a shock collar is more cruel in my opinion.

  14. katislove4 says:

    electric fence.
    cause if you try to make him to stay with you then he will want to get away
    like a teenager and their parents.
    give him space but not too much.

  15. Tsunami says:

    get the elect fense and then he has to wear collar to so it will work and he’ll stay in the yard it more money but better for all concerned.

  16. T S says:


    get a real fence. train your dog without punishments..use positive reinforcement..even better yet..dont be lazy, and actually take your dog out on a leash on a walk.

  17. RSH RanDee AVP says:

    How about a leash?

    Or a regular fence?

    Maybe some training?

  18. Courage says:

    Well… best idea is a fence. Second best is a dog-trolley while you’re outside. Third best is a long rope with you out there. Fourth best is a kennel.

    But between those two, I’d say the electric fence. It’s better for the fence to bite than for you to have put a collar on him and run the risk of him connecting you to the pain.

    The thing to remember is that with some dogs, their personality would make it so that if you put up an electric fence they’ll become afraid of the entire backyard. Or what if he’s out there and some little kid is walking by and he gets shocked and starts hating kids? Whenever using pain it can cause problems unless the dog understand perfectly what you want.

    Edit: Just to clarify, when I say an electric fence I mean an ELECTRIFIED FENCE. Not an underground line where you put a collar that shocks the dog. If the choice is between an underground line and shock collar, or an e-collar you control the shocks, then I would go with the one you control the shocks since the ones with the underground fences have been known to go off at the wrong time (say an electrical storm, or the dog going in front of a TV, etc.) While I hate both because both may connect you to the shock, I would prefer the one where you can control it.

    Not to mention that a dog who runs over the underground line is now locked out of his yard, there’s no way to protect him from strangers or strange dogs coming into his yard (while if you hold the control I would assume you’re out there with him), and other risks involved with underground lines.

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