which is best Fencing in the back yard or whole yard?


we are moving soon, and when we do i wanna fence in the yard. We have a pool its not a in ground one and its in the back yard, what is best to fence the back yard only or the whole yard? There is a pound behind our house and woods and i have 2 small kids and i dnt wont them to go out there so i thought of jus fencing in the back yard which is pretty big and they kids can jus play back there and the dogs as well. Which do you suggest???

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4 Responses to “which is best Fencing in the back yard or whole yard?”

  1. onebear469 says:

    just the back yard

  2. violet1842003 says:

    wood fencing, stockaide

  3. Zac says:

    whole yard. it will look nicer and will be safer for the family

  4. Mac S says:

    For the money, it’s hard to beat a good old fashioned 6′ cedar fence. Rails in is tricky for some because kids and dogs CAN climb on them to get out/over, but with the pool you’re probably better off that way so you don’t get pool-crashers.

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