Which dog would be best for my household?


4 family members in the house, not including my brother who lives in the woods.
I’d like to have a small dog but we already have a big dog. We have a German Shepard too, a female.
I was thinking of a Jack Russell Terreir but they can climb fences easily and he will need to go out to play and eat. And to come inside every now and then too.
I walk my German Shepard first then the other dog since it is easier on me and the dogs.

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8 Responses to “Which dog would be best for my household?”

  1. Kimberly says:

    How about an Affenpinscher would be the best match for you!

  2. Bett says:

    It doesn’t really matter what breed of dog you get but the level of the breeds energy level compared to your Shepard. Shepard’s generally are high energy dog but depending on the age & personal energy level of your Shepard you will need to get a dog that matches this.

    A high energy dog like a Jack Russell may be overwhelming for you resident dog & this could potentially lead to a scrap as lets face it the Shepard will be dealing with new dog 24/7 & if it’s annoyed 24/7 with it jumping on its face & biting it then it has to do something!

    Another dog to "the pack" means more training in reinforcing all the family as the pack leaders.
    A new dog may challenge or disrupt the balance if already in place.

    Don’t forget when your walking these dogs on the lead will it be easier to have 2 dogs the same height or not?

  3. Katie says:

    a dog would be great for u but not to small and give equle attenchen

  4. Margaux says:

    Go to animalplanet.com and take the dog breed selector test it will asks you questions on you lifestyle and your wants/needs in a dog and gives you a list of dog breeds for you! good luck

  5. Nicky says:

    ok i recommend a shits zu, they are really cute. Or you can get a chihuahua, they are small but their personalities are of a lion. You can also try getting a pug, they do well with some big dogs. But make sure that you get all your dogs spayd and neutered otherwise they can get into fights for other dogs or with each other. (: Hope this helped

  6. ~britt~ says:

    Maybe a yorkie?? I have one, she loves to play. They r fairley small, 5-6 lbs. Love playing and don’t really climb. Merry

  7. Mercer says:

    Another German shepard

  8. Artemis Clyde Frog says:

    A terrier, they are medium sized and easy to take care of.

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