Which dog breed is better for me?


I live in a medium sized house with a big fenced in yard. I travel alot and want my dog to travel with me too. I want a large dog thats friendly, active, protective, and hardy in any weather condition. My favorite kind of dogs are Doberman pinschers, great danes, and irish wolfhounds. Please list some breeds and reasons with a picture. Also no long haired dogs.

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8 Responses to “Which dog breed is better for me?”

  1. K says:

    The house & yard sound perfect for a Doberman. However, they are not an "all-weather" dog. If you are cold, they are cold. If you are hot, they are hot. So, you would need to keep that in mind if traveling to cold temps & have a coat for him.
    My dobe even has a rain coat b/c he gets chilled walking in the rain. They are protective and loyal. However, you need to spend time training them solidly. They are very intelligent & someone not interested in dedicating training time with their Dobe will be overwhelmed…they will rule the house, if you don’t. However, they are wonderful companion dogs. I won’t have another breed. As for active, yes…they are very active. They need about an hour of exercise a day. Mine will go running with me & my husband. They have a life span of about 10 years. So, keep that in mind (great danes have a life span of 7 years).
    I’m unfamiliar with the Irish wolfhound…so, I can’t comment to that breed.

  2. Giana Y says:

    I like the personality of a irish wolfhound. They are so sweet.

  3. Cassie-Dane & Bully Breed lover says:

    well, I have a dane, a mastiff and 2 mutts

    all are lazy. my boxerx was active as a pup

    mastiffs dont do well with heat

    how about a boxer?

  4. Tiffani says:

    I’m partical to miniature schnauzers (i have a half breed and just adopted another)
    but as far as big dogs i love:
    blue heelers.

  5. fleury<3333 says:

    You should get a boxer they are cute active friendly belive me i have one Ps they love to travel

  6. beatlegirl89 says:

    I think a border collie if you are active enough for one… Great Danes are awesome, but traveling with one may not be. Irish wolfhounds are great great dogs, but they are hard to come by and need regular grooming… a Dobie might just be a happy medium for you.

  7. jblover says:


    i have one is he is the dog u want mine is sweet and loves to travel to and is very active mine is less then 1 and has gotten bit by a snake and got shot and got 40-50 pellets stuck in him but he is going strong still that happened about 6-8 months ago

  8. jess says:

    I would say a chocolate lab (labrador retriever). They are great companions, protective and lovable. They also like to travel and are an active dog, if you like the outdoors they love water. I have boxers and they are very high strung, they are also protective. I had a border collie (she passed away) all time FAVORITE dog, she had longer hair though, very very protective of me, she didn’t take to strangers quickly, never bit anyone but just gave a sense of don’t come too close, she liked car/truck rides but her favorite thing was herding the cattle and having a "job" to do on the farm. She also loved to play frisbie. I don’t know if this helps at all but I hope gives you alittle insite on these types. Every dog is different and everydog needs a type of "job" something to look forward to doing everyday. A website to look at these breeds and more is http://www.dogchannel.com

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