Where to find a fairly inexpensive fence for backyard?


We’re looking into replacing our chain link fence in our back yard – about 200 feet (it is old and rusty and too short for our dog). We’d like it to be a 5 foot fence… should we go with vinyl coated chain link? Or vinyl picket fence? We don’t mind installing it ourselves if it will save us a little money. Lowes and Home Depot still seem to be pretty expensive. Any suggestions?

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4 Responses to “Where to find a fairly inexpensive fence for backyard?”

  1. fence prices says:

    I completely agree the best choice is the vinyl, is so easy to install and is cheap.

  2. trey _trey says:

    for looks you have the right idea. you may consider aluminum panels. if you "google" aluminum ornamental fence it will give you many different manufactures. there is no cheap route. the cheapest is galvanized chain link. i charge about 9.50 per ft. for the vinyl coated chain link, myself. the vinyl picket or privacy from lowes or home depot would be the easiest for you to assemble. good luck! feel free to email with any future questions at my website! http://www.walkerfencecompany.com

  3. Mike H says:

    try your local fence people-they usually have decent fence from replacements they have done

  4. eskie lover says:

    I found fences4less.com had THE cheapest prices on any kind of fencing. I think chain link is unattractive and since it doesn’t add much value to the house, I prefer something that looks better. I would go with the vinyl picket fence because it is cute. But, check out some of the new aluminum fences. I went with a Jerith that has a lifetime warranty, is maintence free and very elegant. It wasn’t that expensive, either, and it keeps the dogs in and the coyotes, bobcats and mountain lions out.

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