Where do i get a good pet door for my small dogs?


i need a pet door that locks when not in use (the kind that come with the magnetic keys and such)…..its for 2 small yorkies so they can get into there (secure) pen to potty while im away at work and such…..im not gone long but they are so small they don’t hold it well….it has to lock cause we have squirrels getting into the house through our non locking one…..
i only am gone at most 4 hours a day….and since we have gotten the pet door we have i have found no accidents in the house, but i have come home to squirrels in the house….

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2 Responses to “Where do i get a good pet door for my small dogs?”

  1. KMcG says:

    I’m not sure if I quite understand. You want to lock the dogs outside while you’re gone? You could put a slide latch on the inside that way the door wouldn’t swing in. Might be better to get some squirrel repellent spray. Those are some pretty bold squirrels that will come into the house.

  2. drenalin2008 says:

    at petsmart and pet supplie retailers they sell an electronic pet door. your pet wears a collar that opens the door when he walks near it but the door remains closed if something not wearing the collar walks into it.

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