When is the best time to introduce dogs with a new puppy?


I have a new puppy (yorkie) and also have two larger, outdoor dogs. I have already let the puppy in contact with the more timid dog, he’s actually afraid of her. The interaction was quick. My problem may be with my older dog. He isn’t aggressive, he just wants to sniff her and play. But she’s 4 lbs. and he’s about 70lbs. I am planning on training classes with the puppy, the other two are already good, but if a little, yappy dog is bothering them… well, they are dogs. Should I wait until the puppy has more training and will listen better? The bigger dogs are in a dog run, so they do see her when I take her out to potty and they have met through the wire fence. I take my bigger dogs to the dog park and they are fine, they always have the little ones running after them, but this one lives at thier home now. I’m only concerned because she will always be a tiny dog and I know it only takes one wrong move… Should I just wait until I have better control of her?
All wonderful advice, thank you. But I think I’m more concerned that the puppy will attack the bigger one, and he will not put up with it. She already acts dominant and I know she is going to learn that she isn’t. I just don’t want her hurt or him hating her forever. When we got our middle dog last year, ther were no problems at all. But he was a bigger puppy and he didn’t dare try to dominate the other one. I have tried bringing the older one inside to meet her, but she just barked and tried to bite him and of course, he tried to return the favor. I guess I just have to toughen up… 😉

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9 Responses to “When is the best time to introduce dogs with a new puppy?”

  1. NI DM says:

    As quickley as possible, so your dogs will get used to each other.

  2. luvn_bois_is_sin says:

    i dont have a big dog… hes a little weinie (dachshund). and he likes to play rough. he growls loudly, and likes to bite when hes having a lot of fun. but his whole demeanor changes around little kids and babies. he completely calms down and lets them pet him ( most of the time) and he stops his nipping and biting. but as soon as they leave hes right back to his normal self. my point is most dogs sense what behavior is appropriate at the time. if you talk to your larger dogs in a calm low voice and tell them to be nice, and be gentle, and be careful (kinda like when youre talking to a newborn) the larger dogs will realize the yorkie isnt a toy to play with. but sooner or later they’ll get completely comfortable with her. just takes time. GOOD LUCK!!

  3. night worker says:

    i would say immediately,so they can get used to it.

  4. jkc92618 says:

    I would take each big dog out separately and introduce them to the puppy. Then do a supervised visit with all 3. They should be fine.

  5. Elitha D says:

    Good Question!! The FIRST thing you should do is WALK YOUR DOGS!! The bigger dogs should be walked for about an hour and TIRED! then, put them on a leash, and DO NOT BE NERVOUS! If you are nervous and fearful, your dog will perceive the puppy as a threat and will attack. Just relax, and if you can’t handle the larger dogs, then have someone else with you who also will show calm energy but still be in charge. Dogs greet each other by sniffing, first the butt, then the ears, then the eyes. ITs their way of telling who is who. They don’t have names, they uses scents to distinguish one another. Let them greet each other in this manner and if the older dog shows any form of aggression, simply make a correction by tugging on the leash. Also, VERY IMPORTANT.. be sure your body language is one of being in control and not of being fearful. Do not stand rigid, bent over and hold the leash tight as if to jump at a the first sign of trouble. Your dog will feel the tension and be alerted to danger. Instead, turn your body so that the puppy is beside you, not head on as if to say, this is not a problem we are not enemies and ther is no need to be alarmed! for more information, there are excellent videos you can find at
    http://www.dogpsychologycenter.com/ You can also find them at
    Amazon.com and search for Cesar Milan or follow this link

    Good luck!! and Congratulations on your new puppy!!

  6. GERRI B says:

    You should let the dogs she her more often. That way they know she belongs at your home. I work at a kennel and one of the owners has a Chihuahua and a German Shepherd toghter in the same kennel. I believe that the bigger dogs know how to handle being around smaller dogs. But if you feel afraid for the little Yorkie ask you Vet for some advise. Of course we on the yahoo answers can only give you answer about what we think. Good luck to you.

  7. Shannon S says:

    It’s best to get it done right away. However it’s not always easier. Chain the bigger dog up so he can’t jump or run after the pup. This way u can bring the bigger one to the end of his/her leash and let them start slow like that. Good Luck

  8. aussie says:

    sooner the better

  9. xsandybreezerx says:

    keep an eye on them at first but right away is best. i had a 40 pound and a 3 pound chihuahua puppy and they loved eachother. they play all the time and chased each other and chihuahua acts like the big dog and was more dominant. just watch them at first then after a couple months, then they should be fine with eachother.

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