What's the best way to handle our 7 weeks old puppies crying?


We just brouht her home 2 days ago and she cries, yelps and barks anytime you set her down or leave her alone…we are trying to crate train her at night and she has a large exercise pen in our kitchen for when we leave to work…but she goes nuts when we put her in either thing….I don’t want to take her out and make her think barking is the way to get what she wants….I was expecting this with a puppy…but is there something I can do to make this ANY easier? any Tips on crate training? It’s only been 2 nights, but we are exhausted and I ‘m sure ours neighbors are too! Help please!

Plus she nibbles and wants to bite everything….any advice for that? I know she’s a puppy, but any little thing I can do to train her will help.
Thank you all for the great advice…I know the frustration comes from lack of sleep…I just wanna make sure I’m doing the best thing possible for this precious puppy…

I hope it will get easier!

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15 Responses to “What's the best way to handle our 7 weeks old puppies crying?”

  1. iluvtorofl says:

    A chewie will help to redirect her chewing. As far as crying, it is just normal. If you want her to stop put her in bed with you at night and hold her when she cries. Whether you do or don’t pick her up, she will eventually outgrow it. If you do choose to keep her with you in bed at night, she won’t want to stop that. So think ahead before you decide.
    And rememeber, this too shall pass. Puppies grow up.

  2. cav mom says:

    it takes some pups longer to adjust to being away from mom and litter mates. when you crate her at night try putting a stuffed animal in with her to cuddle with like she did with siblings and mom. sometimes a windup clock ticking will work in with her to simulate the moms heart beat. you can cover the crate with a towel so it is dark and a heating pad under the bedding on low might help,remember she is used to the body heat of other puppies and her body alone does not regulate heat well yet. it will take time just don’t pay attention to her,only take her out of crate when she is not crying and throwing a tantrum.

    the nibbling and and biting is normal , she is teething and doesn’t know the difference from your hand and a toy. tell her no in a firm voice and give her a toy that she can chew on and tell her she is good ,she will get the idea.

    good luck and be patient she is a baby that is learning like a child.

  3. choclate_lover2007 says:


    I know what you mean i have a mini dachhound an she did the same thing. I would turn on a radio at night that kinda helped.. Or a hot water bottle make them feel like there by there mommy’s belly. An then just kinda bear with it an then they will stop.. My dog is 4 months An she still cries some.
    Oh an over the nipping wow that is a hard thing they get bored easy… I just give mine her dog toys an little bones for small dogs an that seems to help… GOOD LUCK ON THAT AN DONT GIVE IT WILL FADE AN THEN YOU CAN A GOOD NIGHT SLEEP…..

  4. Kiki says:

    she should have been 8 weeks at least before she was sold .. try toys an stuffed animals hot water bottle an a tick tock clock in her crate. For nibbling shes a baby and teething get chew toys and encourage her to bit it

  5. chrissysgal_07 says:

    ok sit her down with u and pet her and talk softly to her so she is very calm with you. after a while put her on the floor and keep talking gently to her, if she trys to jump on you stand up, dont let her jump on your knee, if she crys at you ignore her!

    when she has go used to this stand up and pick her up and give her a cuddle. then put her in her crate and tell her to STAY. make sure she has toys in her crate that you know she likes. walk out of the room and ignore her crying, come back into the room after 5 minutes, if she is still crying walk back out, if she has stopped crying open the crate and praise her alot, tickle her belly and play with her.

    do this about every 30 mins.

    after a while of this she will get to understand that crying gets her nothing, and you will always come back.

    eventually she will stopcrying and see her crate as a safe place.

    also the nibbling should be stopped now or you are just reinforcing bad behavior. if she chews your hand or clothes say nothing but calmly stop her and offer her a soft toy to chew instead and make it fun! wiggle her toys in front of her face so she really wants this instead of your hand or clothing. when she stops playing with the toy and bites you again say in a deep voice NO!! and prasie her as soon as she lets go and give her her toy again.

    hope this helps.

  6. El Jefe says:

    Okay the puppy is going to do this becasue she has been just taken away frmo her mother, bothers and sisters. She is scared and lonely you have to place her in her crate adn ignore her at night. The puppy should not have free reign over the house the crate should be in one room and the dog even when out of the crate should be in that room or outside thats it until they are old enough to be trusted witch witch be about 1 to 2 years old if correctly trained. At night place the dog in its crate then place a blanket over the top like you would with a bird cage then leave that room and go to bed. If the room has a seperate door close it so it doesnt bother you and go to bed the dog will stop crying after some time and fall asleep. If you keep picking her up she will continue to do this becasue they know you will give in. Crate training will take time and effort by you. The biting is normal at this age dogs dont have hands they feel things with their teeth, that being said teeth to skin is bad and the dog needs to know this if they nip at your hands or face you grab them but the flap or fold of skin on their face and pull it with some force and say "NO" then continue to hold if for a few sec after. the puppy may whine or yelp you are not doing anything different then the mother would do in this case. If they are chewing your shoe then you do the same thing but then place a toy in its mouth and when they chew on it reward them with praise.
    A puppy is a lot of work its like having a child in many way’s they will gorw fast but do not forget they are still puppies until they are 2 years old. I suggest getting some good training dvd’s and taking a puppy leash class at your local pet smart they are cheep and help with socilaizing the puppy to other dogs and people.

    Good Luck

  7. zukolivie says:

    The barking you just have to deal with. I know it’s incredibly frustrating, but you just have to wait it out. She’s really only an infant, so try to understand where she’s coming from. At night, try elevating her crate so when she starts crying, you can stick your fingers in the crate and she can smell you…but don’t talk to her.

    I think the first mistake you are making is that you aren’t consistent with your crating. She needs to be crated during the day…not just at night. Giving her a "room" of her own will help. Even if you have to go buy an identical crate, do it.

    Also, by having the day time crate in the living room or den (wherever you spend most of your time) .. you can toss in her treats sporadically througout the night so that when she stumbles across it, she heads in there voluntarily. Also, you MUST, MUST, MUST feed her in her crate for a while so that she associates the crate with nothing but happiness.

    Also, you’ve only had her TWO nights! Google "first week with new puppy" and you’ll see that you aren’t alone and this is totally and completely normal behavior.

    When we got ours, we didn’t sleep for a week! I know you are exhausted, but it WILL pass and you will sleep again. Prepare yourself and take turns. Who ever has the previous night duty, gets the next night off…and that includes watching and playing before potty time. That way you both aren’t b*tching at each other or angry at the pup when she does one little thing wrong.

    Those suggestions worked for us.

    Good luck!

  8. Anna J says:

    i would put her in her crate at night… make it really cozy…. like a big blanket on the bottom… maybe a small pillow etc…. and put a sheet over her crate so it feels like a den. And when we had our puppy… i slept close to her crate and everytime she would cry… i would just talk softly and stick my fingers in…. also… remember puppies have to pee a lot… so make sure you are taking her out on a regular basis… during the night.. our pup had to go pee like every hour almost… some people get a ticking clock and put that under the blankets in the crate… it makes it feel like their mothers heartbeat… i never tried it but i have heard it works… (and i saw it on I Love Lucy…lol)…. As far as during the day… make sure you have puppy pads down and plenty of water for her… make sure you have a cozy little place for her crawl up and feel safe… maybe make like a little fort like thing in the kitchen. Make sure she has plenty of safe toys. also… if you can come home on your lunch break or have a friend or family member come over during the day for a little… that would help a lot also…

    as for the nibbling and such… that is going to happen… just make sure she has puppy chew toys… and when our pup would nibble.. i would tap her nose with my finger and say no bite… and caught on quickly.

    let me know if you need anymore advice…

  9. Duster12 says:

    make the crate the most fun place in the house, like put favorite treats and his favorite toy. tell him go in grate before putting her inside. lather on that will be a command remember to praise her when you put her down.and give her treats

  10. Ashlee says:

    Put stuffed animals in there. It will act as litter mates. And don’t use the crate as a form of punishment at this time. Put a towel or blanket down as well. The puppy is seeking warmth and companionship. We had the same issue with our puppy. It made for some long night and I know the neighbors weren’t happy. And put them in the room with you at night so they know they aren’t alone and can see you there with them. It helps out a lot. Good luck….

  11. tinab78 says:

    We got an 8 week puppy a few weeks ago. She is 15 weeks old now and it does get a bit and I mean a bit easier.

    Just keep up with it. She will be missing her mum and siblings. Try putting a teddy bear in the crate with her and something of yours so that she can smell you. I also found that putting a ticking clock next to her crate helps.

    She will also learn how to play you. You need to ignore. Our pup plays up when she knows that we are in the house but when we go out of the house and she is in her crate she is absolutely fine. I know this because I peeped through the window and she was just fast asleep. When we come in she goes crazy like she hasn’t seen us for hours when in reality it hasn’t been a long time at all.

    Just keep calm and don’t give in.

    Good luck. it will be worth it in the end when you have a lovely gorgeous doggy.

  12. Mutt Mommy says:

    She was too young to leave the litter — should’ve been at LEAST 8 weeks (illegal in most states in the US to sell them any earlier, if that is where you live).

    She is young… she is going to cry. Stick to your guns and DO NOT GIVE IN. Like you said, giving in will only encourage it. Things will get better.

    Puppy proof your house if you haven’t already… anything that is left on the floor (besides furniture of course) is fair game for her to chew — not fair of you to blame her if you didn’t clean it up. Try a wet washcloth and put it in the freezer. After an hour or so, give it to her… she can gnaw on that and it will feel good on her gums.

  13. james f says:

    give her a chew toy, and or special treat or meal only when you put her in the crate!she’ll look forward to her crate time! love her lots, and lots! exersise too! get her tired!

  14. mammafish says:

    heh, I asked pretty much the same question a few minutes ago 🙂 Read down a little bit and read some of the advice I got. The subject was How long will it take my pup to get used to the crate.

    Good Luck! I’m right here with you 🙂

  15. Caryn says:

    You’re puppy is young, misses it mother and siblings. Make sure she has something to cuddle with like a soft stuff animal and a towel or blanket she can root around in and make herself comfortable. Try putting a clock in with her so that she can hear it. As she gets older, she will adjust not to having her litter mates around.
    As for the nibbling that is perfectly normal……she has to learn what is aceptable and not. Just like a human child. The nibbling should stop as she gets older. When she starts getting her adult teeth, she will start chewing on things, make sure to get her some good chew toys. (Like human kids, gums hurt and get swollen. For that can use human teething remedies. ) I do not recommend the rawhide chew toys, for they can cause intestional problems.
    Do not expect for your puppy to learn things immediately, it takes time and patience…..as with human children.
    Do not over correct or too harshly, can cause problems in the future.
    Good luck with our puppy.

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