What would you do if your dog kept digging under your fence and escaping?


I have the best dog! I’ve had him since he was six weeks and only one time in his twenty months of life has he had an accident in my home. He is incredibly loyal to me, he was sooo easy to train i.e. lay down, sit etc., but the one problem I have with him is that he has gotten that "taste" for freedom. He has always been an indoor dog, but July fourth of last year, the fireworks terrified him and he bolted. It took two hours to find him and he wasn’t but two houses away, but I think that was the catalyst to a disaster. Since then, he has tried to or succeeded to squeeze under our fence to go romp in the woods. He always came back within 15 min. or so. One day, in Feb., he didn’t come back. He got caught by the dog cops! 0 later, we got a neutered, scared and microchipped dog. He’s been pretty calm since until about a month ago. We have altered our fence every way possible! He STILL gets out. He’s been gone today since 11am. I’ve confirmed that he has not been caught, and I’ve ……
searched my neighborhood and the surrounding ones, screaming for him. Nothing.
Come on you guys! Build a better fence?? Would you like to lend me 00???

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19 Responses to “What would you do if your dog kept digging under your fence and escaping?”

  1. cpsdus says:

    I once saw a product in Lowe’s that a person could spread around trash cans to keep dogs from getting into the trash. Don’t know what it was called exactly. You might be able to spread that around the fence area and maybe he won’t dig anymore. I’ve also heard of tricks like mixing up some red/black pepper (and other spices) and sprinkle that around as well. Dogs always seem to sniff things anyway before doing anything. It might be a quick, cheap alternative to try before going to more extreme measures.

  2. drokk says:

    If you can’t build a fence you are just going to have to keep him chained up.I hate doing that to my dog and rarely do but it’s that or they may get hit by a car.You have to weigh out the benefits.

  3. rebelgirl2868 says:

    this time when you got to better the fence try digging a trench like 10 inches deep and placing the bottom edge of the chainlink in the trench. then fill it back in with dirt. he shouldn’t be able to dig under it. don’t have to put cement in the trench.

  4. Wendy C says:

    Seems he needs some more training. First,he needs to know that loud noises are not a bad thing, maybe a recording or movie with fireworks in it, just be sure all entrances/ exits (including windows) are secure before you play them; second, until he learns not to leave the yard, someone should watch him while he’s outside. Get an empty can (one that veggies come in) make sure you keep the top because you’ll need it; wash it out and fill it about a third of the can w/ pennies or metal washers (preferably none of the little tiny ones); put the top on the can and seal it with duct tape so none of the contents fall out. Shake it a few times, if it’s really loud, good, because that’s what you want. The can will be used as a tool to get his attention. Whenever you catch him digging near the fence (or anything else he isn’t supposed to do), shake the can, close to him if you can, and tell him "NO!" If UR too far away, throw the can in his immediate vicinity, don’t hit him w/ it just throw it near him, so it distracts him, and yell "NO!" Don’t forget to praise him for things he does right, though! After awhile he should get the idea. If you’ve been using treats, keep up the positive reinforcement.Hope this helps.

  5. Dale Earnhardt Jr. Fan!!!! # 8!! says:

    get an electric fence, then he’ll learn 2 stay away from it. they only give a low voltage of electricity.

  6. Bacchus1234 says:

    What you should do is build a fence in the ground too. Not the whole yard, but let your dog have his own space, fenced in, with fence over and under ground.
    This way there’s no way he can escape, unless he has wings, and you can leave him there when you’re not around.
    I’ve lived with dogs all my life and I love them, my yahoo name is from the line of Bacchus’s I’ve had, 4 all together.
    Good luck!

  7. rosa rodriges says:

    my dog didn’t like the fireworks either. but she ran AT it head on. good thing it was only a little sparkler. but please don’t give him an electric fence. i personally think they are cruel. just go outside with him and play with him. dogs have needs, wants, and personalities just like humans to.

  8. nicoledioquino828 says:

    I would have to go out with him. maybe keep him on a leash at first but not let him out alone. We have to treat dogs like small children and watch them at all times

  9. softball_chick_16 says:

    i would put a type of invisible fence around the inside of your fence so when he get to close to the fence he knos he isnt supposed to be there, and eventually he will lean his boundries and kno not to go there even when he is by himself

  10. simi says:

    Edge the bottom of your fence with bricks.

  11. nuts4pets2 says:

    Digging is commonly a sign of boredom… he’s tired of looking at just the backyard and he doesn’t want to be out there by himself… either walk him on a leash or go out with him and play for a little while before you leave him by himself.

  12. mx3baby says:

    Hopefully this won’t be too expensive but…

    at the bottom of your fence, put huge rocks or stones to keep him from digging. If you’re concerned about looks, put the rocks underneath the dirt…but, not too deep, just enough to cover the rocks. If your dog digs, he’ll essentially hit a dead end.

  13. kmbl says:

    you need to put a rim of chiken wire around the edge of the fence so he cant dig out.

  14. Deb says:

    Put him on a run when he’s outside.

  15. truthteller says:

    not wasted $250 in the first place, i would have said good riddance….

  16. spyder says:

    I would have to go out with him. maybe keep him on a leash at first but not let him out alone. We have to treat dogs like small children and witch them at all times

  17. idontkno1# says:

    build a better fence

  18. katie27 says:

    Dig a small trench(doesn’t have to be very deep) right next to and slightly under the fence and fill with quick-setting cement. The dog will not be able to dig out.
    Another alternative to this is running a doggy electric wire along the lowest part of the fence( don’t let it touch the ground).
    The dog will only feel a pinching sensation(very low voltage wire) but it will definitely discourage the dog from trying to dig out or dig in flower beds,etc. Ask a Feed or Pet store about proper installation techniques if it isn’t clear on how to install it.
    The cement trench worked great in keeping our Beagle from digging out and taking off down the street at warp speed. The small, low voltage wiring worked great for keeping her out of the flower beds. We were able to take the wiring down after about two months – she never got in or dug up the flower beds from that point on.

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