What would be your pen name? (a fun little concept)?


So my mother told me about a way to get a good pen name for yourself as an author, if that’s the way you roll. If not, it’s still fun to think of the names.

Okay, so here’s how it goes…

1. Think of your favorite pet’s name
2. Think of the street you lived on as a child

The answer to question one is your first name, and the answer to question two is your last. The combinations can actually be pretty plausible. (In fact, I liked mine so much that I am keeping it. So, sorry, but I won’t post it here.) The more pets/streets you had, the more fun it is.

Post what you get below. If you don’t want to because this actually helped you think of a really good one that you might try, just say so and keep it a secret.


1. Hazel
2. Carlburn Road

Pen Name: Hazel Carlburn

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11 Responses to “What would be your pen name? (a fun little concept)?”

  1. ♥Magda♥ says:

    I never had a pet in my life, unless you count a Tamagochie (virtual pet) I had in fifth grade, Ada, I think.

    The street I live on is called California.

    Ada California, hmmm?

    Thanks, but I’ll stick to Kristin Travers.


  2. Elizabeth Cody says:

    Well, Elizabeth Cody IS my nom de plume, however I have been known to write under C.J. Macke (mine and my fiance’s initials), Beth Myers, and recently Carpe Alexander.

  3. Just Rowan. says:

    Dracula Ponderosa.

    That’s just fantastic!

  4. laurie dee says:

    WOw, um
    Jammy Orchid
    Jose Orchid
    Marker Orchid
    omg Marker Orchid! Lol =0

  5. hobo says:

    I’ve always thought about a pen name. I’d love to have one someday, but I have no idea what I would call myself. As for this:

    1. Chimero
    2. I never knew the street name of my childhood street. We lived in a town that was too small for street names. :-/

    I don’t know if I’d want to be called Chimero, either because it was supposed to be the masculine from of Chimera which is a Greek monster and that’s not me.

    Really, I like my last name very much and I’d like to keep it and flaunt it although everyone always mispronounces it. So perhaps I could just go by my last name and have a one name pen name.

  6. Fanpire says:

    I’ve had a bunch of different pets, and this isn’t my real street I live on so here it goes:





    Those are keepers…my pen name would probably be my first and middle initials and full last name.

  7. Emily (decreasing world suck) says:

    Jack Amanda

    Let’s not.

  8. Jon V says:

    Jim Tibbets
    – This "pen name" concept is probably better known as a porn name.

  9. Salsa says:

    Puggy Whitney

    yea thats a keeper

  10. Alice Danielle says:

    Cool! (: I don’t think mine would work… But it is pretty awesome anyways. My pen name is and always will be Alice Danielle. yes, I know it is two first names. –shakes head– Don’t judge me and my creative mind.

    Alice Danielle

  11. The Pirate Alien says:

    Jack Lakefern.

    I’m not a male ;__;

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