What would a person use to abuse my dog with his petsafe wireless fence to set it off while im not home?


I have a neighbor that has his property line ver close to my home ,due to the fact that it way owned by my family years ago. Since then the neighbor has continually asked my father to sell him the house im living in.Due to jealousy and revenge i believe that he is using a frequency unknown to me to abuse my dog with his wireless petsafe collar,How do i know that?Well i was in the in the yard no where near any metal objects that would cut the signal to the wireless base.I have bought a new one called petsafe numerous times and have followed there directions to the letter.Your help is greatly appreciated…

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    2 Responses to “What would a person use to abuse my dog with his petsafe wireless fence to set it off while im not home?”

    1. classicsat says:

      Unless you use a Petsafe collar on your dog, the perimeter fence system will do nothing to your dog.

      I would seek advice elswhere on your neighbor problem, not in an electronics forum, becasue your probem is bigger than electronics.

    2. bw022 says:

      What do you mean that the frequency is unknown to you? All electronic manufactures are required by law to publish the frequency they operate inside their manuals next to their FCC certification information. According to their web-site it should be somewhere in the 10 kHz range. However, you’d have to look in your manual which will have the precise frequency.

      You can get those ranges of radio waves off a lot things naturally — machinery, electronics (especially audio speakers), power lines, blenders, small engines, etc. Many folks can’t get the fences working reliably due to interference from nearby electronics. Most commercial transmitters don’t operate that low. Of course if he wanted to do this, his easier way would be to look at what system you have, buy one for himself, set it up in the garage, and leave the collar between two posts.

      Why don’t you just put in a real fence?

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