What to do for dog who runs through invisible fence?


We have a big yard and the invisible fence was great with our past dogs because they could run around all day and it would be low maintenance. We take our dogs on walks, but are generally very busy with work, so the invisible fence really helps us out, however, our new lab (2 years) is running through the fence onto other people’s properties. We live in an area with very nice residences and property, so I am not worried about her being kidnapped, rather being hit by a car. It also can be an annoyance to the neighbors..

Is there any way to train the dog on the invisible fence or other measures we could take to make her stop running through? In the end it’s only hurting her because we want her to be outside when we are at work but if she is running off we cannot let her..

Back question: If we hired an obedience trainer, would it actually work? We did an obedience class when she was a puppy and she was pretty good, but it didn’t help for the yard issue.

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8 Responses to “What to do for dog who runs through invisible fence?”

  1. Night_owl says:

    Not every dog will care the electric fence is there, and another dangerous thing is that it only keeps your dog IN, not other animals or people out! Someone who is not from your neighborhood could easily come in and steal your dog, and what if your dog is a nuisance when you aren’t home? There are many sick people who will do something to get rid of a nuisance dog (we’ve had three dogs poisoned in my neighborhood, two were barkers,) rather than confront the owners.

    I would either get a real fence or keep your dog outside only when you are there to supervise her.

  2. vetgirl95er says:

    I have an Australian Shepherd who refused to stay on our 12 acre property. We got her a collar for ‘stubborn dogs’ Most Invisible fences shock the dog as it is on the line but as soon as they are across the line they are scot free. Our wireless system has a modem in the house that gives the dog a 90yd diameter around the house. If the dog crosses the line they are shocked for 30 seconds unless they come back inside. The collar can be set to different levels, the collar also gives several warning beeps if the dogs gets too close to the line. My Aussie and My Chow mix are both on the system, the Aussie is on the 3rd shock setting and the Chow is on the 1st setting. 1 being minimal pain 4 being the highest.

    I have the Petsafe Wireless Containment System PIF-300
    We bought our system off ebay for about a hundred dollars

  3. Ginger_Giraffe says:

    get one of the long leads that clips onto a screw, that you put in the lawn. then she can run around, but cant get out.

  4. Snowdog says:

    I assume you just have the regular dog collar. You may want to try the stubborn dog collar with 5 intensity settings. Also you can turn up the signal on the fence, so the area that the dog needs to get through is wider. Finally, make sure the collar is on snug so it really gets the shock.

    I have a dog that will run through the fence on settings 1 to 3 and maybe even 4, but won’t repeat it again when the setting is on 5 (highest setting – petsafe brand).

  5. Lauren says:

    Unfortunately the invisible fence isn’t for every dog! Some dogs just don’t care and have too much drive. That second of a shock doesn’t bother some dogs. A regular fence is your safest bet.

  6. marci knows best says:

    Get a real fence. Invisible fences too often don’t work as you are finding out. They don’t always keep the dog in unles you are willing to seriously shock the poor dog whenever he gets near the fence. Plus they don’t keep dangerous predators out. Turn off the shock treatment and get a nice chain-link fence.

  7. Simple Tonne says:

    just put the dog on a chain whenever he has to go outside 2 use the bathroom

  8. ladystang says:

    obedience training
    regular fence

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