What should we do when the neighbors dog comes running to the fence, growling and barking ?


We do not have any animals.
We are new to the neighborhood.
Do we ignore the dog?
Do we avoid eye contact with the dog?

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8 Responses to “What should we do when the neighbors dog comes running to the fence, growling and barking ?”

  1. hjktuy says:

    pull out your 9mm glock and spray some slugs at the bastard i bet he wont bark at you no more. lolJ/P personally im very afraid of dogs and have been chased by two before and i would run inside… but if a dog comes into your gate barking and growling try to ignore it or show no fear of it, maybe even try to be nice and friendly to it, and if that dont work just try to get back into your house as fast as you could and let your neighbor know that they need to tie their dog up.

  2. sun_and_moon_1973 says:

    Ignore the dog and talk to the owners. Explain to them what the dog is doing and how it bothers you and that you are new to the neighborhood and would like to remain friendly with everyone. If that doesn’t work you can get some plastic tarping and staple it to your side of the fence at the dog’s level so he can’t see you. If the barking is a late night issue and talking to the owners doesn’t help ask your local police to intervene. Most places have annoyance laws and if the owners refuse to control the dog the can get fined.

  3. beadsgirl says:

    Since you are probably going to be seeing the dogs daily, ask to be introduced to the dogs. Hopefully if they start recognizing you they will stop barking when you go by. You might also ask the neighbors if the dogs always bark or if it is just because you are new and they are curious. Another option is to firmly tell the dogs (don’t yell) to "go home".

  4. meerkatluver_0127 says:

    shoot the dog! lol i would ….even if it tried to bite me!!! >:)
    im serious or call animal control or the police…..

  5. jnetcrum says:

    I would just ignore it completely. If you are new, it should get used to you over time. That same thing happened to us last year when we moved. We have a dog and the neighbors 2 dogs would bark like crazy when we were in our own back yard. Now they couldn’t care less.

  6. pixie2321 says:

    I would ask your neighbors to be introduced to the dogs.. More than likely this isnt an aggressive action on their part, they are just curious about the new people next door… Or possibly if they are actiing in aggression, the people who lived there before may have poked at them or bothered them…

    So ask to be introduced to the dogs!

  7. greenisirish says:

    don’t show fear. it is true that dogs can smell or sense fear. When dogs bark at me i tell them to shutup or bark back at them. a little krazy bit sometimes it works. =D

  8. hellosunshine_hb says:

    Yes, ignore the dog. No, don’t make eye contact.

    It wouldn’t hurt to go over and meet your neighbours, and kindly ask them if this is normal behaviour for their dog. He could just be a little ‘wary’ of you as new neighbours, hopefully he’ll warm up soon!

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