What should I do with my dog when I’m gone?


Okay so I got a maltese puppy a couple weeks ago. She’s about 12 weeks old and isn’t learning house breaking very fast. My parents work all day and i’m going to be starting school tomorrow from like 7:30 to 3. We bought pee pads but she just rips them up. We do not have a fenced backyard. For now we put her in a bathroom with nothing in it besides a little puppy bed, a water bowl, a pee pad, some toys, and I put the radio on for her. Is this unhealthy for such a small dog to be home alone for so long? Is what i’m doing okay until she learns to go on her pads and is fully house trained? Does any one have any suggestions?

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12 Responses to “What should I do with my dog when I’m gone?”

  1. Lolitah says:

    oh yeah…and if he’s a puppy, you don’t wanna leave him outside too long because he is not being monitored…and you have no idea what he is eating….there is also a bettere chance he will eat his feces if you leave him outside…he could even ESCAPE (those chances of escaping are slim though 😀 )

    anyway, leave your new pup in a crate because it is the best WELL KNOW method and it is proven to work amazingly!



  2. Lolitah says:

    hi! i have a 3 month old puppy and he stays in his crate until i come home from school. if my mom is able, she comes home from work at lunch time to let him “relieve” himself outside……. but afterschool my brothers sisters and i hae sports and dance and piano classes, so we often bring him with us and he’ll just play around in the waiting rooms and outside.
    he’s a pain in the neck right now…but i luvv him so so so much <3
    LMAO so yeahhh. we just bring him everywhere and do as much as we can to give him human interaction(:

  3. Brandy says:

    I agree with your post. A wireless dog fence definitely comes in handy. Dogs love being able to run and play 🙂 Check out the awesome fences that Havahart Wireless has!

  4. al says:

    When my puppy was small i left him in a crate. but when he outgrew it (he’s huge), i had to keep him in the bathroom. I don’t think that your dog will learn too fast though, without anyone home to teach her. The leash method is a good one. another good one, i taught my puppy to ring a bell when he has to go out. but that’s for when people are home.

    potty training takes some time and you just have to be patient. for your case, i suggest a crate.

  5. mama_steph85 says:

    That truly is a very long time for such a young pup to be left alone. The majority of your time, you will not be home, and it will make house training nearly impossible. (I was in a simular situation in high school and it was very difficult.) I think your best options would be to invest in a crate (the theory is dogs will not eliminate where they sleep) and try to have someone let the dog out while you’re not home. Perhaps a trusted neighbor or friend.
    Or think about rehoming your dog. I know this seems extreme, but 8 1/2 hours out of the day, you will be away from your dog, and she will not get the human interaction she needs. She isn’t old enought to be boarded b/c she hasn’t recieved all of her shots just yet.

    If re-homing is not an option, then I would suggest looking into training classes to ensure she grows into a well behaved animal, and spend every moment you can with her. This will help to create a wonderful bond between you and your girl.

    Just do what you think is the very best for you dog. I know it’s great having one, but your pup deserves the best 🙂

    I hope you make the right decision for you and your pup.

  6. Tucson*sunrise says:

    Yes you should definatly get a crate for her, it is not too early to start crate trainining her. You should take her outside to do her "business" right before you leave for school, if she does go outside give her alot of praise. It is not the greatest thing for her to have to be left alone so long. Having her in the bathroom is o.k., but as she get’s older she may become destructive and dig at the door, floor, or get into other trouble. If you crate her while you are gone she will have her own space, and can only tear up what is in the crate. You should put what you are currently putting in the bathroom in the crate for her as well, she will need lots of toys. Also if you are worried that she will spill the water in the crate they have water dishes that you can attach to the crate door and they can’t be spilled so easily.

  7. Lacey says:

    Try taking her to your parents or a friend that is home during the day and could have time to taking care of her, Or just get a fence.

  8. ? says:

    As a puppy, it’s not good to leave them home alone for extended periods of time. This is the most important time in their lives, where you want to socialize them and be with them and train them, it’s setting the pathway for what kind of dog it will turn out to be. If you leave her alone, she will have separation anxiety, and most likely act out by chewing or tearing things up out of boredom and stress. Is there anyone you know who might be able to stop by your house during the day at all to let the dog out for potty breaks? That’s too long to expect a puppy to hold their bladder… and if the puppy learns that going in the house is fine, they’re going to learn that and you won’t be able to get the puppy to UNLEARN that.

    The other option is crate training, but for that you still need to put a lot of time and effort into it. Pick up some books about it at your local Petco or PetSmart… there’s tons of crate training information on the Internet too.

  9. JoAnn S says:

    A crate is a much better place for a puppy and a dog when unattended.

    Before you go make sure that you take her out for a walk… really get her tired before you leave! There is no need to leave food or water with her at this time until she is housetrained.

    Check out these websites and video from Cesar Millan (The Dog Whisperer).

  10. BeagleMommy says:

    Crate training is the fastest and most efficient way to train, I have found. I tried doing the same thing you are doing at first…. but I was kidding myself. The puppy has to learn to hold it and it won’t do that if it has choices on where to use the bathroom. If it’s in it’s small bed (a box, crate or small kennel) for an extended period of time, it will not want to pee in it bc it will learn that it has to lay in it if they go. So they learn to hold it. I know it sounds cruel, but they tend to catch on to this very fast. It should only be out of the kennel or crate if you are watching it very closely or it is outside to do it’s business. Also, she should be taken out to do her business immediately after being taken out of her crate or kennel.

    I thought mine were stubborn too until I start doing this and realized they actually understand quite fast. I just wasn’t teaching them very well.

    Good luck! 🙂

    p.s. Mine ripped up the puppy pads too. If you want to just have them around when the puppy absolutely cannot make it outside, I would tape it to the floor. I did this with mine, however, it’s kind of a pain because you don’t ever want to have the pads down all the time. This teaches your dog that it will always have another option instead of going outside and you don’t want her to think that.

  11. girlonahorse says:

    it is a long time to be home alone but if you have no other choice you do what you need to. I would recommend getting a crate for her to keep her from getting into things in the bathroom she might decide to chew cords of get into cabinets in the bathroom

  12. flowerlegz says:

    petsmart has dog pads that are washable, i have a maltese he is 8 months old he started chewing the disposiable ones when he was about 5 months old. try that get the small one, also the maltese breed does NOT do well being left alone for many hours. try putting the radio on or a tv. honestly you got the wrong breed if no one is home to much. maltese need attention , i bring mine everywhere i go and if im working my husband is on opp shitfs. i knew this before i bought him that maltese is a needy pet. or if you can ask a friend to watch her while your in school..or even get a older male dog at a shelter for they can become buddys and not so lonely and the older dog would be trained already and themaltse would lern from him, if this is possible, but it would wrk for companionship as well as training, maltse are very smart im sure your female will learn fast . also a small room confined to tarin is important, your doing fine with that part of the qestion. the more room to to roam and have free the pup gets confued where to go bathroom, or cant hold it, PS BEWARE OF HAWKS DAY OR NIGGHT, ALWAYS HAVE HER On A LEASH. hawks will come swoop ur maltse and kill her for dinner, especially red tail hawks

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