what kind of outside dog do you reccomend?


i’m looking into getting a bigger sized dog as an outside pet. here is some information that might help:
i’m a 16 yr old male, i have a 11 year old sister, and my mom. we have a female bichon frise. we have a big back yard and a decent sized front lawn, all fenced in. what kind of dog and why?
i live in oregon. oh and when i said outside dog i didnt meant it would live and sleep outside. simply that it would be outside more often then would a say chihuahua or something

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28 Responses to “what kind of outside dog do you reccomend?”

  1. Dado O says:

    I am looking at these answers and I can not believe what I am reading. I can not believe some things people are saying. It is one thing to speak from your heart it is another thing to speak facts.
    While I love animals too and keep my dogs inside it is actually not fare for some dogs to be kept inside most of the time. Especially if you have fenced in yard. DOGS BORED OUTSIDE hahahahaha…
    Any dog will have more fun outside then inside(even if they are alone)
    Another thing. After you play with a dog for 10-15 min. what does a dog do….it goes to sleep. A dog sleeps two thirds of its life.
    Now…as far as cold weather goes. Some dogs you can not keep outside and some you can. Say you have a German shepherd or a Husky. If they are outside all the time in the fall season and they ajust to the weather buy getting extra coat, they will not even notice the cold. This is a fact .Google it or talk to the Vet. You’ll see. All you need for a german shepherd is a nice warm house with some straw inside and they can will be just as warm in freezing weather as if you had them as house dog and keep the temp on 70 in the house. After all they are a wolf breed. Get a german shepherd and you can keep it outside all you want. If you get two even better …they even when you are not playing with them they can play with each other. Best dogs you can have.

  2. Diane W says:

    i would say something like a lab because they are very friendly,easy to train, and good with kids. hope this helps!! oh and also they do not care whether they’re inside or out!

  3. luggnuttz485 says:

    I have English Mastiffs, 3 in fact, when we leave, they go outside. even in the cold weather in PA where I live. I built a very large house for them because they are very large dogs, but non the less, they will be fine outside.
    Treat a dog like you want to be treated. would you like to be inside all the time? being outside won’t hurt a dog.
    I’m selling Mastiff pups if you know anyone looking for a big dog.

  4. chesty puller lives says:

    what kind of outside dog do you recommend?
    Longer haired dogs like a German Shepherd or Husky
    (be ready for extensive dog brushing and early death to vacuum cleaners)

    I do not recommend a strictly OUTSIDE dog.
    1.) ANY dog cannot protect your mom, sister and you if stuck out side.
    2.) A dog must be part of the family. If separated from the family, dogs can become overly emotional.

    Whatever animal breed that you get is less important than its ability to get along with your bichon frise (B/F).
    I have had American Pit Bull Terriers (3 now), German Shepherds (1 now), Doberman Pinschers, Setters and even a ST Bernard that got along well with Poodles, B/Fs, and chihuahuas. I won’t have a dog (No matter the size) that will be aggressive with smaller dogs, that aggression can directly be associative with smaller persons.

    Go to a shelter, see what is available. See the younger dogs and carefully check out the older dogs that interest your mom and you. See how they interact with the other dogs in the shelter especially the smaller pups/ dogs.

    Just a thought. How territorial is your B/F?
    Does she get along with and play well with other dogs?
    Does she RUN your house?

    you can email me with anything that I can help with.

  5. Chicka says:

    What is the point of your outside dog? What are you thinking…

  6. Tail Stinger says:

    It seems like everyone had the right idea. Dogs are pack animals who don’t do well outside of their pack. If you want this dog as a guard dog, there are several breeds that would do great in that capacity. Ask your vet. Good Luck & Blessings

  7. Racing Chick 19 says:

    I recommend an Australian Shepherd. We kept him outside all day, all night. Now, like in the winter time we brought him inside, don’t get me wrong!! Lol. He did PERFECT outside. Just make sure you give him a lot of exercise each day. And lots of love 🙂 Sadly, our Aussie passed away this past summer from old age 🙁 Love you Martin <3.

    EDIT: mmkay I’m mad. People who say dogs who live outside don’t get a strong bond, or aren’t "real" (That threw me off!) are ………. We had a great bond with our Aussie. We played with him everyday, unfortunately, he was too big for our home. We tossed him the ball, and when we mowed the lawn, he was running next to the lawn mower. All you people- dogs can live outside. They are descendants, from wolves who live there life outside.

  8. Dobiegang........ says:

    The only dog that I think should be a permanent fixture in the yard is one of those cement statues of a dog.
    I actually have a Doberman statue in my front yard.

  9. tony says:

    you should get a cane corso mastiff gets really big and good with the family and loves to be outside.

  10. lucky13_allie says:

    If the dog will be outside ALL the time, then you should get a statue of a dog. Those come in all breeds and sizes, and any of them can live happily outside.

  11. doxie says:

    Just being outside all day and all night isn’t much life for a dog. If the dog doesn’t come in the house there isn’t much socialization and not much personal contact.

    And there is the temperature thing. Too hot or too cold at times for a dog outside.

  12. starfox_04 says:

    I don’t recommend keeping a dog outside at all times!!!!

    Dogs are pack animals. This means they will see you as their pack leaders and they will be a member of your pack. This also means they will see themselves as members of the family.

    It is very confusing for a dog that the rest of the family is inside a lot but they aren’t allowed to join. It is stressful for a dog, and that is why so many backyard dogs bark, dig, and chew through fences, chains, and doghouses.

    I have 2 big dogs that spend a lot of time outdoors, but they still come in the house with me.

    Please don’t get a dog unless you are willing to bring it in the house as well. It isn’t fair to keep something cooped up in the back yard while the rest of the family gets to enjoy life indoors! How would you like to be stuck outside away from everyone else?

  13. Dog Luva says:

    try a yellow lab or german shephard. tell your mom to check on him though

  14. stephanie_jones7608 says:

    I’ve bred pits for 11 years, and have worked at as a vet tech for 5 years, and have done a lot of work at the humane society. My advice to you, is that rescuing a dog or puppy is the best ever. The trick is o match the energy with the energy of the dog you have. I live in the area where hurricane Ike hit and I can’t tell you enough how many pups and dogs need a rescue especially now, no matter where you live. But if you want to go to a breeder, just make sure you ask all the proper questions and make sure they’re a legitimate breeder. Only thing is what works the best is matching enery! Good luck!

  15. Joanie says:

    Dogs shouldn’t be kept outside. They are pack animals. They get terribly lonely when they are by themselves. It is abusive to keep a dog outside all day and night. Why have a dog if it’s only going to be a yard decoration?

  16. Jay says:

    no dog should be left outside all the time! they are pack animals and prefer to be around their family (pack). its cruel to always leave them outside.

  17. ♫♪ Nekkid Bootie ♪♫ says:

    dogs dont belong outside.. they are pack animals and belong inside the family.

  18. insaneeesam says:

    A dog made out of vinyl.

    Why? Real dogs should be indoor animals.

  19. Katherine R says:

    Labrador retriever or golden retriever! They are both really sweet dogs and aren’t very hard to train. However you could also check out this site… http://www.dogbreedinfo.com/search.htm

    It has like billions of dogs on it.

  20. Steffanie says:

    Dogs should not be kept outside as pets, they should be inside with the family. You already have one dog inside, why can’t another be an inside dog too?

    Do not get a dog if it’s just going to be outside all the time.

  21. Paula from Maple Street says:

    I don’t recommend anyone having an "outside" dog. Dogs are meant to be part of a pack (family) and they are lonely and neglected if not in the house. A few will choose to live outside themselves, but just because a dog is big doesn’t mean it should be outside.

  22. jezzy says:

    Why not just get a mixed breed from a shelter, or if you are wanting one more for protection, a rottweiler would be good. Large enough to scare off intruders.

  23. Bree says:

    None, because a pet belongs in the home where it will be loved and paid attention to, not outside where it is cold, lonely, and boring. Even big dogs.

    If you absolutely won’t change your mind, a siberian husky is probably the only breed I find actually prefers to be outside and is near the size range you’re looking for. I really hope you reconsider, and only offer this suggestion so that if you’re not going to listen to everyone’s warning here, you’ll at least have a breed of dog who will be a little less miserable.

    Please keep in mind that just because the dog is outside does not mean it doesn’t need all the proper training and socialization an indoor dog needs.

    Why not compromise? A husky will happily play outside in a fenced yard for hours. Let him out in the morning, bring him inside at meal time and in the early evening. He can be part of the family without being underfoot in the day.

  24. xodianaxo says:

    golden retriver

    they love running around in big opened backyards, r hiper, and r perfect for guys ur age, love there owners

  25. guybrushthreepw00d says:

    While dogs can live outside, they are pack animals. You cannot keep a dog outside all the time and expect it to be a balanced animal. It will probably get bored and lonley and will not be well socialized. That all leads to serious behavior and aggression problems. Dogs are members of the family, not a security system or lawn ornament.

  26. moondog says:

    I don’t believe dogs should live outside. They should be inside with their family. A stronger bond is formed between the family and the dog who lives inside. I have two Rottweilers, they live inside the house.
    That said, there is no breed I would recommend as an outside dog.

  27. bg123 says:

    It depends on where you live too. Is it hot or cold? If you live in Flordia, obviously you won’t want a Newfoundland. But if you live in Canada, you won’t want a Greyhound, because of how cold it gets. I don’t agree with keeping dogs outside. Bigger dogs tend to do worse in the weather too. Where do you live?

    Edit: Glad to hear! Being in Orgeon, a good dog might be a Husky or German Shepherd Dog. Newfoundlands are good dogs too, and since Orgeon gets cold (or so I’m told ;] ) a Newfoundland and Husky would do great.

  28. Lana Lang says:

    None. Dogs were not meant to stay outside, all day, alone. They are pack animals and need to interact with their people. Leaving them in the elements is also akin to abuse. No matter what recipes you hear about winterizing a dog house, it isn’t humane.

    If you can’t keep a dog inside with the family, you shouldn’t have a dog. An outside dog pines for his family. They become barkers and mean biters because of the poor environment. Don’t get a dog.

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