What kind of dog is right for me?


I am considering getting a pet dog. I have been studying the breeds, and taking inventory of what kind of care/attention I can give one. There are simply so many breeds that I am confused!

I know I need a breed under 25 pounds, one that will be good with other pets (4 gerbils and a hamster, that will be in cages or run about ball), and children since I someday plan to have them.

I am an active person, willing to take the dog on walks or runs, and also willing to clean up after sheds, or accidents. I do work full time, so I would not be able to be there during weekdays, but nights and weekends will be fine.

I live in a large apartment that allows smaller dogs (under 25 lbs.), and I have quite a backyard to work with, though it is not fenced (the dog will be supervised during all outdoor time).

Everything now said, what kind of dog would suit my lifestyle?

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23 Responses to “What kind of dog is right for me?”

  1. Sienna P says:

    i wan a dog and dont know what dog will best suite me

  2. gilardino1117 says:

    i suggest a bichon maltese i have one myself they grow to be quite small the size of two watermellons atleast ( they dont actually look like watermellons ) they are 9 lbs. at age 8 and seem to stay at that weight till age 9-10 they are wounderful with kids loves to go for runs and walks its ok not to be there during the day on weekdays just give it attention when you get back in other words a bichon maltese is a great dog !!

  3. kristyck8 says:

    Jack Russell Terriers are great dogs because they’re small, cute, active and work really well with children and other pets.
    They are really playful and smart too. They are easy to take care but do need a lot of attention.

    I would also suggest West Highland White Terriers or Westies. They are also really smart they have a really cute round face. They work especially well with children and other animals and they make a really great champanion anytime. They are super playful, won’t get lonely and they also make great watch dogs.

    Good luck finding your dog!

  4. Tonya A says:

    You can go to either puppyfind.com, the animal planet dog guide or petfinder.com and get great information of a dog that suits your lifestyle. But what I would suggest is to go to an animal shelter and speak with the staff. They would have the best idea about a dogs temperment and an estimate on the animals size and weight when its full grown. That is, if you don’t mind adopting and giving one of those dog a loving home.

  5. Soccer God says:

    definitly a bechon frise. i have one, its about 20 lbs, very playful and popular among other dogs. i would get a male. they r also good for walks and they dont shed

  6. Amy says:

    My suggestion is to get an older pet. Try petfinder or even your local pound. There may be a dog who fits what you are looking for and is already trained. Puppies in general are probably going to try to get to the hamsters while they are in the ball.

  7. mypetsc&b says:

    A Bichon Frise would be perfect. They’re great with children, the ideal weight is around 15 pounds (Mines like 23 pounds, but she’s bigger then you average Bichon) I also have a cat and a gerbil, and she’s fine with them! Good luck and I hope you get a great puppy!

  8. ga.peach67 says:

    Absolutely adopt. I find the smaller the dog, the more it yips for no reason. I hate that. It’s like it’s making up for its size by being loud all the time. Try to find a corgi mix or miniature collie mix. Please don’t crate it when you are not at home. I know some people believe in this, but I think it’s cruel to leave a dog in a box while you are at work. You will need to spend a lot of time to train your pup, too. I have a hard time with people who don’t train their dogs so when you visit, the dog is all over you. Not fun. Good luck and have fun with your new friend!!!

  9. sweet kiss says:

    Well i would say a Yorkie but if you get a puppy hes just going to cry and cry because you wont be there and neighbors might get bother and most of the toy breeds do that i’m thinking on a pug or a bull dog they are probably a little bit more than 25 but they are not big dogs and they are such sweet hearths, specially so lazy that wen you live and come back you will probably find the dog in the same place i suggest get one from a pound they are already potty trained so you wont have to comeback home and do all that clean so you would just have to get ready for the daily walk.

    PS: also Schnauzers are very good dogs, y are very good with other animals, children, and people really loyal and sweet also smartest dogs.

  10. Barbara B says:

    Go to the local shelter and choose an adult dog of mixed heritage who will be a boon companion to you for the rest of his/her life. Speak with the shelter staff about your other pets. They’ll be delighted to match you up with just the right dog.

    I suggest a shelter dog because there are so many of them in desperate need of the good quality of home you wish to provide. I urge an adult dog because they are generally over the "chewy" stage, often come housetrained and can be left alone for longer periods of time – such as while you’re at work.

  11. Tara says:

    If you want a dog good with small pets, don’t get a terrier.
    You can look around at the local animal shelter, and see the dogs in person and get a good idea of each one’s temperament.
    Dogs don’t like to be left alone with nothing to do though…a lot of toys and bones would help keep him busy if you have to leave him alone.

  12. g g says:

    seems how you have rodents as pets i would be careful not to get a dog breed that was originally bred for vermin hunting

  13. M G says:

    We love our Carin terrier. He weighs about 15 pounds, he is very intelligent and playful. He is fine to leave in the house all day (he is only 11 months old). I have already taught him to catch a Frisbee, he loves walks, car rides, other dogs, people, kids. Best of all he does not shed because of his coat type. And he looks like Toto from wizard of oz.
    Can you tell we love him?

  14. Futr Nurse says:

    Get a Yorkshire terrier. Iove those dogs. They are cute, small, and cute.

  15. historyhnyb says:

    Even though you will be able to exercise it quiet a bit it sounds like the dog will still be confined to a small space, an apartment. I would get a dog that has a lower energy level. I would also recommend adopting. I just adopted a poodle, cocker spaniel mix and she is the best dog in the universe (i’m a little biased). Please do not purchase a dog from a breeder or pet store because that kills another dog who is already on the brink of death.

  16. Lisa says:

    Any dog that you first get is not going to automatically fit your lifestyle. You will need to have the patience & time it will take to train your dog to fit the lifestyle you live.

    Also, please keep in mind that all dogs have different characteristics & personalities regardless of breeds. There is not one out there guaranteed to tolerate the pets you have already, or that can be guaranteed to love all children (yours or otherwise.)

    My suggestion is to try your local shelter or rescue to see which dogs have been around other pets & children before, and consider their opinions on any of the dogs they have available.

  17. Kayli C says:

    I’d say…

    Australian Terrier!

    They’re adorable, playful, and 12-14 pounds!


    You can find more at nextdaypets.com, and more info on the AT!

  18. BrownEyes1 says:

    A smaller breed like a Rat Terrier or Jack Russell Terrier are good, they are cute, active, and good with kids.

    Normally I prefer larger dogs, but those two are really good breeds that I know of.

  19. devinrosey23 says:

    i would think like a little yorkie, those only weigh like 8 pounds and are perfect with kids and other animals.

  20. Nancy J says:

    I think a pug would be great – easygoing, loving, and adorable… but maybe you should check out the quiz below to help you find the right breed for you.

  21. justis j says:

    Jack Russel Terrioes are good and small

  22. ann s says:

    try petfinder.com and adopt the perfect dog that gets along well with other animals and children
    if you were looking for a certain breed i would suggest havanese they are great dogs.

  23. ♫♥ ©ũťę ςυςhї♥♫ says:

    a daschund sounds like just the right type of dog for you!!!
    its small, cute, active and it comes in long, short or wire haired. ive got to long haired ones myself and they are to cute!!!

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