What is the name of the collar that blocks dogs from getting through the fence?


ok, the collar is kind of big and round, and blocks the dog from getting it’s body through the fence. I saw it on good morning america, a couple of years back.
for people who took that the wrong way, i don’t want a shock collar. the collar I want doesn’t have any kind of wires or anything, it couldn’t really hurt the dog.

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4 Responses to “What is the name of the collar that blocks dogs from getting through the fence?”

  1. Julie says:

    puppy bumpers

  2. DogFan82 says:

    Invisible Fence. What it does is that there is a wire in the ground that you put in. You put the collar on the dog and whenever they try to go over the wire they get shocked. I do not like to use shock collars and DON’T recommend it!!!!

  3. Nikki says:

    maybe try training your dog and try that shock collar on your neck once you get near the fence. if your too lazy to train or get a trainer, you shouldn’t cut corners. it is not fair for your dog. no dog should be shocked when training.

  4. old bitty says:

    i know what you are talking about but can’t think of the name. my cousin put up calf fencing. it is basically 4-5 inch square wire fence. and after that the dog could still wiggle threw. so they tired a milk jug to its collar. he couldn’t poke his head out anymore after than. as he was a puppy and grew. then they took th jug off. but if your dog is full grow then the answer is not a collar it is fixing the fence or training the dog.

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