What is the largest dog a coyote could kill and what type of fence?


We recently moved into our current house, this morning I watched a coyote walk through the yard. We don’t have a fence but will be installing one soon and were also going to install a doggie door. The coyote was about the same size as my dogs so I’m not too worried about them, but I know one killed a pomeranian mix that was in the neighbors fenced yard when they let it out one evening to go to the bathroom before bed. Knowing there are coyotes in the area, what type of fence is recommended and how high. Also, what is the biggest dog you think a single coyote could kill and would it
We are in a suburban setting but close to a river and some wooded area. The dogs are inside 99% of the time and now are taken out on a leash. We’d like a fence so they can have some off leash exercise more regularly and sun themselves when it gets warmer out.

They are crated if no one is here so even with a dog door they would only be out if someone is home. The dog door also has a lock that would be utilized.
We don’t have bears in the area, I’m not concerned about large cats, no porcupines or skunks, only other mammalian wildlife would be possums, a few raccoons and lots of bunnies. They will still be walked regularly, they just need to run in short off leash bursts occasionally. Also we have guns all over the house that are close at hand if anything ever did happen. I’m just trying to decide what type of fence would be best to invest in. Thanks for all of the suggestions and good info so far.

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14 Responses to “What is the largest dog a coyote could kill and what type of fence?”

  1. Bobbie L says:

    A coyote is not going to bother your dog, especially since your dog is a large one. I live out in the boonies, with several coyotes around. They don’t come around because of my dogs. Put whatever size fence up that keeps your dog in. A coyote is not going to try to get into a dog door. Don’t listen to some of these morons.

  2. Elaine M says:

    Coyotes can scale a 10′ wood fence. But put barbed wire over the top and they’d stay out.

    Our local police chief was walking his cocker spaniel and one came running up and attacked the dog while it was on leash. The chief finally took all those ‘coyote are killing our dogs’ calls seriously after that.

  3. ms manners says:

    It depends on the size of the coyote, and how hungry (desperate) he is.

    I have seen coyotes that were probably 60 lbs near my house. I have lost two small dogs over the last twenty years, and the coyote that took them came right up to the house to do it. (My big dogs are quite a bit bigger than the coyotes, and work as a pack, so I am not worried about them.)

    I have known dogs that could scale a 6 ft fence, so I have no reason to think a coyote could not do the same. You can put coyote rollers on the tops of your fences, if you are concerned:


    Now I have my small dogs inside a 5 ft fence, which is inside an area where the big dogs run, and I still do not allow them out at night unless I go with them.

  4. santee s says:

    Most dogs can be killed by a coyote.You need only 1 kind of dog Doberman Pincher, created by Herr.Doberman in 1800’s.Dobermans are very territorial, fear’s no wild animals bears, lions, coyote’s and as well as humans.There is a build in instinct to go for the throat to kill there victims.Can run close to the speed of a gray-hound, easily trained.If a Doberman has enough running space they can jump over a 8 foot fence.
    They are the official dog of the United States Marines. used on the island’s durning ww2. they saved thousands of american’s lives.The Japanese feared them more than the marines. The Japanese nick name the Dobermans "The Silent Killers".

  5. scruffie says:

    Coyote’s will take down a deer. Coyote’s are also being blamed for animals disappearing but they are not always to the one’s who do it. I live between two state parks. I never leave my animals unattended out doors.
    Its not likely that a coyote will try to attack two large dogs together but where there is one coyote there could be up to 7 or more. I would suggest yes a fence is a good deterrent but not a guarantee against large cats or bears. Stay out doors with your animals don’t leave them unattended and have a weapon handy to defend. After all if you lived in the city you would have to walk them.
    In my area animals have gone in through a doggie door and killed cats and other small animals.

  6. Peter Griffin says:

    One coyote would have trouble with any domestic dog over 60lbs… especially those in the working group….
    The pomeranian stands no chance.. as do any of the companion ("toy" dogs included) group.

    I once heard a comotion late at night during the summer of 08, we have a working poultry farm in northern Massachusetts and we have a purebred South African Boerboel who is the farm guardian.
    I arose from bed, grabbed the 12 gauge and headed for the turkey pen….. there I saw my boerboel had killed 2 coyotes already and was engaging another one when I got there… I called him off the ‘yote and finished it off with 00 buckshot.

    So, again, any dog under 60lbs could possibly be killed by a single coyote of normal size (around 30lbs) (not a huge 60lb coyote.. nor a tiny 25lb starving coyote…) but a Boerboel can take at least 3 no problem, this is Fact!

    (My boerboel had scrapes and a few puncture wounds because all 3 jumped him at once.. but the bite of a boerboel is so strong he was able to crush their necks and suffocate them… he also was able to shake his head vigorously from side to side with 1 coyote in his mouth and violently snap it’s neck….. I know it’s not a pretty picture, but its the truth of how a working farm guardian dog defends his flock and property….. )

  7. Ashley says:

    If I was really worried about coyotes or other wild animals getting into my yard and I had the money, I would build at least a 6 foot fence with 1 or 2 electrified lines above it and one electrified line close to the ground on the outside.

    If one of my large dogs got in a fight with a single coyote, I wouldn’t be worried about it getting killed as much as I would worry about it getting rabies and such.

    "Coyotes typically grow up to 75–87 centimeters (30–34 inches) in length, not counting a tail of 30–40 cm (12–16 in), stand about 58–66 cm (23–26 in) at the shoulder and, on average, weigh from 7–21 kilograms (15–46 pounds). Northern coyotes are typically larger than southern subspecies, with the largest coyotes on record weighing 74¾ pounds (33.7 kg) and measuring over five feet in total length."

    "Coyotes attack smaller or similar sized dogs, and they have been known to attack even large, powerful breeds like the Rottweiler in exceptional cases. Dogs larger than coyotes are generally able to drive them off, and have been known to kill coyotes. Smaller breeds are more likely to suffer injury or death."

  8. CityWeatherGuy says:

    Get a rottweiler to defend your property i say a rott because they are huge and are probobly the most powerful dog out there. it could easy take down a coyote with no problem now idk about more than 1 but if theres only one then yes. also make sure you put in a gate so your other dogs can go about the life without being attacked or killed.

  9. gud ole kuntry boy says:

    a single coyote normally does not attack and kill a dog. They usually hunt and kill in packs. They might would take a small dog tho alone. A pack of coyotes could take down a large sized dog. How big I am not sure, but I know they can kill a large goat, over a hundred lb. We also live in a coyote infested area and our dogs have a doggy door, then we also have outside dogs as well as goats. Never have a problem with coyotes. Our great pyrenees dog makes sure of that.

    As for the fence, I would put up a wooden privacy fence. higher than a wire fence but so much better for protection

  10. cthelightnh says:

    I think you are looking at this wrong. It is not so much about kill what about attack! A coyote is a wild animal and could attack your dog injuring it and passing on some disease.

    If you have a coyote(s) living in your area, a fence will help, but I would be very cautious about leaving your dog outside unsupervised. I would also be very careful with the dog door as coyotes are intelligent and becoming quite used to being around and in human environments. They are very good scavengers.


    Good luck.

  11. Kathleen says:

    Coyotes hunt in packs, not individually. If they do, it’s because the prey is small and weak, or somehow defenseless. Where there is one coyote, there is a pack.

    We have coyotes in our area. They hunt right behind our fence line because we back onto a hayfield. We have a mesh metal fence at the back of our yard that’s 5′ tall but in addition we have enclosed our entire yard with a 7′ wood privacy fence. We have also installed 2 x 6’s around the bottom of the fence so there’s no gaps. The gate is just as tall and is kept locked from the inside.

    We’ve not had a coyote, skunk, raccoon, or porcupine get in yet. Other neighbours have.

    A porcupine is pretty deadly as well and an animal to keep your dog away from. Quills will work their way in towards the heart and pierce it. It’s a horrible, agonizing death.

    We do not leave our dog outside in the backyard unsupervised at night. He’s let outside to go to the bathroom, that’s all. He’s taken out for walks for exercise.

  12. Adopting Saves Lives says:

    If the coyote was territorial, it could fight off even the largest dog. It has wild instincts that enable it to fight competition…

    Just get a 6-foot fence, either pickett or vertical post. This will be best for keeping intruders out, and for keeping your dogs in. I do not recommend chicken wire/wire fencing because your dogs could figure out how to climb over it if they get bored.

    The coyote could be rabid, so you need to be careful.

    ADD: Ooooo, yeah guys,let’s give TDs to me trying to give someone advice for keeping their dogs safe from a potentially dangerous coyote. Some of you people need to seriously get over yourselves.

  13. ♥Chigirl is a she Wolf says:

    A pack of Coyotes could kill any one single dog, no matter the size.

    An 8 ft. chain-link fence with concrete around the bottom should stop them or at least slow them down.
    You are talking about a wild animal though, if they want in bad enough, they will. Best bet is to keep your dog inside the house unless you are outside with him supervising, especially at night.

  14. Nancy says:

    A coyote will eat and small to medium size dog,if the dog tends to be big but weak and old the coyote will also take him down.The large healty dog they tend to leave alone unless they are really hungry and are in a group.

    Coyotes have the physical ability to go under, through, or over many types of fences. While coyotes generally prefer to dig under fences or go through fence gaps at gates or washouts, some coyotes have the inclination to jump or climb fences, particularly at corners or where cross-braces provide a foothold.

    While it is expensive and difficult to construct a completely coyote-proof fence, a fence that discourages coyotes will have the following design characteristics. Fence height should be a minimum of 5-1/2 feet and should be built higher on sloping terrain. Net wire-mesh should be no larger than 6 inches between stays. To deter digging under, bury a galvanized wire-mesh apron, attached securely to the bottom of the fence, 4 to 6 inches below the soil and extending outward at least 15 inches. An extra degree of protection against coyotes scaling a fence can be obtained by installing a wire-mesh overhang of at least 18 inches, slanted outward, or roller-type devices designed to be attached to the top of a fence, which prevent coyotes from getting a foothold in their attempts to climb or jump over. In general, truly coyote-proof fences are so expensive to build and maintain that they are economically viable only to protect very valuable commodities.

    Electric fences of various designs have been effective in excluding coyotes. Retrofitting existing fences by adding electrified wires may provide an added degree of effectiveness. Electric fencing can be less expensive to construct than conventional woven-wire fence, but it requires substantially more maintenance to keep it in working condition. Additionally, electrical fencing may be inappropriate for use or illegal in residential or suburban areas.

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