What is the easiest way to train a dog to get used to an eletric fence?


We just got an eletric fence for my cocker spaniel. you have to watch a DVD and it takes 14 days to train it. i’m really not excited to do that. are there any easier ways?

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19 Responses to “What is the easiest way to train a dog to get used to an eletric fence?”

  1. Ashlee says:

    just let em go, if its a bigger dog, make sure the voltage is higher. i had an electric fence and my pugs listened to it but my rot mix didnt, he’d walk right over it and it wouldnt phase him.

  2. ALLI says:

    OMG……yes the easiest way is to train your dog not to run off, this takes time so seeing as you cant be bothered to watch a DVD or take the 14 days to train "IT", I’m not surprised you don’t have the inclination to train him.
    Or better still try the fence out on yourself first, see how you like it to be given a painful electric shock!!!
    I cant understand why people say "my dog is my best friend, or they love their dog so much" then inflict unnecessary pain on them……Electric fences are barbaric!!!
    God it makes me so mad.

  3. Brie says:

    is it actually an electric fence, or is it an underground invisible fence with a shock collar, because there is a big difference. If it is an electric fence, you don’t need to do anything….a couple of zaps and they will figure out to stay away from the wires. If it is an "invisible fence" with a shock collar, your dog needs the training! You can’t just expect him to understand that everytime he crosses an imaginary line he will get shocked. You need to teach him. If you can’t give him 30 a day to train him, maybe you should consider a different fencing option….or maybe a different pet option.

  4. Jordie0587 *Diesel's Momma* says:

    Use a long line on the dog, 30-50ft, and let the dog wander into it. Don’t force the dog, but let them hit the limit. The long line is to make sure they don’t bolt when the zap hits them. Don’t let them go more than a foot past the fence anywhere they hit it. Reel the dog back in when the cross the line and wait for the dog to hit it again. Repeat around the perimeter until the dog understands the boundaries… You should also mark it of with flags and string, so that the dog has a visual barrier to begin with.

  5. hbooks100 says:

    We had to train our dog for a fence too. If your collar can do this(and it should if the company intend you to train the dog, and not kill it) thenfirst set it so that it only beeps when it gets near the fence. Go around the perimeter of your yard wiht your dog on a lease and make it walk up to the fence. When it beeps pull your dog away from the fence. Do this for a few days (2 or 3). Now this is kinda of sad but the only way to really set it in is to let your dog be shocked. My dog wouldn’t go within maybe 10 feet of the yard’s edge. Hope this helps!

  6. peaceyolinda says:

    you don’t have to train him that what the electric fence is for he hit the place where he’s not suppose to cross he will stop. it’s going to shock him.

  7. Glinda W says:

    If he gets shocked a few times in 3 days then it will take 3 days. I have animals and elec fences, it doesn’t take them but a few times getting shocked to learn.

  8. cocobunns says:

    i really dont know because i dont have a dog or an electric fence, but before you put the collar on him or her, have it walk in the yard, but when it comes near the fence line, squirt its nose w/ water, so it knows not to go there.

  9. fun_while_it_lasted_uk says:

    Why do you need an electric fence… train the dog not to wander off!

  10. notcha_business09 says:

    push it into the fence once every day….hell figur it out…..eventually [if its not brain damaged by then]

  11. lulu_897 says:

    if it zaps ur dog maybe it’ll learn. kidding i think u should just do the video and be patient.

  12. Jesus N says:

    Do nothing is clearly the easiest way and i am fairly sure that the dog will figure the principle out.

    Pain has a knack of getting peoples attention.

  13. jodi c says:

    turn it on, they’ll figure it out soon enough, dogs are smart

  14. munwing1983 says:

    that’s so cruel, build a real fence

  15. The One and Only Nikki says:

    bring her/him up to it, and shock him a bit. that should do it, if he/she learns fast.

  16. amy c says:

    over time

  17. cordellcalhoun_2000 says:

    let him get bit by it and a dog is smart he will learn after a few jolts..

  18. Hot says:

    raise the voltage

  19. theresagerber says:

    No that is the best way is to follow the directions, if you don`t you can mentally harm your dog . If you are going to do something do it right.

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