What is the cheapest way to fence in 5 acres for dogs?


They are medium sized dogs and diggers.

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5 Responses to “What is the cheapest way to fence in 5 acres for dogs?”

  1. lawrencevictoria2000 says:

    Dog Watch invisible fencing systems.This is what I have.Go to Dog Watch .com . It will give some links to read up on on the system.

  2. Jessica says:

    My friend installed an underground thing. It comes with the collar and when the dog has the collor on and goes past that line it shocks them. But if you have more than one dog it will be very expensive.
    I would not fence in 5 whole acres unless your willing to build a fence or spend over 12,000 buying all these underground shocking syemtems.
    Get one or two dog lots depending on the number of dogs you have.
    Good Luck, I hoped this helped!

  3. pomlvr says:

    the cheapest way is the invisible fences that give to dog a correction when they come to close to the boundary.

  4. chihuahua lady says:

    I wouldn’t fence the entire 5 acres. Just fence in a smaller lot, like a good sized back yard. The trick to keep them from digging is to put chicken wire along the bottom of the fence and the ground all the way around. Dogs can’t dig out of it. Hopefully you do not have climbers.

  5. krystallovespitbulls says:

    you can do underground fencing!
    here you go this will help!


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