What is the cheapest, best way to keep a dog from digging under a chainlink fence?


Our dog has turned into a "digger" and has dug everywhere around our yard to escape. We fill in the holes and she moves to another spot. She doesn’t even have to be outside for 5 minutes, before she is out. It is getting pretty ridiculous.

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16 Responses to “What is the cheapest, best way to keep a dog from digging under a chainlink fence?”

  1. MerLe says:

    Here are a few questions that you might consider and maybe find an answer: Have you been taking the dog for walks and/or allowing it interaction with other dogs? Is the dog "in heat"? Have you talked to a vet about this problem?

  2. Mr. Sacamoco says:

    Put shoes on her!

  3. Weebles says:

    Try putting mittens on your doggies paws. :))))

  4. Neil S says:

    It sounds like your dog is VERY bored. Some breads need almost constant human interaction. Try to play with your dog more or take it for long walks on a leash. Some local councils provide grassy areas to allow dogs to run and be active in the company of other dogs.
    Also you could buy some toys from a pet shop to keep your dog occupied. Maybe scatter or hide some dog biscuits or other treats that he has to find.
    Hope this helps.

  5. starrwoode says:

    mix and pour a 4 inch deep 4 inch wide trench of cement , or buy the narrow chicken wire, about 2 ft wide and a roll can be 25, 50 or 100 ft long, dig a trench, bury half the width of the fence in the ground then get a roll plain aluminum wire where ya got the fence, and sew the chicken wire to the bottom of your chain link. a row of good sized decorative rocks, blocks, bricks, etc, electrified wire along the bottom of the fence unless you have a small child.a row of wooden stakes blocking the fence bottom off.once its a bit cooler plant a dense row of roses, or raspberries, the dog wont like the thorns and you might like the roses or the berries., or any dense growth of shrubs. they also make a dog spray that you spray on things you dont want animals into but i dont know how well it works,

  6. Stand-up Philosopher says:

    sounds like your dog either doesn’t like you or has mental problems. take it to an obedience trainer to make sure nothing is mentally wrong with the dog.

  7. TIMOTHY D L says:

    If you acted like our world leaders, you would shoot him! Or your neighbor would!
    I’m sorry, I was somewhere else there! Put some foul smelling substance down? Use one of those invisible fences?

  8. kcdc says:

    bullet in the brain.

  9. Woodworkingmenace says:

    Well if it comes down to it, then put her on a "run"…

    String a long wire between two places, (eye hooks on one wall, in a stud to another place with an eye hook in another stud…), and have a pulley, attached to a chain, then you put the chain on the dog.

    You may want to put a turnbuckle on the wire, so that you can tighten it when it sags eventually.

    Or, you may want to invest in one of those fenceless dog zappers, where, when you get the dog around a fence, you zapp it, so that it learns not to go near it…But, that takes time to learn and many zaps…

    I wish you well..


  10. Beauty2020 says:

    Buy one of those post thingys at Wal-mart that you stick in the ground. ($6.96) It has a cord attached that you hook to her collar. Set it up in the yard where the cord doesnt allow her to reach the edge of the fence. That way she can still enjoy the yard and run and play, but she wont be able to dig under the fence!

  11. ouroboris says:

    Get one of those collars that shocks the dog when it approaches a sensor line that you bury at the base of the fence. It will learn to avoid the fence.


  12. themikejonas says:

    My landlady has a "digger" of a beagle, too; she lined the bottom of the chainlink fence with a row of cinder blocks, and it seemed to do the trick.

  13. cottoncandyn2000 says:

    Electric fence around the bottom.

  14. bassibass says:

    Dogs like that!! let her free..

  15. Son of Brunhilde says:

    Shoot it in the head.

  16. Resasour says:

    we dug a trench about a foot deep right at the fence line and filled it in with cement. (you can make your own and buy it at any home improvement center like Home Depot or Lowes) its actually very cheap we have probably a 1/2 acre fenced in and we did the entire fence line for right at about 23.00… maybe less than that. but its not expensive… anyhow.. they dont like to dig concrete… and if you go a foot down into the ground, then they are not likey to dig under it…
    if you have a large dog you may need to go more than a foot deep though… (ours is small)
    but its very effective… not only can she not dig out, but other dogs dont dig in either! (we also did this in front of the gate too…
    you might not even have to go all the way around… start at the area the dog is most prone to dig out at and do that whole side…
    if the dog gets the idea that he cant dig there, then maybe he’ll stop trying…
    we did our entire fence line though as we did not want to take chances, and our dog loves to bury her "treasures" so it has not stopped her from digging by the house or the middle of the yard but she doesnt dig at the fence line anymore.

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