What is the best thing to do if you are attacked by a dog?


I have a 12 year old collie/shephard mix who gets along well with other animals. I was walking her this morning, holding the leash in my left hand, like I always do. Suddenly a large black dog at least as big as my dog attacked us from my right. It just ran up to us snarling and leaped toward us. My dog got between us. Then the black dog attacked her and wouldn’t stop. There was no provacation. I tried to go around and pull the other dog off or kick him or something, but my dog insisted on staying between us. I couldn’t come close to the other dog. Finally, someone came out of her house and said, "I’m sorry, I didn’t know ayone was out here." I told her to call off her dog or I would report it to the police. Finally, she called "Blackie" and the dog eventually went to her, but came right back and started biting my dog again. I threatened a lawsuit and she finally got her dog to come inside her fence.

Question? How could we have gotten away if the owner hadn’t come out

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17 Responses to “What is the best thing to do if you are attacked by a dog?”

  1. andicohoon707 says:

    I would first take your dog to your veterinarian to have him examined. Even if the other dog didn’t break the skin, which would make you very lucky, your dog can still be injured.

    If the other dog did break the skin (judging from the owner of the dog that attacked you, she/he does not seem like a responsible owner, therefor the dog is most likely not vaccinated) I would take your dog to your veterinarian to have his booster vaccinations.

    When you go to the vet, get a statement detailing the injuries the dog inflicted on your poor pooch. Also take pictures of the injuries.

    When you come home from from the vet clinic, hand the owner of the dog a copy of the vet bill and state that you expect them to pay for the medical costs associated from their dog.

    Next give your vets findings and photos to your local animal control. Usually they will come and give the owner a warning. So, keep the records and if an incadent happens again…the owner of teh dog will have to pay fines and/or have the dog taken away.

    If another incadent happens again, you need to be very assertive totowards the dog. Yell in a deep voice, "NO, BAD DOG," run after him and kick at him. Dogs respond to dominant behavior.

    However, if you feel that the dog could harm you, than walk quickly away and scream and yell to get attention, call the police if you have to.

    Good luck, hope your dog is okay

  2. DENISE says:

    get some pepper spray
    and when that dog or any other comes at you like that again spray it right at him and he will stop from bitting you.
    i love the dogs that takes care of their owners like that.
    you have a very good dog.

  3. scaredshoeless says:

    kill the dog and stop threatening lawsuits. dogs bite, fight,and kill by nature. You silly Americans are always wanting to sue somebody.

  4. K C says:

    you still need to report that to the police….thats no longer a guard dog but a dangerous dog.

  5. Elayne Trakand says:

    The owner of the black dog was being totally irresponsible. I have had a similar situation happen when I was walking my dog. My dog was not trying to have anything to do with the other dog. Luckily the owner had just gotten home and called off is dog and made it go inside.

    Was your dog hurt? I would expect the owner of the black dog to pay any medical bills. Report it to the Humane Society so that they are aware.

    If I were you I probably would have been kicking the other dog until it released my dog. I do not like hurting animals at all but if a dog attacks my dog (who is like my child) I will defend it.

  6. Froggie says:

    I heard the best thing to do is to play dead. If the dog thinks u r dead, I will go away.
    Hoped I helped! 🙂

  7. waplambadoobatawhopbamboo says:

    long cattle prod but practice using it first so you don’t accidently shock your dog.

    pepper spray is not good because your dog will get it too and you might too.

  8. underdog says:

    Yeah , i have an idea , give him your arm , or run as fast as you can to the nearest place you can enter and shut the door.

  9. farrukh s says:

    you can jump in any house it is better 2 recieved scolding from stranger than big juicy bite of dog

  10. Laura K says:

    Good question, and I’m not too sure. I know how to stop one dog, but not two.

    You could probably stop one dog, yours, but not the other.

    You really need contact animal control in your county and let them know about the situation. They will seize the dog and examine it (test for rabies, aggression, etc). If it passes it will go back to the owner. If not they might be able to rehibilate it.

  11. CURiOUS says:

    let the other dog know u are boss….scream and i mean scream BACK OFF and dont show any fear not matter how big any dog is, it will back down …if it doesnt then try walking away not running cuz it will chase u but casually walk away and call ur dog..im not sure but i hope this helps! (get ur dog tyo the vet if the other one bit it)

  12. sambadgerlover says:

    If this ever happens again kick it in the nose. Then get a lawyer and sue. Gets lots of money from the dog owner and fight to have the dog put down for violence.

  13. Stryker says:

    It’s hard to comment on the circumstances without knowing exactly how the other dog was kept. It possibly could have pushed the door open itself, or even have been roaming free in the neighborhood. Here’s some tips for you I found. I’d advise you to consult with a lawyer…

    Safety tips for parents and kids

    To keep your child safe this summer, follow these tips from the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Centers for Disease Control:
    Don’t leave a young child–particularly a baby–alone with a dog, even the family dog.
    Watch for clues that a child is fearful around a dog, and remove the child from the situation.
    Don’t allow a child to play with a dog unless he or she is supervised by an adult.
    Don’t disturb any dog–even your own–if it is eating, sleeping, or caring for puppies.
    Don’t allow your child to scream at or run past a dog. If a dog threatens you, remain calm and avoid eye contact.
    Don’t approach an unfamiliar dog. If a dog is with an owner, teach a child to ask the owner for permission to pet the dog. If he says it’s OK, let the dog sniff your child, and have your child touch the dog gently, avoiding the face, head, and tail.
    Report stray dogs or dogs displaying unusual behavior to police.

  14. A says:

    Run away or call 911

  15. just_me_1955 says:

    carry a pepper spray with you,it isnt always a sure fix but works most times

  16. kekeke says:

    Go beserk on the damn thing and kill it.

  17. searchpup says:

    Your dog was clearly protecting you and was not going to give in until you were safe. If that happens again (and I hope for yours and your dog’s sake it never does) move a safe distance away and call your dog to you. She will be more likely to break off the fight to return to you if she doesn’t feel the need to protect you anymore.

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