what is the best invisible fence for dogs?


I have a husky mix and a Bichon that I usually just let run around during the day. I live in a very dog friendly neighborhood, most everyone has dogs, and most of them aren’t leashed because they’re all friendly and play together without any problems. But today, some woman comes to my front door and says my dogs almost killed her Pekinese (I didn’t see what happened) now she’s threatening to call the police on us. She even said her dog attacked my dogs first. So now to keep my dogs from getting taken from me I need an invisible fence to keep them safe. What’s the best one to use? The husky mix is 8mo and the Bichon is 11yo. I want them to be able to have free run of the yard so they have plenty of room to play. And can other dogs come into the fence if they don’t have a collar? I’d like the dogs they play with to still be able to come into my yard and play with mine. I just hope that the same lady doesn’t call the police on the other dogs in the neighborhood.
I have put a shock collar on myself before. I don’t know what brand you tried, but the one I have doesn’t hurt. It vibrates more than anything.
The dogs that run around are small dogs. Like, Doxie sized. I don’t mind other dogs in my yard because I know they won’t hurt my 2. My puppy needs someone to play with because the Bichon is too old to want to do anything. 😛

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8 Responses to “what is the best invisible fence for dogs?”

  1. suzyq says:

    Try a Yard Guard for your pets. It’s a thin wire that is attached to pegs put into the ground you want them to run in. It is a thin wire that you hook into an electrical outlet that gives them a shock. They may tempt this shock a couple of times. It doesn’t hurt them but it keeps them in your yard after a day or three they wonn’t even attempt to go near it. I have 4 big dogs and they dont go near it
    …good luck

  2. Keleah S says:

    Well, since your neighborhood allows "friendly" dogs to run loose into other people yards and "play", then this neighbor lady is just at fault as you are (if she doesn’t have a fence and just lets her dog run loose too). She should have a fence up to protect her dog too.

    There are lesh laws in most cities around the country. Also, containing your dog so something doesn’t happen to them or to someone/something else is a must. And any dog can bite or attack, not matter what the breed or size. Just because the dogs are friendly today does not mean that tomorrow they won’t bite or go after your dogs (vice versa too).

    If you get and invisible fence, consider getting a regular fence also, it’s the only safe way to keep your dogs in your yard and other dogs and other dangerous animals out. Your husky mix could possibly dig or climb a fence, that’s why doing the combination of invisible and regular fencing is your best bet.

  3. Care says:

    Please reconsider the invisible fence, they can cause aggression in the best of dogs.

    Imagine a child is walking past your invisible fence. A friendly dog being contained by the fence goes to say hello to the child. As they get closer, they get zapped. In their mind, the child has caused pain, and they may become aggressive towards children in the future. In addition, there ARE sadistic people who will stand outside the invisible fence calling or harassing the dog to laugh at the dog’s confusion/frustration.

    A dog may be willing to take (or not notice) the zap to go through the fence to chase after something such as a squirrel. They will be a lot less willing to take the zap to get back in, which basically results in a dog locked out of their own yard.

    To answer your question, yes, other dogs without a collar for the fence will still be able to get in. However, if they’re playing and the other dog runs outside of the fence and yours follows, your dog is going to be zapped, and may begin to fear other dogs for this reason.

  4. BYB's breed nothing but crap says:

    for a husky mix?

    You need a REAL fence. If a dog has a high enough drive, he’s going to take the zap and go thru the fence anyways.

    Electric fences really do not replace a real fence when you leave your dogs outside unattended.. they only work as a "back up" to keep your SUPERVISED dogs contained.

    Whats done is done.. a fence isnt going to prevent her from calling the police. Dogs should be properly contained to their own yard, or supervised. If you want your dogs to play with other dogs, then arrange play dates with your neighbors.

    It doesnt matter if you have no leash laws.. when incidents like this happen, it can be safely assumed that the unsupervised, unleashed and unfenced dog is at fault.

  5. letterstoheather says:

    While invisible fences will work for a period of time, some dogs are resistant to the shock they receive, and will keep on going right over it. And i don’t think it’s the most humane solution. But that’s just my opinion.

    have you considered fencing?

  6. Double Dachshunds Owner says:

    They are all only as good as the batteries in the dog’s collar. When the batteries die (unknown to the owner at times) the dog can escape. Be vigilant in checking the collar batteries and any electric fence brand will do. Several of my neighbors have Invisible Fence brand.

    Good Luck to you.

  7. ஐShih-Tzu Loverஐ says:

    No invisible fence is good!Go buy a shock collar,put it on yourself and see if you like it!Go buy a regular fence.

  8. BYB's raise taxes. says:

    THis is not a good option for you.

    First, your Siberian mix will run through the shock to go after what he wants. Shock fences are NOT recommended for high prey drive breeds – which includes Siberian Huskies.

    Second, yes, other irresponsibly kept dogs can wander into your yard. You should not be glad about this – it means that any dog can come into your yard and attack your dogs. It also means that a coyote, mountain lion, or any other predatory species can come into your yard. Because your animals are getting zapped if they leave the yard and you aren’t supervising them, they will die.

    While your dogs shouldn’t be allowed to run, an electrocution fence is not the best option. A real fence or supervision is.

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