what is the best inexpensive fence for a very hyper dog?


a corgi that can jump very high, to be accurate.
also, i was thinking about an invisible/electric type fence. would anyone recommend that?

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8 Responses to “what is the best inexpensive fence for a very hyper dog?”

  1. Dog_trainer says:

    A Five or six foot fence should contain a Corgi. I prefer real fences for many reasons. A solid fence will prevent people from teasing the dog and making him bark at everyone who goes by. I installed my own six-foot stockade fence with panels I bought at Home Depot. Digging the post holes is the hardest part. It’s best to use metal fence posts and concrete – they’ll last forever!

    An invisible fence requires a lot of training time on your part – if you don’t do it right, the dog will learn to run right through the shock and keep going. Then he can’t come home again. The dog IS getting an electric shock, no matter what those companies say. A real fence is better for several reasons. There is nothing to prevent a stray dog from coming on to your property and attacking your dogs. Also, in many states there is an "attractive nuisance" law – suppose your dogs are loose in your yard and being good. But some little kid seems them and comes into your yard to pet them. If they knock the child down and injure him or bite him – YOU could be liable.

    Corgis are pretty smart and easy to train. Read some great books on training. (Try not to pick books randomly – there are a lot of bad books out there also!) These are some of my favorites and you can get them on Amazon.com
    What All Good Dogs Should Know – Volhard http://www.volhard.com/
    Good Owners, Great Dogs – Brian Kilcommins
    Dog Tricks : Eighty-Eight Challenging Activities for Your Dog from World-Class Trainers by Haggerty and Benjamin
    Don’t Shoot the Dog – Pryor
    Training Your Dog: The Step by Step Method – Volhard
    Dog Problems – Benjamin
    Cesar’s Way – Cesar Millan
    Also, watch the Dog Whisperer on the National Geographic Channel. Cesar Millan is the best trainer I’ve ever seen on TV.

  2. Confuzzled says:

    I wouldn’t get an invisible/electric fence if I were you. A dog has died from one before. Especially for such a small dog like a Corgi. It could be dangerous. PLEASE don’t get an electric fence. They can kill…

  3. Benny G says:

    If itis a corgi – no matter how high he is jumping someting at 5 ft or higher will end that issue. His legs are too short for real climbing and you have a interesting corgi as they are not usually jumpers. 4-5 foot baby gates, or Petco, Pet Supermarket or the local for your area sells 5 foot gate systems that create a playpen for your dog, that can go up and down very quickly

  4. litespeed2rw says:

    chainlink , and run a hot wire at the top and bottom

  5. j_miller1979 says:

    i work at Bullseyefencedesign.com and chain link is strong and durable and it lasts forever, and is very inexpensive.

  6. hollister22luv says:

    yea my dog is hyper too
    no i mean veeeerrry hyper
    my mom uses a baby gate and he never gets out
    i dont know if that helped but if your dog is more hyper than mine than you should try like somthing just more higher =]

  7. 4Xbrbe says:

    I would say some type of solid posts in the ground with field fence (the big squares). That’s not too expensive to put up & it’s strong.

  8. panamm says:

    we installed an invisible fence last year to keep our runaway beagles at home, and it works wonderfully…. but a bit pricey, $1,500 for our yard.

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