What is the Best dog Breed I should get for my family?


I am looking to buy a dog but cant seem to chose one. I am wanting everyones opinion on what kind of dog do they think will be the best for my family. I have two children. Ages 5 and 2. I own my own home and have a big back yard although its not fenced. I am also a stay at home mother so the dog will get plenty attention. What will be the best dog for my family? Small dog or Big. I dont care, as long as it will be a great dog.

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16 Responses to “What is the Best dog Breed I should get for my family?”

  1. Alex says:

    a beson poodle is a great dog not to big not to small great overall dogs my dog is a pomeranion beson poodle mix he is 11 months and has only been in our home for 2 weeks but it feels like years.

  2. Robert and Melanie says:

    First of all, you’re going to need a fenced yard. A beagle is probably the best dog. They are fast and love people, but they tend to bark a lot. Beagles will do any thing for food. You have to be careful where you leave your food. Never leave it on the edge of the counter. Beagles will protect you as best they can. They will bark to let you know something is nearby(usually it’s a person or an animal). Beagles are not big fans of squirrels. They will keep your feet warm in the winter.

  3. Nico says:

    I have a Choc lab that is one of the most mildly mannered dogs I have ever been around. He(Otis) goes to the dog park regularly and NEVER gets into any mischief while there. He just wants to be with his people for the most part. I have three nephews that visit him at least once a week and they are ages 6, 6 and 4. They ride him, play fetch with him and occasionally dress him up and he just sits there absolutely loving the attention.
    I would recommend any type of lab or a golden retriever…

    Good luck

  4. Bill says:

    well a big dog like a pitbull wont be a good choice since they strong and love to jump on people, a big dong will probably hurt your kids unless u get him trained not to jump, i think a more smaller dog would be safer for the kids

  5. Raychel says:

    Ok i have 2 dogs. All of which are loyal and kind.Both are average size ( There are 3 diff size boston terriers),Kind,CUTE,friendly,Love all other pets. And another thing is they have a short tail so you wouldn’t have to worry about your kids pulling on them. They can be territorial, but that shouldn’t be a big problem. Hope this helps!

  6. Mark says:

    kristen, my personal opinion with your family having 2 young children is a lab, i have a yellow and she is the most loving and gentle dog you could ever want. i personally dont have any children, on the other hand i have 2 yound nieces that love the dog and she loves them. i couldnt have asked for a better friend and pet then Alley. just my opinion i may have a bias, who knows

  7. ava jane. :D says:

    For sure, lab or golden retriever. Although, the best dog for kids is a soft coated wheaten terrier. I had one and my little sister was about three, and she tortured that dog! But, he never growled, bit, snapped, etc. He just let her do it! Haha 🙂 Good luck & I hope you find the right dog for you! (:

  8. petstore sell puppymill pets says:

    Best is a relatively term. No one breed is right for everyone. With young children, I wouldn’t want a dog smaller then medium.
    25-50pounds at a bare minium. The bigger the better as a general rule. You really need to get a decent size fence for a dog especially with a big dog. No dog regardless of breed will happily stay in unfenced yard. So buying a fence or an Kennel Enclousure(Aka a large secure pen) would be a good way of keeping the dog and kids secure. Colourbond is a good fence and easily repaired if damaged, or just a normal timber fence. Shock collars and invisable fencing system are waste of time and money and will lead to numerous other behavioural issues.

    Greatness only comes with obedience trainning, socialisation and age. No dog is perfect. and you have to weed nearly of these dogs breed out to find a possible suitable match. With young kids, you might want consider an adult rescue dog that around 2years+. You need to do your own research and loads of it and really need to look at a variety of different breed, and gradually weed out one by one that are not suitable. Don’t let you kids choose, because they simple go for the Cutest dog and that doesn’t mean its an appropiate breed.

    My favourites for small children, but fenced in yard are essential
    Golden Retriever
    Scotch Colie
    Standard Poodle

    Other dogs that have a good reputation with kids
    This dog has the tendency to bark quite a bit, and will alert you when someone is approaching. Does not do well with smaller and more passive animals, but can do well with cats and other dogs. The Samoyed is very friendly and does well with children

    American Eskimo
    Bred solely to be companions, the American Eskimo Dog thrives on being part of the family. This charming and playful breed is excellent with children, and loves to be lavished with attention. They are suspicious and wary of strangers and make good guardians of their family and home. They love to bark and will sound the alarm whenever they deem it necessary. This breed does not do well if left alone for extended periods of time or if they are isolated, as they will engage in destructive activities.

    American Water Spaniel
    This breed is loyal, energetic, obedient, and persistent. They are generally gentle with children and other pets. They may become aggressive with dogs they do not know. The American Water Spaniel is an ideal family pet. If they are properly introduced they are friendly with strangers. They may become attached to one particular person within the family unit. They are an excellent watchdog, and have a tendency to bark excessively. Many American Water Spaniel’ will "yodel" when excited. They love attention, but are fully capable of creating their own entertainment.

    Bernese Mountain Dog
    This breed is by nature, loving and alert. They are generally tolerant, sweet, and gentle. The Bernese Mountain Dog is typically excellent with children. However, since they are a large breed, they should never be left unsupervised with small children or children unknown to the dog. They thrive on human companionship and activity and may develop behavioral problems if they are deprived of social interaction. The Berner is protective but is not aggressive unless threatened or provoked. They may be aloof to strangers and have a tendency to be shy. This breed is a devoted indoor member of the family and a willing outdoor helper.

    Border Terrier
    Friendly and playful, the Border Terrier is very affectionate and thrives on human interaction and attention. This breed is more placid than is typical of the other terrier breeds. They do best in a home with older considerate children. They will generally get along with other dogs but are not recommended for homes with cats or other small household pets. The Border Terrier does not do well if left alone for extended periods of time and will become destructive and bark excessively if bored or lonely. For this reason a two-career family is not an ideal situation for them. They are wary of strangers but are generally not aggressive. This breed is not recommended for the novice, apathetic or sedentary dog owner.Fenced in Yard. NOT essential.

    Boston Terrier
    Highly intelligent, alert, and enthusiastic, the Boston Terrier is affectionate and loyal. This breed is quite animated and has a lovely sense of humor. They thrive on human interaction and on being an integral part of the family. They do best in a home with children over the age of eight years and are exceedingly good with the elderly. They will generally get along with non-canine pets, although males may fight with other dogs. The Boston Terrier has a very sensitive nature and will be affected either positively or negatively by tone of voice or the home atmosphere and environment.

    The Boxer is patient, dignified, and self-assured. They exhibit curiosity, but are wary of strangers. This breed is fearless and courageous if threatened. They are keenly alert and have a heightened sense of hearing, which make them excellent guard dogs. The Boxer adores children and other pets they have been raised with. They have an inordinate need for human companionship and do not like to be alone for extended periods of time. They are not well suited for a two career family. Insufficient attention may lead them into "bad" behavior in an attempt to be noticed.

    Brittany Spaniel
    Happy and alert, this breed has a great presence. Easy to handle, and affectionate, this breed would make an ideal house pet if given the right care and exercise to keep him happy. This breed requires a gentle, yet somewhat firm hand, as they can be hyperactive.

    English Bulldog
    This breed is loyal, exceedingly affectionate, and deeply devoted to their family. The Bulldog is dependable, gentle, and does well in a home with children. They will get along with other pets they have been raised with but may be rude and try to bully strange dogs. They thrive on human attention and are dependent upon it for their happiness and well-being. The Bulldog has excellent guarding abilities but will only bark when absolutely necessary. This breed is very possessive of food and should never be fed in the presence of children or pets.

    Cairn Terrier
    This breed is spirited and restless, always seeking an adventure. They are friendly and affectionate, bold and fearless. The Cairn Terrier loves to play and adores stimulation. They are loyal and alert and have a mischievous nature. The Cairn Terrier has a special affinity for children over the age of six.

    Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
    The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is best suited for a pampered indoor life. They display the temperament of an extrovert. They can be quite spirited and vocal. The Cavalier prefers to be with their family or other dogs. Although this breed is gentle and affectionate, they do not have patience for unruly children.

    Clumber Spaniel
    Of the hunting breeds, the Clumber Spaniel is the most low-key and easy-going. They are gentle, sweet, and highly intelligent. A pleasant and well-behaved dog, they get along with other dogs, cats, and other household animals they are raised with. They typically become attached to one specific person in their family. Clumber Spaniels are generally good with children. They do not easily befriend strangers, but are never timid or aggressive. This breed greatly enjoys human companionship and attention.

    Curly-Coated Retriever
    The Curly Coated Retriever is loyal, affectionate, and sensitive. This breed does well with children, other dogs, and pets. They are aloof and reserved with strangers, but will only show aggression if they sense threatening danger. Curly Coated Retriever’s are an extremely well-mannered breed, proud, and friendly

    English Setter
    Enthusiastic and mild mannered, English Setters do well in a family environment making a great child’s companion. This breed loves to bark and makes a great watch or alert dog. They should not be trusted around smaller and more passive animals, however can do well with other more common animals such as the cat and the dog, given they have had the proper socialization. The English Setter is a very quick learner, however vies for human attention and requires much of it or they can become destructive and somewhat of a tyrant

    English Springer Spaniel
    English Springer Spaniels are sociable, gregarious, and gentle. They are also courageous, highly intelligent, and sincere. They are excellent with children and love everyone. The English Springer Spaniel thrives on human interaction and must be with their family as much as possible. If they are left alone for extended periods of time they will become destructive and are prone to excessive barking. They are good with other pets, but may not tolerate same sex dogs. They are not suitable for homes with pet birds.

    Finnish Spitz
    Active and friendly, lively and eager, faithful, brave but cautious. This breed is patient with children and tolerant of other household animals. They have a strong hunting instinct so they may chase smaller animals. This is an extremely intelligent breed which becomes very much a part of the family and is a dog which should be allowed to share with the family. However, this is not the breed for every family. Households where there is tension, harshness or loud bickering should not have a Finnish Spitz.

    Flat-Coated Retriever
    The Flat Coated Retriever has a very jolly personality. He gets along well with just about everyone, including small children and does exceptionally well with other dogs. The Flat Coated Retriever is a very intelligent breed and is eager to please, but does require something in return, human companionship and affection. This breed does not do well in a kennel environment and needs to be part of the family, although he does love the outdoors. The Flat Coated Retriever steals the hearts of everyo

  9. Melissa Zombie. says:

    There’s a lot of breeds that would be a great dog. I have a poodle, and he’s a sweet boy and is GREAT with children. He has never bit anyone for any reason. I’ve had people step on him, kick him on accident, whatever. He’s a great boy. I also have a Pomeranian. He’s the sweetest boy in our house. He loves to get pet and loves to be around people. He is territorial of me, but he’s the best dog I’ve ever had. I also have a bichon/poodle mix. He’s very sweet, but he jumps on people. He way too big to be jumping on a 2 year old, though you could train them not too. My advice for you is that you should go to the pound and pick out a dog as a family. Let your kids pick out what the want. That would be such a cute and fun family activity. 🙂 Hope that helps!

  10. livin life says:

    1st get the yard fenced. I would wait til the smallest child is a bit older and possibly get an older dog, not a puppy. go to the shelter and look there and see what they have…the way u raise a dog has more to do with how nice it will be.

  11. dan says:

    mind a little drooling? Saint bernards are FIERCELY loyal!! and sooooo calm….great with kids…. and i hear they make decent guard dogs as well…. but they do drool, and they’re massive….but thats basically the only problems with them!

  12. Virtual Insanity says:

    Get a German Shorthaired Pointer 😀

    Their great with kids, really affectonate, not too big and really athletic, so they stay healthy and rarley need vet checkups or have health problems!

    Seriously, the best dog I’ve had 😀
    They’re really cute too 🙂


    enjoy 🙂

  13. stixy_stixy says:

    If you want a dog that is easily trainable, smart, and has a good disposition, I would get a lab. Yellow, black, chocolate, doesn’t matter.

  14. crazydood7o says:

    Golden Retriever

  15. gloriadoglover says:

    I think you should do some research , if you have children i think a Lab would be good but they will have to be train when they are very young because like all puppies they will need training , also golden retrievers, boxers are great it has to be I think a girl if you planning to keep inside is a lot easier to train and also make sure you fix her. I had many dogs in my life ar the moment i have 3. Good luck.

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