What is the best deterrent in keeping a dog from digging holes underneath a wooden fence and escaping?


My dog weighs 20 lbs. I have heard hundreds of things you can do to break him of this bad habit but I can’t afford to spend a lot of money "guinea pigging" things to resolve the problem. If anyone can offer a solution, it would be deeply appreciated. Thanks for your help.

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8 Responses to “What is the best deterrent in keeping a dog from digging holes underneath a wooden fence and escaping?”

  1. christine says:

    Make sure he gets enough exercise (1-2 hours a day) and he won’t have a reason to escape.

  2. Bob says:

    CAUTION: According to professional breeders and behaviorists, using an electronic or invisible fence causes severe emotional stress in dogs, convulsions, heart tremors, digestive problems, and anxiety. Do not follow the amateur advice of those who tell you otherwise.

  3. GreyhoundAdopter says:

    Leaving a dog alone unattended in a fenced in area is inviting him to be bored and look for a way out of the fence.

    First thing – is he fixed? Is the reason he is so eager to escape is because he’s looking to breed females in heat in the neighborhood? If so, a quick trip to the vets office will take care of the problem, once those male hormones are out of his system.

    You can try to let him outdoors when you can interact or watch him – that way if he starts digging you can distract him from digging and give him something better to do.

    You can keep trying to fill in the holes, only to have him dig more. If he is a Terrier, these dogs LOVE to dig. You may be able to keep him happy by making a sandbox for him to be able to dig in, and fill it with toys and treats for him to find. If you give him his own area to dig in, and direct him to it … he may use it and be happy.

    Right now your little dog is not happy being left alone in this fenced area – if you take care of the reason he wants to escape, you will solve the problem.

  4. ∞Future Klee Kai Owner!∞ says:

    Keeping him from getting bored may help out. Take him on walks everyday or let him play in the park.
    Try putting chicken wire or logs under/outside the fence, or get invisible fence.

  5. Bobbie L says:

    Bored dogs, who don’t get enough exercise and stimulation, are the dogs that dig under the fence. Sign up for some classes.

  6. Very General says:

    Get some cheap chicken wire and bury it 1/4" under the fence. That’s what we did.

  7. alisha says:

    A bag of cement. Doesn’t cost much. Mix it up, pour it along the fence line, dog can’t dig anymore, simple. Goodluck!

  8. Annie says:

    1) Get an "invisible fence" and run 1′ away from the inside of the fence. These can be bought fairly cheaply at places like KV Vet supply (on the internet) and put in place with a cable layer you can rent at Home Depot. This also works for fence climbers and jumpers.

    2) Place cinderblocks along the inside of the fence

    3) preventable by when you build the fence (a little late now) extend wire mesh 12" into the ground. Or now you can drive in stakes into the ground at 6" intervals around the inside of the fence.

    Edited to add:

    Would love to see the "research" cited by Bob. Digestive disorders too?? Shees. Most breeder/rescues don’t care for invisible fences because other animals can get into your dog — however, running it along inside a traditional fence doesn’t have this risk. If you have research citation, cite them "he said, she said" isn’t research!

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