What is the best breed of dog for me?


I have a 2 year old daughter and hopefully more kids on the way! I also have three cats. I have a fully fenced backyard (6ft) with no escape routes. I have a cat door that I can make into a large size doggie door. I would like to have 2 big dogs and not ankle biters. What would be good for children, cats and keep my home safe from strangers?

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13 Responses to “What is the best breed of dog for me?”

  1. C E says:

    lab’aire. Labrador, airedale terrier mix, a loyal dog with a loud bark.

  2. PeterbiltDave says:

    Golden Retriever, female, spayed.

  3. CandyS says:

    hmm, depends,
    do you want to deal with alot of shedding? how about alot of drooling? how about being super active and hyper? one thats good with other animals and kids? One that great with strangers?
    You must think of these, what colors? i would go on
    this site to see what kids of dogs.
    or how about you look up choosing the right dog breed. it comes up with a bunch of sites, just check em out. i love dogs and have had many but i think the best is one from a animal shelter, if its good with kids, and animals, it perfect! think about it, and any dog can be a good dog, my grandma has had the worlds most aggressive dogs i swear, Jodie, was beaten and was extremely aggressive and unsocialized, but after 2 years Jodie is the sweetest dog! (my grandma is super amazing with dogs…i want to be just like her. ^_-)
    And labs are great pets yeah, BUT they have a risk of obiesity and hip displacia (but tall, big dogs are more likely to get it)

  4. RockstarMonday says:

    Golden retrievers and labs make excellent pets for homes with children. Both breeds are extremly loyal, intellegent, and easily trainable. They are very sweet dogs, that only want to please their owners.
    I have a 1 year old golden retriever and a 10 year old lab, and both have been some of the best dogs I’ve ever owned. Both are always right at my side, waiting to see what I do next. And both are very smart. The older dog didn’t get the training the younger one did, but she’s still smart. And the younger one is really smart, and knows all his basic commands, plus a few extra we’ve been working on.

    There are other good breeds that I’m sure would work well also, but these are some of the ultimate family dogs.

    The couple negatives with these dogs is, one, if you don’t have enough time to exercize them properly everyday, they will have loads of pent of energy, and may become hard to deal with over time (though really, any large dog is like this). And also, the golden retriever needs to be groomed often. Because of his long hair, it is more likely to become matted.

  5. Kaylee says:

    a German Shepard they are pretty and safe and they are very protective

  6. WWE RULZZ!!! says:

    Labrador Retrievers

  7. heavens says:

    Your going to think I am crazy but do some research before you judge my answer: pit bull. I have raised my children with them. You can not find a more loyal intelligent dog. They take safety to another level. It’s all in how they are raised you love them they give you an amount of love and understanding that will amaze you everyday. Zeus my 1st pit he passed now but one time my kids were playing in the back yard and this strange lady appeared in the alley she just stood there gawking at my kids ( i was at the window) Zeus on a chain flew to the perimeter of my yard growling and letting her know she was not welcome and that weirdo took off running so fast it was almost funny. He acted faster then I did. I slept every night in peace becasue I knew anyone even touched the door knob and he was awake alert and ready to do his job. Their true passion is family not fighting.

  8. Mayo♥ says:

    Boxers are great with cats and kids. but they might bounce around the house and knock the kids and you over sometimes. i have 2 and they are only 4 months old and like to trip me up on the stairs! they are great guard dogs. they bark and growl when somebody comes to the house and wait to see how i act to decide if they are gonna keep growling or be nice. But they are easy to train and love to cuddle. so i recommend them

  9. MurkaGlamurka says:

    Cane Corso, Pits, bullmastiffs, bulldogs

  10. Animal says:

    Boxers…though, they require an owner that exercise them a lot, and they don’t like to be alone!

  11. Lauren says:

    you should look at the web sit dogbreedinfo.com they have a dog breed quiz to see what breeds would be good for you depending on what you want…good luck!

  12. mariahcareylova says:

    golden retrevier, hound, lab

  13. wgsdluver says:

    I would recommend a Pit Bull. People think there bad dogs but they are not.Pit bulls have a low tolerance to dogs especially other pits because they were bred to fight. But not all pits want to fight. Its just finding the right one and a good trainer to help you. Pits are great with kids because they were bread to be tough dogs and not give into pain which makes them able to tolerate a young kid pulling on them.This trait also makes some hard to train as their pain threshold id high. Things like choke and electric collars typically dont bother a pit bull. I have volunteered at a animal shelter for 7 years and there is always pits there at one time or another. I have only met maybe 4 nasty or otherwise not suitable for adoption pits. I have met lots more of nasty mixes, rotts, shepherds and a crap load of little dogs and small dog mixes. I am by NO means saying shepherds and rotts are mean dogs. There is NO aggressive breed. There are breeds that have a tendency to be more dominant, or Territorial. It has a lot to do to specific bloodlines and training. I would do homework and research alot before getting a large dog who is potentially dangerous if not properly trained.
    It also is a BAD idea to get two puppies at the same time, one puppy should always be taught at one time. That way he/she gets the most exposure to different things and the best training without having the trouble of teaching two crazy little pups at the same time. If you choose breeds such as rotts,pits,shepherds basically anything in the herding & working group be prepared to excersise these dogs ALOT to keep them happy. Usually you can find mellow ones in each breed with effort. But they will all require training. And you must be pack leader especially with a 2 y/o in the house.
    Any dog usually exposed at a early age can cope well with cats. They must be taught to respect the cat. And have good experiences with them.Also due to the pit bulls bad rap most people dont enter a yard if they know a pit lives there, weather its nice or not!

    Mastiffs are great dogs but do not usually mature untill after 2. so they are prone to being crazy puppys for a while. They may be to much to handle as they drool eat alot and vet care is more expensive. And they dont do well with young kids as they are clumsy and may knock them over. They dont live very long either(6-10). but if you can find a good rescue where one has been raised with kids and already mature, then nobody will come into your yard. Their barks are very deep and loud. No smart person at least

    Also a German Shepherd, They have quite a loud bark and do not tolerate straingers coming into their yard when the owners are not present.I have a GS and he is great with kids but on guard when outside. He wont let anyone up unless i tell him its ok or if he knows them. He will only let a few up our driveway. And he is neutered=] its very important to socialize pups with tons of people that way they dont think every person in a threat. When grown they can gauge a situation and know when to show protective behaviour.Not be overly aggressive to everything.

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