What Is An Invisible Fence?


I saw two dogs come out but didn’t cross a certain place and then a sign with Invisible fence. What is that?

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    1. rasheedah_frmn says:

      Electronic training that will not let the dog go beyond the "invisible line" and trains In addition to the fence there are shock collars, ultra sonic, vibration,etc.

    2. King Les The Lofty says:

      [Frank H]:
      Did you take into account that dogs are between 5 and 10 times more sensitive to electricity than we are? So, if your device has lots of levels, your dog feels the weakest level as much as you feel the strongest level.

      [trying to help]:
      It is a system for people to whom the appearance of their property is more important than the safety of their dog or dogs.
      It is no substitute for a roofed exercise pen plus a solid perimeter wall/fence, although it can be handy just inside that wall (to deter your dogs from climbing over the wall, or leaning on it to bite the brat teasing it/them from atop the wall).

      It has two parts:
      (1) a wire/cable that is laid on or under the soil or tacked to the boundary fence.
      (2) a dog collar with a radio-receiver plus a shock-generator built into it.
      When both the wire and the collar are active, the receiver senses how close to the wire it is, and when it reaches a critical closeness it activates the shock device. Almost all nowadays have a sound generator built in, that emits a beep or whistle about a yard/metre before the shock device is activated.

      I wouldn’t have one on my conscience. I did on one occasion need a radio-controlled shock collar, but my dogs have dense double-coats, which revealed the first problem with shock devices – I had to remove some coat so that the prongs could make contact with the skin, or make the collar so tight that the prongs were constantly digging into the dog’s hide. As I detest even a stiff shirt-label scratching MY neck, I did NOT pull the collar tight, I removed enough coat.

      Other disadvantages:
      • the power to the wire can vanish for many reasons
      • the batteries in the collar can go flat
      • stray dogs are NOT wearing the collar so have nothing to stop them coming onto your property, crapping on your porch and piddling on your lawn so that they leave viruses to kill your puppy; or they themselves decide to attack your dog
      • stray brats are NOT wearing the collar so have nothing to stop them coming onto your property and hurting or stealing your dog
      • people who are terrified of dogs but have to pass your frontage see NOTHING to stop your dog from attacking them (don’t expect such people to be calm enough to read a little notice on your house or letterbox – they will be cringing on the far side of the street)
      • when highly stimulated, dogs feel no pain, so the shock collar is ineffective. So a dog that has just been teased by an on-heat bit.ch or sees its arch-enemy trotting past WILL charge straight through the pain barrier to gratify its "drive". Which is bad enough, and likely to lead to a damaged or dead dog, but there’s worse ahead:- Assuming it survives whatever led it to leave the property, it then attempts to come home, but gets shocked every time it comes too close to the public side of the perimeter wire… And the wish to go home is NOT strong enough to drive it to run at full speed and crash through the pain barrier.

      I am adamant that anyone who wants a dog MUST first have a door that opens straight into a yard fenced to not just keep their pet home but to also keep stray dogs and stray brats OUT.
      I PREFER them to have a roofed security-run-&-sleeping-box in that yard, but the other 2 are REQUIREMENTS.
      Les P, owner of GSD_Friendly: http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/GSD_Friendly
      "In GSDs" as of 1967

    3. hank says:

      the best ive seen. you do not have to tie a dog or worry about losing her. she trained herself. a small shock and she doesnt go thru. weve had dogs and this is the best thing weve ever done for one. there is no torture because the collar beeps before the dog ever goes thru the fence. after one time the dog knows not to go thru. we have a basset hound and if she knows, any dog will know. she is the stubbornist of all dogs. i wish i would have had this with my other dogs. no worry about traffic,etc. just make sure you change the battery when the light flashes, although our dog doesnt go out even then. No Torture. you may be saving their life. she is a chaser and loves to chase trucks and motorcycles, but most of all my neice,who she loves. she wont even go out of the yard for her. we love our dog. we have done the best thing possible to keep her safe and with us. we would never torture her. we shocked ourselves first. thank god its not to harsh, but a dog doesnt know that.

    4. sis says:

      It is where they wear a certain type of collar and when they cross a line u set up a barrier and they cross it they get shocked its cruel works fast without training for the lazy people but it gives the dogs mental problems and make them scarred and jumpy never use anything shocking for training will back fire when they get older

    5. Amanda R says:

      Maybe I can be better help than the other answers: there are two kinds of fencing but they do the same thing. One is buried wire, and one is a wireless transition, but operate the same way. The dogs in the yard wear a shock collar that shocks (some also have warning noises) when they get close to where the boundary is. The closer they get, the worse it gets in hopes that it keeps the dogs in the yard without fencing.

      Some dogs take to it better than others, but dogs high in prey drive and bored out of their minds will endure the shock and leave the yard and cannot get back in (therefore stuck outside their yard.) But, like you’ve proven, it does keep a fair number of dogs on their side of the invisible fence.

    6. Tracy says:

      Shock collar.

      I think it’s torture.

    7. Slow L says:

      It is called a shock collar.

    8. Lizzie says:

      It is an electric shock device.

    9. Frank H says:

      Wow, the above 3 answers are completely unhelpful. Invisible fence installs a wire about six inches underground around your yard. The dog wears an electronic collar that will shock them if they get too close to the fence. The flags are set up to train the dog. I have this and in no way is it cruel. I shocked myself before putting it on my dogs to make sure. It sends a little jolt, but it scares you more than it hurts. I trained all 3 of my dogs and they learned immediately. The collar begins to make a ticking noise when you get too close so the dogs learn to go in the opposite direction when they hear the tick. It is regulated from a box where you can increase/decrese the sensitivity.

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