What is a disadvantagefor a tall fence in a dog kennel?


7 Responses to “What is a disadvantagefor a tall fence in a dog kennel?”

  1. Senthil Kumar says:

    No disadvantage it is ideal they cannot come out or they will not see outsiders so they can become good watchdogs, whenever they see an outsider they will start to bark.

  2. me? trollin'? never says:

    if your dog is dedicated escapologist, it may hurt itself in the process of negotiating the obstacle.
    also, increased material cost, weight, and workload.

  3. DaBasset *Will this site EVER work right?* says:

    The only disadvantage would be if you have small dogs that can’t go over a moderate fence, in which case you may prefer a fence that you can reach over, use your pooper scooper, and in the case of really small dogs, put dogs in and out without having to open a gate. I know of Basset Hound kennels that have fences only 2 1/2 – 3 feet high for the indoor section of the kennel.

    And of course the cost of the materials.

  4. Felidire ♂ says:

    Birds can land on them and shít all over your dogs, and the dogs can’t jump high enough to scare them away?

    (Assides from the extra cost that you incur for materials, I can’t think of any…)

  5. c.c says:

    i don’t know any

  6. Not what you want to hear says:

    I can’t think of any–it’d be more safe than a shorter fence.

  7. sumlikefyne says:


    One thing you may want to consider is a top for the kennel in case you have a climber. Another thing to consider would be something like pictured in the link below in case you have a digger.


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