what dog would be a good dog for me?


i live in the city but i have a fence. i want a dog that doesn’t shed. a little dog would be better. i want a dog that won’t bark very often and will be loving and cuddly. i also want him/her to be active at times also i can go on jogs with her/him. thanks! 🙂

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9 Responses to “what dog would be a good dog for me?”

  1. Peter L says:


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  2. Zoey says:

    Toy poodle! They are hypoallergenic. Weigh 7-10lbs. Have soft, fluffy fur. Come in lots of colours like white, black, blue, apricot and red, just to name a few. Have wonderful personalities, friendly and very affectionate! Smart therefore easy to train. Matches you moods well, of which I mean they will be content to just lay in your lap while you watch tv or chase the ball in the backyard for hours (even after a 2hr hike!).

  3. Melissa says:

    A Westie is the BEST dog to to get. there are many reasons why they are a great dog, some of which are 1. they DON’T shed. 2. they are small 3. they are lovable dogs who love to be with you. Westies are known as West Highland White Terriers. Westies are also VERY smart. although Westies are small they are very confident and mighty. i would recommend a Westie to any family big or small. they are the absolute cutest dog you will ever see. they look like a puppy their whole life. and a big plus they are non agressive, they love EVERYBODY! A westie loves to go for walks and they don’t bark a ton!

  4. sinhgrewal15 says:

    australian cattle dog- barks
    australian shepherd -will fit you

  5. TreeHuger721 says:

    A pug! some people think their ugly but i think there kinda cute!

    a little dog

    not very barky

    very cuddly! think their people!

    i don’t think they shed much but if you do or just don’t like pug i have a pugapoo! shes soooooo cute, doesn’t have a "funky" face, and she doesn’t shed! sorry if you don’t like pug its kinda a love or hate relationship! hope that helps!

  6. Ashley says:

    That’s tough. Most dogs shed and the one that don’t are usually small. Small dogs more than often bark and I never really see people jog with small dogs.

    I have a basset hound and I live in the city. He’s a medium size and very low maintenance, he doesn’t shed much. He barely ever barks and thinks he’s a lap dog. We also take him on really long walks.

    A labradoodle is perfect actually. They don’t get too big. Some bark, but you just have to train them and they are very active. They don’t shed either.

    Goldendoodles too. They are pretty much the same thing as a labradoodle.

  7. TanteL says:

    All dogs shed.

    You can’t jog with Maltese; they’re too small.

    You can jog with a miniature or standard Poodle. They are loving and cuddly, and wicked smart: you can teach them anything, including when to bark and when to be quiet.

  8. kara.machelle says:


    i have one. and even though they have rich and thick hair, its strong so they dont shed.
    the whole barking alot thing really depends on how you raise them.
    theyr to small to jump a fence.
    they are so very lovable.
    you can take them on jogs alot as long as they are healthy.

  9. Jennifer says:

    Maltese seems to fit your standards. But because a Maltese is small, they tend to bark. just train it and it should be okay.

    dogs that do not shed do exist. I think you can go jogging but you can’t run or nothing. They’re pretty small.

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