What dog breed should I get and where can I find a puppy?


I live in Wallan, Victoria (Australia) and my family and I have decided to get our first dog. We have seen pet store pups and were interested in a Siberian Husky but they cost 00 at the pet shop. We were thinking of getting either:
Siberian Husky, Dalmation or a Airedale Terrier.
I’m a school teacher and I work from 8am-3:30pm, my hubby is a plumber who works 7am-4pm and I have 3 kids aged 13, 11 and 8. My kids have been around dogs before and we have all decided to get one. We have a medium sized home and a very big fenced in backyard.

What breed should we get?
I have NO idea where to get our puppy from. I’ve checked the paper and a few websites but nobody has a puppy available yet.
Where should I get one?
What is the average price for each breed I have listed above?
Beside the breeds I listed, which breed do you think we should get? We don’t want a Beagle, Boxer, Cocker Spaniel, German Shepard, Collie, Lab or Golden Retriever!
PS. we have 1 male fixed indoor cat.
Just another note, where I live, there are a lot of paddocks, farms and hills so exercise isn’t a big deal. We don’t want a dog that will need professional grooming as there are no dog groomers around here!

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14 Responses to “What dog breed should I get and where can I find a puppy?”

  1. justtravellingthrewtime says:

    I know this is not on your choices, but I would go with a standard poodle. They are easy to train, good with children and do not shed. Plus they are easy going and will chill if that is what you want or run till you drop, lol. We have two and they are so much fun! They have never gone to the bathroom in the house, they ring a bell to go out. I have had a Dalmatian and they are really hyper and they can become very very aggressive. I have never had a terrier of any type but my friend has them and they also are aggressive. I have had so many types of dogs and the poodle is outstanding in every way. Oh and we have two cats and they love them so much. We also have a ferret which they also get along with. I live in North America so I would not know where you could get one.

  2. Suzy P says:

    Go to http://www.puppyfind.com or http://www.terrificpets.com but please be careful of scammers. Only pay thru PayPal, under no circumstances should you pay by Western Union, thats how most of the scammers get you.

    If you want a large dog, get a great pyrenese, they are wonderful with children because they protect and more importantly, they DO NOT LICK, except of course when they are small but they grow out of it by 6 months of age. They are also very good with other animals as long as they are raised with them. Mine lets the barn cats nurse on her and lay on her. Or get a border collie, they are so smart and easy to train. Of course both of these dogs do need a good sized yard to exercise in.

  3. PM says:

    You best know your lifestyle and expectations of a dog that you would like to add to your household. This link may be of help because it has lots of information and choices to consider


  4. koda_roxy says:

    im a Sheltie lover (Shetland SHeepdog) cuz they are loyal, very smart, and fast learners. my sheltie, even when she was a tiny little puppy, would nevr roam out of our yard. even at camping sites were i barely kno were the boundaries are, she doesnt go out of our campsite. i think its an instinct, but its helpful. then yu dont hav 2 teach yur dog 2 stay in the yard.

  5. lanaya says:

    see if there is a animal shelter they have great pups! let one pick you DO NOT pick the puppy they don’t really mind you that well no matter what breed if they don’t pick you and as a plus they are already fixed or are scheduled to be, up to date shots and vaccinations, a microchip and most have some kind of insurance to help you with vet bills

    hope this helps you
    puppies are the best!!

  6. Riayn says:

    Sit down with your family and discuss what kind of behaviours you want in a dog. Do you want a very active dog or one that is more sedate and calm? Think about grooming/brushing? Is there anyone in your family who is going to be dedicated enough to brush your dog everyday? If not, then stay away from any breeds that need daily brushing.

    Once your family decides what they are looking for in a dog, then it is time to do some research online about the types of dogs that would suit your family.

    After that, STAY AWAY FROM PET STORES! They not only charge a fortune for dogs, but all of their stocks are from puppy farms and backyard breeders. Contact the Victorian Canine Council and get from them a list of registered breeders of the breed you are interested in. Contact those breeders and talk to them about the breed. They will be able to give you a realistic version of what the breed is like. Then you can talk to them about getting a puppy.

    Also remember to factor in the cost of owning a puppy, not just the sale price. Your puppy will need three vaccinations (approx $200 altogether), desexing (approx $300) plus flea, heartworm and intestinal worming (approx $200 for 12 months) – then factor in the cost of feeding the puppy (roughly $200 a year).

  7. Kit_kat says:

    from what you said I think a wELL BRED dalmation take your time to find a breeder.
    Make sure that the parents have been tested for the hereditary problm. Get references and check tehm out.
    Gettign a purebred is not a quick I like buy. All three breeds you suggested have hip problem.
    a Husky has 3 layers of hair teh inner layer is waht sheds out and they need a lot of brushing, airdales need a lot of grooming every 3 months or so. Dalmations are low care.
    Due to the 101 dalmations htere were a lot of inbreeding of dalmations so watch what you aer getting. NEVER buy form a petshop you don’t know what you are getting.
    I would go to a website and reallly steady on teh breeds you are thinking of.
    honestly I think a good mix is best.

  8. Ashley says:

    Hi, I have a coccapoo, they are very good with kids, and very easy to train. You should go on http://www.puppyfind.com to find a puppy. You shouldnt get a big dog, it will be hard for him/her to get used to you, and can have lots of accidents. Coccapoos are very good with kids, but you need to ask a breeder before you get the puppy.. I recommend 2 yrs or younger. I am not saying Coccapoos are the best but they are very good and Medium Sized home is very gd for them, because nobody wants their house to smell like "Dogs". Well You need to think about the Grooming, Food, Check Ups/Shots. And also coccapoos are very good with their owners. But if you have any accidents at home like wet floors/ broken glass/ too much barking/scratched couches and so much more, you will need to train him/her. It happens to everyone, and dont get used to it, try to stop him/her without hurting or yelling at him/her. LOL It happens to every pet owner… They will stop after a few days. You can leave the puppy outside if the backyard is fenced, you can leave your puppy outside so you dont have any accidents and take him back inside. You wont have to clean and your house wont stink.. 😀 gd luck…( Cocker Spaniel + Poodle= Coccapoo )

  9. BeagleLove says:

    First off do not support pet shops as they get their animals from puppy mills.
    Go to your local animal shelter and have a look at the dogs and puppies, you’ll be saving a life as well as making room for another dog who needs help.

  10. Katie says:

    You really can’t get a puppy unless you can have someone to let the dog out during the day while you are gone. They can usually hold their bladder an hour for each month they are old up to about 10 months. Dalmations are known for a lot of genetic problems, so unless you want to pay a lot of money at the vet, that’s not a good choice for you. Stop by your local shelter and get a dog that looks good to you and your family (over 9 months, so you don’t have to deal with paying someone to let the dog out during the day). Usually the dog’s temperment is a better indicator of being right for your family than the actual breed, and you are less likely to have genetic (heart problems, bad hips or knees, blindness at a young age) problems in a mixed breed.

    NEVER pay money for a dog (pet store etc) unless you can meet the parents and see the results of the parents genetic testing. Pet store dogs are usually born to mothers living in tiny cages, fed just enough to stay alive, and can be bred with their parents or siblings. They know you will never see this – just the puppies in the window – and are only out to make the most profit at the least cost.

  11. pleadship says:

    The tall dog with the long hair that long and straight. I don’t know the name of it though but I love those dogs. My uncle had one.

  12. Maya D says:

    I would not get the dalmation, because they often have problems with attitude, and considering that you have children, that may not be a great choice.
    I suggest that you go to a breeder to buy your pup, because lots of dogs that go into pet stores are not well taken care of, and have problems in the future. I would check out a few dog magazines; they usually have breeder pages in the back, that’s where we found our breeder to get our dog!
    I would say that your best bet would be the Airedale Terrier, or you may want to check up on other terriers, I just don’t recommend the Jack Russell (that’s what we have), they are often very much little "terrors", but considering you have a big fenced yard, and you’re not looking for a dog that has to be groomed a lot, I’d say you should look into terriers.

    I think pleadship is talking about the Afghan Hound…(I think?) I wouldn’t get that kind, because you would have to groom them a ton.

  13. The Dalai says:

    I’d get the Dalmatian.Airedales and Huskies should be groomed professionally. Airedales especially need clipping. And Huskies don’t like the heat. They like snow.The Dalmatian now,he’ll need a bath with some diluted shampoo and a garden hose. A Boxer Lab,or Beagle would also like the area that you mentioned. But watch the hound. They will run away if they "catch the sent" of a animal they want to chase down.All of the other breeds that you mention will either be double coated breeds that shed heavily and would need special baths2 – 3 times a year to prevent shed/matting or would need to have hair cuts and grooming done about every 8 to 10 weeks to be kept from matting up.(Bad knots through out the hair)
    Running through paddocks will also get dogs matted like Afghans and Cocker/poodle mixes.
    I say go to the shelter and get yourself a nice short haired dog that needs a home.

    Elena’s correct. I’ve never owned a Dal but I know that they are a good dog.I’ve worked around a lot of they and never had a bad experience.

  14. Elena says:

    Another Victorian!

    Let me say that pet stores are the absolute WORST place you could buy a puppy. They all come from horrible places called PUPPY MILLS.

    The Dalmatian is a fantastic breed (I am very biased) but learning to spell the breed is the first thing you should be focusing on! Then, research the breed very thoroughly. They aren’t prone to many health problems but need a HEAP of exercise. They also get VERY destructive when they’re bored so if your home means everything to you and you’re gone for hours on end, a Dally isn’t a good choice. Their temperament is another thing. After the movie, ‘101 Dalmatians’, backyard breeders went crazy for Dals and starting breeding them for the money. Since then, the Dal temperament has been effected. A well-bred and thoroughly socialized Dalmatian pup will love EVERYONE but if you just go and buy any Dal pup from the Tradingpost, you’re likely to get a temperamental puppy. Dals are great dogs for cats AND children!
    An Airedale Terrier is a great choice. However, they do require a professional clip once or twice per year. They make fantastic guard dogs and would love your children. I haven’t got much experience with the Airedale but I have met a couple at a few dog shows in Melbourne and they had the friendliest temperament ever.
    Sibes are great dogs but you mentioned this would be your first dog – not a good idea. They require a firm owner and need to be respected by his pack. They need a lot of exercise and won’t be happy to be stuck in a house all day. They need thorough socialization and will get very depressed if they are shut outside from his family.

    I HAVE to say Dalmatian – IF you can provide enough exercise. They need at least 2 walks per day for 60 minutes each time. Once the Dal is older, she will probably get a bit slower and you won’t need to exercise her as much. They need a lot of play and I’m sure your kids would love to play with a spotty Dal after school 😉

    I’m getting a Dalmatian puppy this year (she is born on the 3rd of June) and I found a fantastic breeder on http://www.dogzonline.com.au . Dogzonline only shows us reputable breeders who show their dogs and test them for genetic diseases. Dals need to be scored for hip and elbow dysplasia and need to be BAER tested as 10-12% of all Dalmatian pups are born deaf. I highly recommend the website and forever will.

    Siberian Husky – $900 – $1300
    Dalmatian – $500 – $700 (my previous Dal cost $300 and this new Dal pup is $500)
    Airedale Terrier – $1000 – $1300

    If you wanted a different breed, I would suggest a Newfoundland or an Australian Shepherd. Both are long haired dogs and with the lack of water in Wallan at the moment, may not cope well with the hot weather (yes, I know, it’s almost Winter). The Aussie needs somewhere to run and won’t be happy with a small backyard. If you own a farm, an Aussie would LOVE it. Newfies probably won’t cope with the hot contry side weather.

    Edit: A well bred Dal is NOT temperamental! Only an OWNER or PREVIOUS OWNER really knows their beautiful temperament! They are great with all children. My previous Dal wagged her tail at everyone, never nipped, never bit anyone – the only problem was her tail! They are like whips!

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