what do you think of this dog diet plan?


wanting to come up with a diet for a sighthound i havent decided which breed yet, but ive been to dog shows i am thinking ibizan or pharaoh hound…i’m very active and have plenty of time for the dog and a big fence.

well i’m reading a book that recommends a certain amount of calories to get a particular weight and maintain it, also it factors in energy level.

it recommends a balanced meal as Meat and vegetables the following are foods that can be used:
ground meat
black berriers
boiled rice (for dogs with delicate stomachs as a side in with the main food)
wheat cereal with non lactose milk (you can buy lactose free milk, it’s the lactose that upsets the dogs)
cooked scrambled eggs.

booked even as an analysis of fresh meats and calories per oz so that you can maintain weight with the dog and see what you need to add or subtract from the diet to get the best results. factors in moisture content, protein & fat =D

for instance it recommends that a 33LB dog thats dieting eat 600 calories rather than 1000 which is the normal requirement but this drop should be done gradually due to every dogs different activity level. i was thinking i could use this with my own dog to add or take away calories when he needs to gain or lose weight. it seems to be a Raw Diet but so few RAW websites ive seen have given me such great details.

i was studying and dogs DO actually convert vegetables into ingredients necessary for bodily functions by converting the fat and protein.

your thoughts on this diet? do not be rude or insulting i just want opinions not insults or cursing or foul language
book title for any interested is "the complete illustrated guide to dog care & behavior" by Bruce Fogle D.V.M

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4 Responses to “what do you think of this dog diet plan?”

  1. Dreamer says:

    All that grain and veggies will only mean one thing: gas and big, wet, smelly poops.

    Dogs are CARNIVORES. They need MEAT. And calcium, preferably from bones, and trace minerals from organ meats. Not pasta, not wheat cereal, not milk, and for crying out loud not fruit!!! They can’t even digest all that crap. It comes right back out the other end. You’ll be wasting money and depriving your dog of proper nutrition. I’m sure you can find plenty of morons who will tell you otherwise- you’ll also find people to tell you that corn-based dry kibbles are good foods! Doesn’t make it true.

    Look at the facts: Dogs have a short digestive tract, like all carnivores. Dogs have a full mouth of pointy meat-eating teeth. No flat grinding molars whatsoever. And wild dogs? Wolves, foxes, and so forth? I don’t usually see them stealing corn out of farmer’s fields, or picking berries off trees. I see them hunting and eating MEAT.

  2. Cheyann says:

    Dogs don’t need fruits, veggies and grains. They just need 80% muscle meat, 10% bone, 5% liver and %5 kidney and other organs.

  3. Thomas Vickers says:

    II think he should eat dog food.

  4. just an opinion says:

    I’ve seen that book. It’s considered out-dated by modern raw-feeders.

    There’s a crucial point I want you to understand. Dogs *can* digest some plant matter, but it doesn’t meat that they should.

    True herbivores and omnivores have an enzyme in their saliva called amylase, which enables the body to start breaking down vegetation as soon as it enters our mouths. Carnivores, including wild canids and big cats, do not have this enzyme in their saliva. Dogs, as it turns out, also do not have amylase in their saliva. They can produce it from their pancreas, if necessary, but this causes unnecessary pancreatic stress, and the fiber can actually reduce the absorption of other nutrients through the intestinal walls.

    I realize that you are going to feed your future dog whatever you want, but you really should take a look at canine anatomy and physiology, as well as that of its closest wild relative, the wolf. They have no grinding molars, only carnassial teeth. They cannot move their jaws side-to-side to grind vegetation. They have a long, acidic stomach, and a short, smooth intestine. They do not ferment food in their gut, as omnivores or herbivores do.

    If you look at nutrient databases, you will see that all the nutrients dogs need can be found in muscle meat, tendons, bones, and organs. There is no logical reason to feed anything else, especially when it can cause undue stress on the system.

    So why then do dogs have the ability to stress their systems and digest some plant matter? It’s a survival strategy, for times when food is scarce. Rather than starve to death, they can try to eat what’s at hand, and perhaps live another week or two until they find more prey. That is the life of a wild canid; constantly searching for food, many times starving between kills. Gorge and fast. But, when food is plenty, and kills are made often, then there is no need to scavenge on measly berries or grass, and they thrive.

    Let me recommend other reading material for you. Here’s a free PDF copy of Tom Lonsdale’s book "Work Wonders":


    I also recommend reading "Wolves: Behavior, Ecology, and Conservation" by David Mech.

    Here are some other great websites to read through.


    You seem like an intelligent person. Do some more research, gather the facts and your thoughts, and then make a decision on what kind of diet you will feed.

    As a side note, Ibizans are great dogs. I know several that are just lovely animals. But then again many sighthounds are. They tend to be one-man or one-family pets, and have quirky personalities. I’ve been around many Salukis as well, and they also have that unique sighthound personality.

    If you’re looking to rescue, you might want to consider a retired racing greyhound. They make wonderful pets, and there are many needing homes. Just don’t let them (or any sighthound) off-leash in public. 😉

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