What do i do if my dog bit my friend?


My friend got bit by mom dog its a cocker spaniel. and me and my friend were playing bat mitten and my dog always thinks hes playing to. but when he had the birdie thing in his mouth i tried to get it as usual then my friend tried to then my dog attacked him. and now his parents says that we have to pay 00 dollars for is shot when he got stiched on either his armpit or cheek. Then like 2 days ago he said that it was mostly his fault for trying to grab it from my dog. oh yeah important little detail the kid wilson always terrorizes him at the fence and kicks it. so my dog doesnt seem to like him. WHAT SHOULD I DO?

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22 Responses to “What do i do if my dog bit my friend?”

  1. kakapobirdthing says:

    What a damn shame that you have so little knowledge of dog behaviour, resulting in this awful incident.
    You should never have allowed the dog to be terrorised. Of course it hates the kid. This is a classic case of handler mismanagement resulting in the needless injury of a person and probably also the dog.
    Now you have a dog that you can’t trust. A dog which has bitten once can do it again, and you can’t have that dog around children unless it is restrained – in a large pen, or on a leash.
    I would always advocate against the dog in these situations, and I still do. It’s a damn shame that it’s almost certainly the handler-owner’s fault.
    You can live the knowledge that your dog is now dangerous because it’s been badly handled. You can:1) do the responsible thing and either sell it on with a full description of its history and its actions to a person who knows what they’re doing with dogs, or 2) have it gently and humanely put to sleep. The dog won’t know the difference if it’s professionally put to sleep, but the next child it injures will sure know the difference.
    Either way, I suggest you make the effort to understand what dogs are and how to treat them before get another dog, and you need to take this one to a training class so YOU can learn what to do with it.

  2. uniquedobe says:

    tell them to kiss your ass…sorry but shots do not cost $1000- i am a LPN and that’s bullshit..they are just trying to get money from you..and all they will do is make you keep the dog in a cage in your house for then days(my doberman bit a man walking down the road,and that’s what i had to do)..and if he admitted it,than it is his fault…you can e-mail me if you would like..DO NOT LET THEM SCARE YOU…ALL THEY WANT IS $$$$$…

  3. angelsforanimals says:

    Unfortunately, you need to make sure that your dogs shots are all caught up so the local animal control doesn’t take your dog and hold it for a required 10 days. If the shots are up to date then great job on your part. Also if it happened on your property then you need to look in your home owners insurance policy to see if it will help cover the expenses of a injury. If it doesn’t then you are going to have to pay for the expenses. It was your dog and you are responsible for it. Advice for the future, if the kid teases your dog on a normal basis then don’t let your dog around him any more. I cant blame the dog if he was provoked but as a responsible pet owner we have to insure the safety of our animal and the safety of the public it is around. Cocker Spaniels are usually decent dogs so I do believe that it was provoked.

  4. macberly m says:

    I think you are gong to have to pay. Even if the kid taunts the dog and teases him, it is still your responsibility when you have someone in your yard to ensure their safety. It is your responsibility to keep your pet, your mom’s pet who evers pet on your premisses under control. He may have tried ot get the birdie away from the dog but you seem to realize now that the dog didn’t like him, you should have realized it then and kept them apart.

    I am sorry if this isn’t what you want to hear but you are responsible for the medical costs.

  5. rockjunkyrockjunky says:

    First you are responsible for the medical bills and they probably could push it further if they wanted. I would suggest to anyone who is on your property not to try and take anything from the dog, and as for the little sh*t who torments your dog video tape it and call the police to file a report so if your dog does bite him you have proof that the dog was being terrorized by the little f**c*er, (I don’t like people who treat dogs badly, i had a dog that all but ripped a girls arm off cause she tormented him, luckily someone else saw her doing this and told the police and they told her oh-well it was your fault)

  6. Howl Pendragon says:

    Well, your insurance *might* cover the cost of the medical bills… I’m not sure. Technically, since it’s your dog, you’re still liable for the damages. Don’t let them force you to have him put to sleep though- your dog was often terrorized by the other kid, and he was antagonizing the dog. It’s self defense, and you could definitely argue that.

  7. Lois_the_Apostate says:

    If you have a "friend" who teases and kicks your dog, then WHY are you still hanging out with him?? No wonder your dog bit him! How would you like it if some idiot was always teasing and kicking YOU? Whatever legal action the kid’s parents take is strictly between them and your parents, but you should seriously reconsider calling this kid your friend. At the very least, you need to educate him on the proper way to treat animals, and that means telling him that he is NOT ALLOWED to torment your dog, or anyone else’s pets!

  8. Pobept says:

    pay for any medical expenses incurred, and hope they do not turn the matter over to the police, if they do the dog will be put down "Killed" as a dangerous animal!

  9. prince charming says:

    Negotiate with his parents. Explain that it’s their son’s fault also. U should offer to pay some too. Besides, have ur dog been vaccinated?

    Do your parents know? Ask them help u.

  10. steph says:

    well you need to tell his parents that its partly not ur fault because if the dog is threatend by another personor does not like them it will try to bite them and you tell them that he went up to the dog and that he antaganises it which led up to it bitting him and also you never try to do that with someone elses dog because you dont know if its aggressive twords other people

  11. jinx4swag says:

    Consult an attorney. No matter what happens, some states say it is implied that if you enter on another property invited or not, you waive rights as to recourse in situations like this. Others have a totally opposite perception. Home Owners can be sued if a renter has a dog and harms another tenant in some states. That’s why most Landlords will put a no pets clause in a lease agreement.

  12. Angel M says:

    well if they trie to sew you tell that story. mabye keep your dog away from him for awhile and if you go over don’t bring your dog. i wouldn’t give his parents the money untill they understand what a loving dog you have. GOOD LUCK!:)

  13. blue_sky_13_31 says:

    cocker spaniel are good for bitting ppl . my brother was bit by one just to save a fight just see how much the Dr bill really is and just pay it and dont let him back around

  14. StacieFan says:

    You should still pay the money you owe. Even if the boy was horrible to your dog, the dog DID attack him. Hopefully the boy now learned his lesson that doing that to dogs isn’t very nice and there are consequences that follow it. 🙂

  15. khawk81702 says:

    Well depending on where you live if you only have to pay 1000 then you are lucky..I had a dog chase a little girl didn’t touch her or bite her and they deemed her vicious and told me to either have her put down or get $500,000 insurance on her…..Might want to check into your local laws to see what they have as far as dog biting because in the state I live in I was screwed…not to mention they charged me with misdemeanor’s for owning a vicious dog….who has never bit a soul in her whole life….

  16. Jaclyn G says:

    carful the parents can put the dog down!

  17. myrdden0 says:

    Kill your dog, or the kid. Its quite obvious nither can live while the other still exists. My suggestion, build a huge gladatorial arena in your back yard and make them fight to the death.

  18. matrix15sam says:

    keep the dog away from this person OR wat works is put a muzzle on when ppl are over

  19. jessica_lanelle says:

    Sounds like you need to beat that kid’s ass with a water hose. Cocker Spaniels are not naturally dangerous dogs. They are generally good with kids, as long as the kid is not a little hobag.

  20. rachellynn200 says:

    Your parents are still responsible for all medical costs and damages.She can file a claim with her homeowners to pay for it.

  21. i_luv_dogs says:

    i dunno, but somthin similiar happened to me, and when you figure out, lemme noe.

  22. Shorty says:

    you know what if he tormented the dog he will remember that and when he tried to take the birdie the dog seen this as torment and lashed out and this time there was no barrier in between i would say that he brought it on to his self for what he had done to the dog and I wouldn’t pay but if they really wanted to fight about it. Say you want to see a copy of the bill and offer to pay half because there son was half to blame for the previous torment of the dog but yet he was an invited guest in your back yard.

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