What can I do about my dogs separation anxiety?


I have two dogs. One is a 3-4 year old siberian husky. We have had her almost a year. Our other dog is less than a year old, and is a pom/chi mix. We have had him 2 months less than our husky.
Well in the beginning, he had separation anxiety from me. I could not go behind a closed door without him whining and barking and scratching. He still does this sometimes. But his anxiety when separated from our husky is the problem. I am 6 months pregnant and its hard to walk both of them at the same time, because the husky pulls, and he tries to keep up with her, so I am being dragged by a 50 lber and a 12 lber. So I try to walk them separately most of the time. I take him out first, he does his business. Then I bring him in, put him in his exercise pen we got for him, and take the husky out. He freaks out the second he sees the leash go on her. So i thought if he didnt see the leash go on her, and didnt see us walk out the door, then he might be calmer. Nope. He had a fit WORSE than before. We are trying to get him used to the pen since we are planning a vacation soon, we dont want the person dog/house sitting for us to worry about his messes. What is the best way to do this? I tried giving him treats in the pen so he knows thats a good place to be, and that its good I put him in there, but he takes the treat, drops it and cries to be let out.
So its two big issues: getting used to the cage and not freaking out when the husky is taken out without him. If she goes out and me or my husband is with him, he cries but not as much, but I am the one home with them all day, so I cant wait for my hubby to be home to walk the dogs.
I asked for help with separation anxiety, not how to walk my dogs. My husky is not an issue. The anxiety is.

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  1. martii43214 says:

    Wow, what a diversity of dogs. Neither with similar needs.

    The Husky is a sled dog which needs lots of off-leash exercise.
    The Pom can almost get it around the block.

    The Husky needs to be loose-lead trained.
    If you have to, buy a prong collar. The difficult part is using it correctly and you must use it correctly otherwise it can cause your dog serious damage.

    Here’s the Anxiety issue problem & solutions:

    Here’s how to use the prong collar:

    If you have questions about the collar’s use, search their forums’ website. It probably has been answered there.

    Exercise the Husky off-lead to tire him down somewhat.

    Take the Husky out alone. Walk him on your left side. Pick a command for him to not pull. Slow, walk, whatever just make it short and simple.

    The split second before the lead goes taunt, you say the command and the next instant you snap the lead hard and instantly release it.
    Keep walking as if nothing ever happened. Each time before the tautness repeat the above as many times as it takes for the Husky to get the message. Determine what strenght of snap it takes to get his attention and don’t use more or less. You might get a resentful dog otherwise.

    Take the two together. Walk them by your side, One on either side if it works better, never out front of you. Just remember the opening of the Prong Collar needs to be on your side of the dog.
    Repeat the above command, admonishment, release.
    I seriously doubt a flat collar will work since a Husky has a natural pull instinct from being bred to pull sleds.

    Leerburg has tons of answers to just about every problem. Or if not, they will answer your question. But find out if the answer is on their website first.

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