What breed is good for playing, but will not grow big, and that can be left alone?


I do not have a fence, so the dog has to be a indoor dog. I want an EXTREMELY playful puppy, but one that will not grow big.

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    11 Responses to “What breed is good for playing, but will not grow big, and that can be left alone?”

    1. Anne says:

      HI Dani,
      I am Allie’s friend and the best suggestion I can make to you would be a Australian Blue Heeler also Know as a Australian Cattle Dog
      We have 2 of them and they are Father and Son and they are the most intelligent dogs I have ever ran across in my life of showing and breeding dogs
      They will grow to be a smaller medium Size and I cannot stress how intelligent they are
      I know they are very very play full all there lives and very able to be trusted to stay on there property but you have to train any dog where his home turf is and not to leave it you may want to have his area fenced in and only let him out when you are home and invest in invisible fencing so he stays away from the road
      If You have any further questions feel free to ask
      Take Care

    2. Court says:

      No dogs like being left alone.

    3. Gozoprincess says:

      Sounds like you want a Dachshund. You can also get a Chihuahua, but they can get very protective of their owners.

    4. bender says:

      Take your pick, there are lot of unwanted dogs in shelters.

      Dogs are pack animals and should have company, not live a solitary life.

    5. Angela H says:

      No dog should be left alone for more than 4-8 hours straight/day! A puppy has to be let out to potty every 2-4 hours for a few months to begin with. Most puppies are extremely playful. If you want a breed that’s super playful and high-energy, then you REALLY can’t leave it alone all day inside. That can lead to destructive behavior and your house will be torn-apart when you get home!
      Also, a puppy that’s playful could grow up to be a couch-potato. No puppy of any breed is a guarantee. Dog temperaments are a generalization…when they say a Chihuahua is yappy and nippy…that’s like saying human boys like to play in the mud. Well, yeah, but my boy hates getting dirty or messy at all, so he avoids mud, playdoh, etc… And my Chihuahua almost never barks and is nippy, but only to strange men. Or, a Golden Retriever is friendly, but a Pit Bull is aggressive. I’ve met many aggressive Goldens, and many goofy friendly Pit Bulls….So, you don’t know what you’re getting unless you get an older dog.

      Get a dog from the local shelter that’s under a year old (if you must have a "puppy"), young enough to have that crazy puppy energy, but old enough to "hold-it" while you’re at work for most of the day. That way, you know if he/she will be destructive while you’re gone, are they someone that must have a big fenced yard to run in, are they a barker/yippy, do they like kids, are they playful, how big will they get, etc… because if you get an 8-week-old puppy, there’s no telling the size, temperament, or personality traits they’ll have when they grow up. You’ll also be through the stage where they need you around every 2-4 hours to let them go potty. You can request a dog that’s crate-trained, good with children, a couch potato, or a good agility-course candidate. With an older dog, you know more of what you’re getting. There are also an endless variety of sizes and colors to choose from and you’d be saving a life. Just a suggestion.

      Whatever you get, they cannot be left alone all the time!

    6. stephanie says:

      miniature schnauzers rock

    7. ♥ DP © says:

      No fence, so the dog can never go outside? You want a small but playful dog that you can leave alone all the time? I don’t think there are any dogs like that. Why get a dog that you plan to leave? That’s like ordering a pizza and not eating it.. Only worse, cause in your case the dog suffers, is lonely and bored, and he will become destructive.. Or end up locked in a crate far too much each day.

    8. Dancing Queen :) says:

      A poodle is the best dog for you. Either a toy or minurature poodle. They are about 5 to 15 pounds. They are very playful and very friendly to kids. They don’t shed practically at all, and they are perfect indoor pets. They are also easy to train. I hope I helped!!

    9. lovespell_xo says:

      It’s not good for a dog to be left alone for too much of the day. If you don’t have the time to spend with the dog – don’t get one.

      With that said I’m a personal fan of papillons. Feisty, playful, insanely adorable, with tons of energy and they are usually under 10 lbs. (Mine is only 4 lbs.)


      Good luck with your puppy search. =)

    10. Chihuahua Babe says:

      pugs! exactly what you are looking for. i have one. she is so playful,stays inside most of the time and is only 15lbs. just dont feed em to much! she gets about 1 walk every sencond day!

    11. NiCoLe i love my Chi cena! says:

      Go to the local shelter and look at the dogs there! You’ll be adopting a best friend and saving a life!

      But if thats not for you maybe a boston terrier or a toy dog. But they have to be excercised! Walks everyday for just about every breed of dog. Dogs are hard work and need to be taken seriously. Find the breed thats right for you, research everything there is to know about it and how to care for it. Make sure you have all the supplies and the house puppy-proofed BEFORE they get there! And make sure he gets all his shots and dewormed and keep money put up for emergencies.
      Also make sure to feeda goof, quality dog food. I suggest Canidae! Even dog foods you think are good for them are really bad! Just check out this video!
      (those are about dog food selections!)

      Good luck!

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