What brand sells the most powerful underground dog fence?


I have a 110 lb Rott. on 1 acre already underground fenced. Lately he just takes the zap & walks on through it.

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3 Responses to “What brand sells the most powerful underground dog fence?”

  1. In the beginning God created evolution. says:

    If he’s walking through it crank the power up. If it’s maxed, too bad so sad. Some dogs will take the zap and take off. Such dogs need to be fenced.

  2. Wolfeh! ~ Blue Eyes Studios says:

    Home depot sells the most powerful fences, they’re made of wood.

  3. casper.lucy says:

    your stun collar may just need to replace batteries.
    because it is the COLLAR not the fence that produces the "shock"

    it would be nice if you at least researched the very principle of useless torture device you are using.

    no matter what the shock strength, if the drive is strong enough the dog will penetrate.

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