What are some good ways to keep a dog from jumping or digging under a chain link fence?


Making the fence higher might not be the most convenient option in my neighbors’ (that I’m asking for) situation.

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8 Responses to “What are some good ways to keep a dog from jumping or digging under a chain link fence?”

  1. i couldnt think of a good id says:

    as far as going over it maybe put a tarp or wooden boards over the top i did it for my pups … not only does it keep them in the fence it also keeps the weather out so that is a nice plus as far as digging out put a cement (quickrete works good and is inexpensive) around the fence kinda like a sidewalk it wont keep them from digging under but you would notice before they escaped because they would have to dig under the sidewalk which could take a while

  2. Shar-Pei_Lover says:

    I go with the electric wire.

    You should get a solar box though, so it will work even in a power outage.

  3. Christine H says:

    there is always some cheap electric wire you can buy from a feed store or some other store. place it along to fence line and the dog will get a little zap when he tries to get out. it will work quickly and be very effective. if he jumps the fence then put some on the top too

  4. maddy says:

    bury bricks underneath the fence this will stop them from trying and for going over the fence i’m not todally shure about.

  5. lacie o says:

    put rocks along the fence…like large gravel!

  6. Futility Knife says:

    I used to have a small dog (about 25 lbs.) that was able to climb over the chain link fence. The only way I could think of to stop her was to electrify the fence, and since that wasn’t realistic I had to keep her tied up constantly.

  7. Hollie M says:

    i would make the fence go into the ground and a little bit higher

  8. chihuahuamom says:

    Not sure about the high but when my son built his he dug like a ditch and put boards around the bottom with half of them in the ground his dogs has never dug out

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