We can't keep our dog home.?


We have a 3 yr. old lab. He has always been an outdoor dog-never chained up or kenneled. He roamed the neighborhood a little but all the neighbor dogs do. He disappeared and we called the radio station. The people that had him finally called after 4 days and he was not 1/2 mile from home. They had been keeping him inside. Now he won’t stay home! Everytime he goes over they let him inside. My husband asked them to please, do not put him inside. I went over this afternoon and he was in their fenced yard. I don’t know if he jumped in or they let him in. What can we do to get him to stay home? I finally tied him up today, but I REALLY don’t want to have to do that. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Hmmm…. I guess I wasn’t detailed enough due to the numerous responses about us being "abusive" to our beloved dog. We live out in the country on a dead end road with 6 other houses on this street. We all own approx. 10 acres each. It’s 4 miles to the nearest paved road. Our dog has always been an outdoor dog. He is 3 and has never been chained up. When it gets cold outside we bring him in for the night. We have 2 wonderful children 7,9 yrs that love and shower the dog with attention everyday-outside and inside. This dog is used to being outside.These people that are letting him in their house have other dogs and horses also. Our dogs coat is thicker than the horses coats that they leave outside and very rarely feed-much less ride. Maybe they should bring the horses in the house too? Come on people-if I didn’t care about the dog-why would I take the time to ask the question. I’d just leave him there. Jeez…

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17 Responses to “We can't keep our dog home.?”

  1. Haley20 says:

    @ Jim, “City idiots” eh? Well, I live on a farm, and both the front and back yards separate from the rest of the surrounding fields are fenced in and then separated from each other (since not all of our dogs have gotten along with each other over the years). You never had a problem with your dog, well, that’s YOUR dog. Not every dog and situation is like yours, and apparently you are very closed minded, quite frankly your post makes no sense at all. Dogs roam, some more than others depending on the breed. They can and do get hit by vehicles (happened to one of our dogs before we got our yards fenced in), stolen, shot (by jackasses and/or hunters, and they trespass on our farm in the woods all the time), picked up by animal control, attacked by other predators (there are coyotes out in the woods but thankfully they’ve never showed up near the house), poisoned… geez everything! They can also cause damage to other people’s property and unfortunately just be a general liability (biting someone, whether provoked or not as well as harassing other people’s livestock and whatnot). Whether one lives in the city or not, it’s just a common sense thing, get a freaking fence OR keep the pets in the house with regular walkings if the former isn’t possible or appropriate for the individual situation.

  2. Jim Niggemyer says:

    I have the same problem, all these city idiots that tell you to put up a fence need shut their mouth and get a life besides telling dog owners how to pen them up with a fence when your in the country. The problem is the neighbors that feed the dog cream cheese, lock him in their house and like him better then their own dog because my dog is well behaved. I did not have any problem for six years with my lab being loose in the yard, would not leave the yard unless he hears someone at the creek down the hill until these idiots took him and locked him in their house lets him sleep on the couch and feeds him people food. Now I have to get in the truck drive across the creek sit in front of their house, leave and the dog shows up at home. why can’t people leave other animals alone. IT IS AGAINST THE LAW TO LOCK UP A DEER OR ANY OTHER WILD ANIMAL. I SPENT YEARS TRAINING MY DOG AND BECAUSE THEIR DOG CHASES DEER KILLS DEER AND OTHER ANIMALS THEY WANT MY DOG. SO ALL YOU IDIOTS THAT SPOUT OFF ABOUT FENCES DOG RUNS ETC> SHUT THE HELL UP AND get a life. DON’T LET OTHER PEOPLES DOGS IN YOUR HOUSE WHEN YOU KNOW IT IS NOT LOST NOT A STRAY THEN MY DOG WOULD STAY HOME AND THEIR WOULD BE NO PROBLEM.

  3. happy2luvk9s says:

    maybe, just maybe they are showing him more love than you are! You only chain him up outside (yeah thats really showing the love!) while they let him inside and let him play with them! think about it! they are showing the love and you just chain him up to keep him on your property! Give it up and let them have the dog…they clearly love him where as you just want him as a possession!

  4. Kelle says:

    I assume you live in the country.

    I have a friend whose dog visits the neighbors in the country and then goes home. These folks though are keeping him , which is a problem.

    A fence or a long chain is about all you can do.

    I know folks in the country normally keep their animals outside.

  5. kimberley says:

    Your dog needs to be under constant supervision when he is outside – otherwise you should invest in putting up a fence.

    This could become very dangerous for your dog because he could get seriously lost or hit by a car.

  6. Animalluvr3 says:

    i have a black lab. maybe he smells some type of dog scent at their place or maybe if he was breeded then maybe his owner looks like that person idk hardd.

  7. Corie says:

    all i can sudgest is getting a fence or upgrading to a larger fence and maybe coming out to watch him while he’s outside.

  8. Ashley says:

    Fence your yard or let him inside

  9. Debbie D says:

    Personally, I would not own a dog if I didn’t have a fenced yard. Where I live, it is not legal for your dog to "roam the neighborhood". They would be picked up by animal control, and you would have to pay a fine to get them back. Depending on the laws in your area, there might not be anything you can do. Since it’s your dog, YOU may be in the wrong for allowing him to stray off your property. If I were you, I’d look into a fence for YOUR yard.

  10. dai's my boy. says:

    put a fence around your yard so he can’t go wondering around also he could get hit by a car one day and you wouldn’t know.

    i have a 6ft fence around my garden and my dogs are only allowed out when i’m home and they spend nearly all day inside (i have 3 mini long haired dachshunds , a 18 year old girl, 2 year old boy and 9 month old girl also a 14 year old sheltie).

  11. Sick of bugs! says:

    Let’s see…If I were a dog, which would I choose?

    Option 1: Being kept outside, no love or attention. Left to fend for myself. Always worried about getting ran over, poisoned, beat, ect.

    Option 2: Being allowed inside with people who care about me.

    Maybe you should let that family keep the dog, they seem to care more about it then you do.

  12. pitbull and rottie love!!!! says:

    if you have the money you should look into a fence or some good training if you don’t you could lose your dog, this happened to me when my dog would run off in the night and one day i found him in the road so please be careful, i hope this helps!!

  13. Fallgal says:

    How about getting a fence? or an ex-pen? How about only letting him out on a leash? How about training him?

    Why do you even have a dog if you expect him to stay outside all the time? What’s the point?

  14. elaine n says:

    People who don’t care about their pets ask questions here ALL THE TIME. You live several miles from a paved street = It is impossible for the dog to be hit by a car? Perhaps your neighbors are using different logic.

    Temperature is only one of many reasons making inside with the family the best place for a pet dog. I actually believe horses would enjoy one aspect of living indoors: that they would have more human companionship that way.
    Wouldn’t you think it was ridiculous for a person to ask the question: My horse keeps wandering off my unfenced property, what should i do?

    If your dog has a good coat for your climate great. So does mine, but I don’t see why that should banish him to live in an unfenced yard for the rest of his life.

    If you love your dog as much as you say… Building a safe fenced area for it seems more logical and safer than tying him up, as you said you have tried. I guess the only alternative is to call the cops next time and charge your neighbor with steeling your dog. What else do you expect people to think when you say your dog "roams the neighborhood"?

    Stop trying to keep your dog, you are obviously not good at it, not trying that hard and don’t care about the dog. If you cared about your dog it would be inside YOUR house, and would not want to leave you to live with your neighbor.

    Even if you had to leave your dog outside you should have a safely fenced area, not a chain.

    Take the dog back to your neighbor with a bag of dog food and $100.00 and thank them for providing your dog the kind of home he deserves and clearly prefers.

    Don’t get any more pets until you learn that pets belong in the house, otherwise they are just barking, shedding lawn furniture.

  15. Lisa G says:

    Maybe you should learn to be a responsible pet owner before he gets smashed to pieces by a car.

  16. bob © says:

    how about keeping him INSIDE or GETTING A FENCE?!

    have you considered that your dog could get hit by a car, poisoned, attacked, beaten, stolen, etc?

    just because "all the neighbor dogs" roam doesnt mean its a smart idea.

  17. *Sombra* says:

    You live across the road from me, don’t you?

    You’re aware, I hope, that your dog is your responsibility no matter whether he’s in your house, your yard, or wandering the neighborhood? And that if he causes a school bus full of little kids to swerve and the bus crashes into a power pole and all the little kids are killed and the wires come off the pole and start a big FIRE …….. see where I’m going?

    Keep your dog securely confined (indoors or fenced) or find him a new owner who will.

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