Vinyl Fence Installation : Vinyl Fences vs. Wood Fences


How are vinyl fences better than wood fences? Compare the pros and cons of different kinds of fences with the buying tips in this free video about fence installation from a fence company employee. Expert: Tyler Gatherum Contact: Bio: Tyler Gatherum works for MidWest Vinyl Fence Company in West Jordan, Utah. The company has been in business since 1999. Filmmaker: joseph wilkins

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3 Responses to “Vinyl Fence Installation : Vinyl Fences vs. Wood Fences”

  1. Denise from vinyl fence says:

    If vinyl fence is installed properly, it won’t blow over. The good stuff has been wind load tested. You get what you pay for, and there is a lot of cheap-looking vinyl available on the market. If you buy professional grade vinyl fence, it looks nice, has mold inhibitors, won’t blow over, lasts forever, and is maintenance free!

  2. nuben1 says:

    Vinyl fence looks so tacky and fake looking. Plus algae and mold and dirt will collect on it and that white fence will be dirty looking.

  3. towndrunk1234 says:

    Bullshit!!!!!! a mild wind knocks it right down

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