Vinyl Fence Installation : Vinyl Fence Installation: Measuring the Gate


When installing the gate for a vinyl fence, make sure measurements correspond to gate hole in the fence. Build a vinyl fence like a pro with the tips in this free video about fence installation from a fence company employee. Expert: Tyler Gatherum Contact: Bio: Tyler Gatherum works for MidWest Vinyl Fence Company in West Jordan, Utah. The company has been in business since 1999. Filmmaker: joseph wilkins

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3 Responses to “Vinyl Fence Installation : Vinyl Fence Installation: Measuring the Gate”

  1. QUIX4U says:

    & Um ? I do know a thing or two – was a FARMER in NZ for some 48 years PLUS have had (GATE) HINGE PATENTS WORLD WIDE.

  2. QUIX4U says:

    Little problem… SURE – YOU got two different heights… & supposedly LEVEL across the tops… BUT ABSOLUTELY NO DIAGONALS were measured – thus U may find a square GATE – doesn’t FIT (into) a diagonally OFFSET hole?

  3. QUIX4U says:

    Is there actually ANY writting on those BLANK WHITE PAGES?
    (& hey)
    Can U do the audio again – the WIND NOISE IS HORRID.

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