Underground dog fence ??


We installed our underground dog fence for two lab mixes. We trained them on it and they both got zapped twice. The problem? Not only will they not go near the boundry, which is great, they don’t want to go outside either!! HELP!
Yes, we have the flags installed as well. They will not be out in the yard unsupervised or out all day or anything like that. One of them needs to be kept on a leash at all times because she runs across the road to the neighbors house.
Yes, I can turn them down and will do so tonight.

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6 Responses to “Underground dog fence ??”

  1. Phil W says:

    This is common. We had a couple of Huskies that were the same way. Just continue with the training program (drag them outside if you have to) and they will get used to the idea pretty quick.

    25 years of being owned by Siberian Huskies. I currently have 16 Huskies most of whom were rescued by us from people who didn’t know what they were getting into

  2. Curtis M says:

    Put the little flags up so they know their boundaries as well as retraining them. If the collars are adjustable it’d take them down a few notches…

  3. Anne says:

    Good thing they are healthy and have good tickers. Can they get there "collars" wet?

  4. Forsaken says:

    1) Invisifence (or whatever brand you use) is not a safe method of containing your dogs. The dogs may stay in the yard but nothing else is kept from entering and hurting them, among many other reasons.
    2) Desensitization. Take the batteries out of the receiver on the collar and work with them one step at a time. Reward positive movement and ignore negative.
    3) When they are willing to go outside check the setting on the collar and then place it against your arm and experience it. If it is too high for you chances are that it’s too high for them.

  5. sylvia says:

    you had the intensity on the collar turned up to high… take them out of the house on a leash a couple of days… turn down the intensity and re-train your dogs…

  6. Kerie K says:

    Did your fence come with marker flags so the dogs can see they are getting close to the "ZONE?" I would recommend using those and go out with them … take a pocket full of yummy treats, walk around the safe areas and tell them ‘good’ when they are in the safe area, but use a word they know is negative .. such as "HOT!" when they get close to the danger zone. Reward them for coming back away from the fence, as well as tossing bits of treats around in the safe places so they can find out they don’t constantly get zapped outside. Maybe with two or three days practice they can understand. If the settings on the collars can be taken down a notch I would also recommend that. Good luck!

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