Ultimate Dog Tribute – Dogs are Awesome too


After seeing “people are awesome” I decided to pay homage to man’s best friend; who are equally awesome. Videos taken from youtube public domain: Music: Sir Simon Rattle- O Fortuna Penguin Cafe Orchestra- Perpetuum Mobile Video Selections: 1. Pedigree Dogs ad shot 1000 FPS using the Phantom camera www.youtube.com 2. Captain the Wonder Dog www.youtube.com 3. Climbing Dog www.youtube.com 4. Dog attack Shark www.youtube.com 5. The Strongest Dog of the World (Kurdish Kangal Dog) www.youtube.com 6. Extreme Pete dog skateboarding www.youtube.com 7. Dog pulls Boy off Rope Swing www.youtube.com 8. Dogs cliff jump too!! www.youtube.com 9. Me riding my 125 lb german shepherd (dogback riding) www.youtube.com 10. independents day movie: insane dog jump www.youtube.com 11. Extreme vertical: Dock Dogs competition –OUTDOOR CHANNEL www.youtube.com 12. Dog Backflips www.youtube.com 13. jumping fire dog!! www.youtube.com 14. crazy police dogs www.youtube.com 15. Amazing backfliping poodle!!! WOW www.youtube.com 16. dog vs. moutain lion – who will win? www.youtube.com 17.Time Warp – Dog Catches Hot Dog www.youtube.com 18. Japanarama Clip Dalmatian Riding a Bike www.youtube.com 19. TreT – PARKOUR DOG FROM UKRAINE www.youtube.com 20. All About Airplanes _ Flying Machines www.youtube.com 21. FLYING DOG The Matrix puppy defying gravity space time www.youtube.com 22. Flying Dog Jumping of 15 foot dock in Texas www.youtube.com 23. Two-legged Dog Dominic – Even More Amazing! www.youtube.com 24

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15 Responses to “Ultimate Dog Tribute – Dogs are Awesome too”

  1. parandehdarya says:

    poor dog , f…. those who abuse animals

  2. wobblegook says:

    wtf??!! poodles can do backflips?! Man.. poodles go up to top of the list now. Poodles have gained my respect.

  3. stabellc says:

    whoever disliked this video is a cat.

  4. BarSi1986 says:

    one of the viewers is probably a cat

  5. fmdepot says:


  6. joepauljoe says:

    Wow,very cool video,thank you!!!!

  7. illninio86 says:

    name songs?

  8. fritzarken74 says:


  9. maxwolfeee says:

    Coooooooooooooooooooooool. :]

  10. Sidewalck says:

    @drapiher It’s by Penguin Cafe Orchestra. Perpetuum Mobile or something like that I think.

  11. drapiher says:

    What’s the name of the song playing from 3:03 to the end?

  12. bak3donh1gh says:

    6:20 scary

  13. cancerofthedick says:

    Homage was indeed paid. Excellent video.

  14. vanessabickmore says:

    Awesome. Dang, you have a lot of time on your hands!

  15. 91blckbrd says:

    haha this video was awesome!

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